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Jamie: The night [we went up against Johnny Bananas and his cousin Vince in the I actually wish we could do some sort of couple's therapy. Miley Cyrus's New Version of "Santa Baby" on Jimmy Fallon We Had a Frank Conversation With Johnny Bananas About The Challenge . PS: Do you mean with the interpersonal relationships or with the challenges themselves? "What a lot of .. Zelda Williams Shares Acting Advice From Robin Williams. I just always assumed of the exes 2 cast Nany was one She always had a crush & Johnny was in a five year relationship. 🤷 ♀ . I'd love to.

Tony and Camila were Tony and Camila and got kicked off. And last night, there was a full-out public meltdown where everyone openly debated their strategy with TJ during nominations.

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Johnny Bananas and Sarah and Vince and Jenna. You know who the favorites to win this whole thing are? Robot Elliot or Christian Slater? You never, ever, never reveal your strategy in a public forum on a reality show. But Cory was making deals and side deals and inside deals and outside deals. Gotta hand it to Bananas for letting all of this drama unfold around him without getting pulled in. He convinced someone with a cough, and a sore throat, standing in a puddle of lighter fluid on a freezing night that what they really wanted was a cigarette.

They lit it themselves and blew it all up while he was across the street warming his hands in the afterglow. But you know what, none of that really matters. Bananas felt like the clear winner from the first episode. The win is inevitable.

All there is to do is enjoy the ride. He tells all of the girls to leave and then disappears with them. The guys claim to be excited but they all kind of sit around moping because they think the girls are getting some great treatment.

They were getting buried alive. Sure, family dynamics create a different and perhaps more compelling kind of drama as Blood vs. Water seasons on Survivor highlightedbut this mostly ragtag group of Challenge newbies, with the exception of Bananas cousin, Vince, are obvious major downgrades on their OG counterparts.

Was their resistance from the veterans to bring on a relative who could possibly steal some of their family holiday celebrity status thunder? Or are their not enough sane relatives certainly plausible who would be willing to throw themselves in to this teetering fish bowl of insanity? Either way, these Bloodlines are a weak new class of competitors.

After eleven seasons the female competitor record and a surging nostalgic relevance to this franchise, at this point Aneesa has earned the right to do whatever she damn well pleases in the house that TJ Lavin built. This type of constant innovation has carried The Challenge to 26 seasons of tomfoolery. Some early footage highlights: Well today, promises to be that day. You guys are going to be eating live bugs. You should have seen the stuff she was feeding me when I went and visited her in LA.

I am so confused. Jamie goes right for chewing. Nany, Jill, and KellyAnne freak out. Candice really freaks out. Bananas just starts banging his head. Nicole and Nany will often find themselves at the center of the drama this season.

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Watching Jenna not exactly an intellectual or competitive stalwart passive aggressively show her disappointment in Brianna is enduring entertainment.

Let her stay TJ! It is in our family. It is something that we have always done. That is why it is called a heroin show.

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The season only has a few weeks left and we would definitely get into a fistfight arguing over who owns the rights to ZZ Toppelgangers and scene-stealers Glenn and Mitchell Guist. Dudes in a pawnshop in Vegas buy old stuff from people that likely have crippling and depressing gambling debts.

This is Antiques Roadshow. That is all it is. Frankly, I have absolutely no idea how this show is out-rating Jersey Shore. I get Storage Wars. Storage Wars is about stuff — but the people are more important. Pawn Stars is just about stuff. Who the hell are the four plus million people watching this? Who are you kidding, Jacoby? Please find us more traditional alchopsychoholics in their natural habitat: Sounds great on paper.

Whoever green-lit this show imagined Halle Berry and her baby daddy tearfully reconciling while Heidi Klum and Seal look on and nod in support. Nothing else about this program is worth discussing aside from the fact that Dark Man X is on it. DMX — rapper, barker, and impersonator-of-officerer — seems to have no idea how the hell he ended up on the show.

It looks like someone told him that there was a Milky Way bar inside the house and they locked the door behind him. Jenn Jen with two Ns, mind youreluctantly discussing his infidelity so openly and honestly that you end up convinced that open and honest communication is actually detrimental to a healthy relationship: But every once in a while you are going to need a bowl of cereal.

And once you have had that bowl of cereal, your love of eggs is renewed again. I have a really hard time being faithful and I am just coming to know that that is who I am.

And bleeping some other chick has nothing to do with my heart — she knows I love her. We always going to be best friends, yo.