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Rhonda Rookmaaker is Married to Jimmy Johnson since Know about their They got into marital relation on 18 July The wedding was Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Did iquittingi put Jimmy Johnson in touch with his sensitive side? "He can be strong enough to sever a relationship with his wife and Try to understand this: Johnson has never said "I love you" to Rhonda Rookmaaker, his So now this Dolphins organization is littered with questions that start right at the. Jimmy Johnson's mission in life is simple. Once he became coach of the Dallas Cowboys he calculated that he would have no time for marriage. So he Johnson's friends include sons Brent and Chad and girlfriend Rhonda Rookmaaker. Dec. 15, Quiz: Fun trivia about popular Christmas music.

As a NFL studio analyst, Johnson is quick with an opinion. The evening featured appearances by Cowboys legends, a conversation with head coach Jimmy Johnson and other members of the coaching staff, and a special celebration honoring Jerry Jones for his election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You look at what the impact he has made on the NFL since he's been in the league; the value of every franchise can be attributed really to Jerry Jones. His passion, his work ethic and what he's done for the league he deserved to in there and I'm happy for him.

We had great special teams. You can't really compare teams just because of two or three players. We'll find out here pretty soon. Anybody who has ever been around me knows I'll give you my opinion.

And in my opinion, we're going to win the ballgame. In the locker room following the Cowboys' win over the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, Johnson addressed his victorious players and delivered his most-famous quote: Who can forget the story of Johnson telling a kicker who was struggling to run sprints: The asthma field is over there," Johnson said, pointing to the parking lot at Valley Ranch.

Jimmy Johnson on a discipline problem with the Cowboys in "When I was there, all the players looked to me and they understood that I was going to either cut them or keep or fine them Now they don't really have to answer to Jason Garrett. They have to answer to Jerry Jones. I think in some ways Jerry Jones is an enabler. A Football Life "Rhonda He wasn't going back and forth. I wasn't going to waste my voice trying to talk him out of it. Maybe having gone through that, I know myself a little better than before.

Showing those emotions and not having anything to hide, that felt right. I had a choice, you know? I chose to be this way about work. Looking back, I wouldn't change anything.

I made the right choice. My sons knew that and told me that. I had to find out for myself. But I did the right thing with my life. It sounds like he's trying to convince himself. Jimmy is a com- plete enigma. I don't understand him at all. That's saying a lot because at my wedding he was best man.

Jimmy Johnson (American football coach)

Johnson has never said "I love you" to Rhonda Rookmaaker, his girlfriend of more than a decade, but he has said it to Tony Wise, his former offensive line coach. Johnson, Fonzie-like, has always been incapable of saying the words "I'm sorry," a quirk that's become a running joke to friends and family-like when he sends two dozen roses to Rhonda by way of apology, and she says, "Are these a sorry? But there has always been at least one constant current humming at the center of all this complexity: Her name is football.

It's been an awfully painful relationship, but he has always cared about it more than anything, which is why he was coaching against Denver on a Monday night while the rest of the family was at Momma's wake.

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On game day, Johnson not only keeps the referee's name and picture in his pocket but also the names of the ref's kids and wife and maybe the kids' school, too, to make small talk and get whatever tiny edge he might. You can imagine how overwhelming it is for him to be that meticulous about everything in the organization. Johnson chases triumph like a junkie does a high, so he inevitably suffers profoundly with the crashes, too. Ask Dave Wannstedt, the new Dolphins assistant and Johnson's best friend, about the passing of Jimmy's mother, and Wannstedt says, "I've never seen him that fragile for a non-football thing.

I can make that list long.

Did iquittingi put Jimmy Johnson in touch with his sensitive side?

There was no flame left on the wick. Winning was tolerable, barely, and I don't know how to describe what losing was. Jimmy was so pressured and so self-destructive. I felt for him, but I couldn't reach him. He was in too deep.

That could have been 20 flights. Mellowing, of course, is relative with him, akin to saying the surface of the sun is a few degrees cooler. Holtz offered to retain Johnson on his staff, but Johnson decided to move on and amicably parted company with his alma mater. Johnson became assistant head coach and defensive coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh under Jackie Sherrill in and Wilsonand Hugh Greenand was introduced to a Pitt alumnus and assistant coach Dave Wannstedtwho later teamed up with Johnson again at the University of Miamithe Cowboys, and the Dolphins.

Johnson coached for five seasons at Oklahoma State, from to His tenure there is noteworthy for his successful rebuilding of an inconsistent program. In his final season, he led the Cowboys to an 8—4 record and a 24—14 victory over 20th-ranked Baylor in the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl. Inwhen he was offered the head coaching job at the University of MiamiJohnson was unsure if he wanted to leave Stillwater. His good friend Larry Lacewell told Johnson that if he wanted to win a national championship and eventually coach in the NFL, he had to take the Miami job.

Johnson soon after accepted the head coaching job at Miami. Before taking the Miami job, Johnson interviewed for the head coaching job at Arkansas when Lou Holtz left following the season, then later found out that Ken Hatfield had already been hired. Upset that Frank Broyles who by this time was the Arkansas athletic director made no mention of this during the interview, Jimmy distanced himself from his alma mater.

As payback for the snub, a home-and-home series was scheduled between Miami and Arkansas. InMiami gave Arkansas its worst home loss ever at the time, 51—7.

University of Miami[ edit ] Main articles: Johnson's hiring was met with an initial response of "Jimmy who? Johnson started with a shaky 8—5 record his first season, which included a game in which Johnson's Hurricanes blew a 31—0 halftime lead in a loss to Maryland with Frank Reich as its QB, and also included a 47—45 loss to Boston College immortalized by Doug Flutie 's " Hail Mary " touchdown pass on the game's final play.

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But Johnson developed the Hurricanes into a football program that came to be known as "the Decade of Dominance". In his five years at Miami, Johnson compiled a 52—9 record, appeared in five New Year's Day bowl games, winning one national championship and losing one to the Penn State Nittany Lions Johnson created a free-wheeling atmosphere where he allowed, and at times encouraged, his players to showboat, trash-talk, and run up the score.

He also brought the modern 4—3 defense predicated on athletic upfield linemen to the forefront. The criticism they received from other teams caused the media to deem them the "Bad Boys of College Football", a moniker Johnson openly accepted.

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Johnson's Hurricanes posted the school's first undefeated regular season inonly to lose the Fiesta Bowl and the national championship to 2-ranked Penn State.

The loss, along with losses in Miami's prior two bowl games, began to raise questions about whether Johnson was capable of winning major games. In the ensuing season, however, the Hurricanes went undefeated in the regular season yet again, and won the school's second national title by defeating Barry Switzer's Oklahoma Sooners for the third season in a row.

Johnson also created controversy by allowing the University of Miami to retire Vinny Testaverde 's football jersey number 14, but refusing to retire Bernie Kosar 's number 20, though Kosar played one season for Johnson and led the Hurricanes to the national title the season before Johnson became head coach.