Jag harm and mac relationship quizzes

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jag harm and mac relationship quizzes

Dec 15, This is literally Harm and Mac's relationship. HD Wallpaper and background photos of JAG for fans of JAG images. David James. The long running NBC/CBS TV show JAG - Judge Advocate General - gave Are you Harmon Rabb? Sarah Mackenzie? Bud or Harriet? Another character? Take this quiz, and twelve questions later you'll find out which member of the JAG Corps What was your relationship like with your parents when you were a child ?. questions and answers about 'JAG' in our 'Television H-K' category. Also, Harm finds out about Mac's past and Harriet and Bud's relationship begins to.

Before he had a chance to respond, Mattie had closed the door loudly behind her.

Which JAG character are you?

Mac on the other hand stood there trying very hard to bite back a laugh. I haven't gotten within five feet of you to make sure I wouldn't slip up and ravage you in front of her. It may be ridiculous, but I'd like to keep this between us for a little longer. At least until it's not so new. Whenever we're on a case together, or worse on opposing sides, we'll be under a microscope. And that has nothing to do with just plain ordinary scuttlebutt. And it most certainly means don't risk being near or touching each other the way we'd like to.

Harm rolled his eyes. The rest of the day had pretty much continued the same way. They spent the better part of the day on the couch talking about strategy, about Webb, about Mattie, each other, and just about everything and anything that two old friends could think of. Of course, this did not preclude making out as Mattie had suggested.

Truth be told, there was a lot more kissing and fondling going on than talking. Fortunately, knowing Mattie and Jen were next door proved to be better than having a chaperone for keeping themselves under control. Chapter 4 JAG Headquarters Monday morning Walking into the bullpen with his usual aviator stride, Harm whistled pleasantly on the way to his office.

Harriet Sims sat at her desk, her eyes subtly following Harm as he made his way to his office. Although everyone would agree Harmon Rabb was a pleasant man to be around, he was most definitely unusually chipper this morning. Too busy to concentrate on it now, Harriet filed the information away for further investigation at a later time. Much to her surprise, Harriet noticed Colonel MacKenzie arriving shortly after the commander.

Putting her pen down on her desk, Harriet watched her superior officer closely as she hummed on her way to her office. Mac humming in the office was unusual enough on it's own to raise red flags, but arriving AFTER the commander.

That had to mean something, but what? Harriet sat quietly staring at the blank space in front of her. Something was definitely up and she was going to figure it out. Carefully considering her options, Harriet decided infiltrating the ranks would be a good start.

Isn't it just a gorgeous day outside? Forecast says it will be sunny and pleasant all week. Would you like to join me for lunch out on the patio later? Outside Harriet contemplated her morning as she patiently waited for Jennifer to join her. Every opportunity available, Harriet studied her two superior officers. On the surface, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Neither of them had done anything at all unusual or suspicious, yet they seemed so…happy.

Mind you, having Mac or Harm happy wasn't anything to be concerned about in and of itself. She'd had plenty of opportunity to see each of them walking on cloud nine.

She just could not remember a single time in history when they were both so contented at the same time.

jag harm and mac relationship quizzes

The two ladies enjoyed each other's company as they giggled and chatted over lunch. I don't think they make them anymore," Jen teased.

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She's probably the best roommate I've ever had. She doesn't really take up much of either of our time. I tend to forget my kids won't need me forever.

JAG: Mac and Harm Scene (Boomerang, Part II)

I mean, if Mattie is off doing girl stuff, poor Harm probably gets left home alone. Just this weekend he spent practically all of it with the Colonel. At least I think he did. I'm pretty sure he was with her all day Saturday, but I know Mattie said she was over Sunday for breakfast, and she was still there when we left after dinner so he has friends to keep him busy," Jen volunteered innocently. It took all the self-discipline Harriet had not to screech with joy at the implications.

They finally figured out where they belonged and those little stinkers weren't sharing the news. Sarah MacKenzie's office Later that day Harm stood at Mac's door contemplating the events of the afternoon as he waited for Mac to finish her phone call. Moving her eyes slightly, Mac took a long look out into the bullpen. Opening a drawer, she pulled out any folder and turned handing it over to Harm.

The corner of her eye never leaving the bullpen. Returning to her seat she leaned forward slightly. What did you do? Why does everyone always assume I'm the one who's done something? Although, I will admit it was a little weird earlier today when Harriet followed me into the ladies room.

She followed me to the break room. Kept going on about how hard it was raising a teenager alone. Apparently she has a really nice new neighbor who's single and Harriet thinks I should meet her. I was so surprised at the thought of Harriet picking now to try and fix me up, I missed the cup and poured hot coffee all over my hand.

Harriet's mother mode kicked in and she forgot all about the new neighbor," He sighed in relief. She kept talking about what a nice man Clayton is. I managed to mostly just nod until she finally asked me how things were going, if maybe it wasn't time to think about a future with children.

He could never resist a good opportunity to needle her.

jag harm and mac relationship quizzes

Raising her eyebrows and shrugging her shoulders, "It was all I could think of on short notice. Like I said, no coffee pots handy.

She's been watching me all afternoon. Every time I come into the bullpen the eyes of Harriet are upon me. I have no legal background so forgive any courtroom blunders. See additional note at end of chapter. Roberts' Residence Later that evening.

