Jesus and muhammad relationship advice

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jesus and muhammad relationship advice

We were also taught that Muhammad was God's greatest messenger; the most perfect man who ever lived. We learnt the story of his life and did our utmost to. Over here, we have a Zoroastrian fire altar and a couple of attendants on either side. That's as much as I wanted to say about Muhammad as a prophet, . He gets advice from one of his Medinan followers, and the guy says. In the Preface to Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad, Timothy George writes From that day on I have been intrigued by Islam and its relationship to the .. of instruction or advice on how to live, but Jesus Christ is the revelation of the.

In the beginning of the salat, we move our hand and shoulder muscles therefore increasing the blood flow towards the torso. The heart in the most important organ in our body. Because it supplies fresh blood to all body tissues, the movements during prayer are a crucial source for exercise in our heart.

Certain positions makes our hips, elbows, knee and wrist joints, and backbone move in a way that forms a relation in our body. Share foods Prophet Muhammad told his followers about the benefits of sharing as opposed to over-indulging in the good things in life. Foster a strong community The Prophet brought attention to muslims the significance of eating together. People are usually relaxed when eating in company and brings harmony and understanding among people.

Fasting Recent evidence has shown that the foods we eat and timing have impacted our health. Fasting was a practice that the Prophet would do not just during ramadan, but Monday, Thursday, and the 13th, 14th, and 15th of every Islamic month. Intermittent fasting has become increasingly popular as it shows numerous benefits to the body.

Fasting helps with weight loss, improves insulin sensitivity, speeds up metabolism, curbs hunger, improves eating patterns, enhances brain function, and boosts immune system. Dental Hygiene The Prophet would always brush his teeth before and after bed using a part of a fruitless yet fragrant branch called arak. This small wooden branch was used, and is still used today, as a toothbrush.

jesus and muhammad relationship advice

Muhammad gave special attention to cleanliness and personal hygiene in respect to faith. It whittles God down to size. No, I think Islam is right on that point. God is indeed truly sovereign and omnipotent. But He chooses to do that. Islam thinks of that concept of God as threatening.

jesus and muhammad relationship advice

Because, it seems to them, that for God to commit himself to us in such a way involves too close of an association of something creaturely with the Creator.

And the one unforgivable sin in Islam is shirk. In fact, in Arabic to be a mushrikun is a person who commits shirk. And it seems to me that Christianity says that while we must ever guard against elevating anything creaturely to the level of the Creator—so idolatry is a serious problem—God is not hampered from committing himself to us and from associating himself with us. In fact, that is the root argument of Freud, and before him Feuerbach,[6] against the Christian faith, this projection idea.

So this is something God has chosen to reveal of his own character and nature to us. Now your question has to do with why Islam finds that so difficult and almost a contradiction in the being of God.

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As I pointed out in the Koran, you have these names for God, that God is the one who is near, the one who provides, the one who nourishes. And for Islam, that is to penetrate into an arena in which human beings are totally incapable of understanding. God is the great Monad. God is the great Holy Other, who is totally incomprehensible, totally above and beyond.

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So what you have in Islam is a revelation of a natural theology of God without biblical revelation. Yet, at the same time, I would imagine that evangelicalism can learn from Islam because God is so Holy Other, and we have lost this sense of reverence, of transcendence, and focused on the immanence of God.

Yet we have to hold them both together; we cannot focus on one versus the other. Both are in the biblical record of who God is and how God reveals himself to us.

jesus and muhammad relationship advice

But the sense of the otherness and the absolute sovereignty of God is a point of commonality between orthodox Christianity and orthodox Islam. Regarding salvation and redemption, you write: Every Muslim is his or her own redeemer.

Islam does have a concept of the Fall.

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That, of course, is what is given in the message of the prophets, and they teach there are thousands and thousands of prophets: Adam was the first, Mohammed was the last, and this has been codified in the Holy Koran for time and eternity. So if you know this, if you can assimilate this information, then you can act on it; you can remember who you are. The problem is that the veil is over our eyes; we need someone to lift it and show us who we really are.

And so Jesus is essentially not a redeemer, but a revealer.

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The problem with that from the biblical revelation is that sin is presented in the Bible as something that is much more serious, much deeper, and much more radical in its implications than mere forgetfulness or ignorance would imply. It is something that creates an impenetrable moral barrier between us and the Holy, between us and God. And it is so significant that only God himself can act to remove this barrier, and this is what He has done in Jesus Christ.

God must buy us back from the slave market of sin. God must intervene to bring about a reconciliation with himself. If God promises to be merciful, He may or may not fulfill that promise. Love is something God does, not that which God is. That question gets to the heart of the revelation of the character and being of God. Two times in the Koran it is spoken that God can love someone or God does love someone, but his love is conditional: God loves those who do this, that and the other.

But God is love in the biblical revelation because at the very heart and being and nature and reality of God, there is relationship. However, the Christian faith teaches that from all eternity, God has forever lived and existed in a relationship of total mutual self-giving, of reciprocity, of mutuality. The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. This is why Jesus can say that remarkable statement in John When we look at him and we see how He loved, how He had compassion, how He gave himself unstintingly to the cross, then you have a window to the reality of God.

His holiness, his purity, his power, his glory, and his unfathomable and unconquerable love: Which is why I imagine that when Muslims speak of turning to Christ, or missionaries speak of sharing the Gospel, again and again you hear, it is the love of Christ that drew them.

And your book reminded me again of just how unique and overwhelming this God is who loves us, and that He would want to have a relationship with us. The love of God revealed in Jesus Christ is a very costly love. So that again is a major difference that we have with Islam.

That Jesus would not actually suffer on the cross. The Koran says that He walked up to the cross, but there are some different interpretations of that passage, is that right? There is a lot of debate about the resurrection, about the virgin birth, but did He die?

But Islam has this very interesting idea that Jesus did not die on the cross.

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Later Islamic tradition says it was Judas; that at the very last minute, there was a crucifixion in Jerusalem on Good Friday and it was intended for Jesus—they agree with the New Testament at that point.

But at the very last minute, right before Jesus was to be impaled on the cross, a switch happened. A ruse took place, slight of hand, if you will, and Jesus was actually raptured into heaven.