Jennifer said Mac spent all weekend with Harm. They spend a lot of off work hours together. From what you've said, everything you've got is purely circumstantial and for every reason you give me to conclude they're finally together, I can find a reason to conclude it's still business as usual. Bud made an excellent case. Harriet had to admit she didn't really have very much to go on. Maybe it was finally time to do something about it, but what?

If her two dearest friends had finally let their guards down, it was up to Harriet to make sure they made love not war. Stomping into the kitchen with determination, Harriet had made up her mind. Operation Make Love would begin! Buckman, do you consider beating your wife to within an inch of her life the behavior of a loving husband? It had been against his better judgement to place Lt. Buckman on the stand, but the Lt. Harm warned his client to answer only yes and no when on the stand.

As soon as he heard the elaboration on his relationship with his wife, Harm knew Mac would spot it and use it to her advantage. As usual she was doing a fine job of it too. Is that why you have continually abused her until she is so broken she has repeatedly had no choice but to seek medical attention?

You feel… "Objection, counsel is testifying. You think you're a good, loving husband? But you still think you're justified in beating your not so good wife? Colonel, if you have a point, get to it. I won't warn you again. She was thankful she was getting to prosecute this one and didn't have to defend the slime. She was also thankful that despite being on opposite sides of such a distasteful case, there didn't seem to be any additional stress on her and Harm's new status.

Buckman had been married for almost 17 years. The abuse in the marriage was only apparent to friends and neighbors over the last four or five years. As is the case with most abusive relationships, the violence had slowly been escalating making it harder for Mrs.

Buckman to hide the damage from her friends. It was especially so on her birthday. For three years in a row he had beaten her so badly on her birthday that she required medical attention at the local emergency room.

The physician had been so infuriated at the varying stages of bruising during her last visit, that she'd written across the paperwork, Domestic abuse is a crime — report it.

Buckman, and for Mac, she had a good friend and neighbor who had saved all the medical reports from her hospital visits as well as having taken and saved several incriminating photographs. Buckman finally made a critical mistake when he attacked Mrs.

Buckman while she was working in the back yard. One of the neighbors overhearing the crashing of patio furniture called Buckman had been arrested, the local authorities turned him over to military jurisdiction. Domestic abuse is such a difficult subject to combat. It strikes people of any education or income level. It's not just the byproduct of poverty or drug abuse. Mac was at least thankful that one thing had changed since she had to tolerate living in an abusive home.

When neighbors would call the police about the battles at her house, no matter how badly her mom was banged up, if she refused to press charges, the police couldn't do anything about it. Buckman's advantage, today's law enforcement has the authority to handle domestic abuse more aggressively. When the police arrived on her doorstep, even though she insisted she was fine, the police took one look at her purple face and arrested her husband on the spot.

At least some things were changing. Why should I cut your guy a break? I've got him dead to rights and you know it. Following Mac into her office, "Forfeiture of pay, loss of rank, and he submits to anger management counseling.

Harm thought he knew his marine well all these years, after less than a week of 'dating', he had discovered small nuances in her behavior that he had never noticed before.

jag harm and mac relationship quizzes

He wasn't totally sure if it was because she no longer felt the need to hide things from him, or if it was because he felt it his place to now look for them. Either way, he could tell this case was weighing heavily on Mac.

If all he got was a couple of years in the brig, he'd just be someone else's problem when he got out. What do you say we secure a little early, we can drive down to that Greek restaurant you like by the shore, get away from this place and relax a little. Hiding her exhaustion behind a feigned smile, "That sounds lovely, but maybe another time. I'd really rather just curl up on the sofa after a hot bath and watch some mindless movie.

Maybe have some sesame chicken. If you are, or suspect anyone is being physically abused - Don't ignore it. It doesn't get better and it doesn't just go away. It will only get worse. Chapter 6 Friday night hours Lying in the warm lavender scented bath, Mac could feel the tension literally draining out of her. Despite her uncanny ability to judge time, she'd managed to lose track of how long she'd been soaking when she heard the knock on the door. Harm had his arm in the air, prepared to knock a second time, when the door flew open.

Stepping inside, he closed the door behind him hearing Mac call out, "Be right back," as he caught a flash of powder pink wrapped around glistening flesh racing back to her room.

That momentary glimpse of a wet, practically naked Sarah MacKenzie was already doing things to his body. He needed to focus on something else. The dentist maybe, proctologist would do it, Sec Nav, yeah that's it. Harm refused to allow his thoughts to wander back to Mac while he emptied the cartons of Chinese food and poured himself a drink.

Resisting the urge to turn her around and kiss her for real. Harm handed Mac a plate, "No problem, I got you sesame chicken. Harm didn't mind giving Mac all the time she needed to feel comfortable in this relationship, but he really wished she'd stop asking loaded questions.

Deciding to stick with what she meant, and not what he'd like, Harm sat down next to her. Gina Lolabrigita has been raising a daughter and doesn't know which one of three men is the dad. She has to juggle them all so they don't find out they've each been supporting the daughter all these years. Shelly Winters and Lee Grant are great in it too. It's actually a very funny movie.

Have you seen this one too? She loved Betty Davis. It's basically a Cinderella type story set in the 30's after prohibition ends. A bootlegger played by Glen Ford, and his girl friend, played by Hope Lange, pass a street beggar, Bette Davis, off as high society to impress her daughter who is coming back from Europe engaged to a Count. When the two had finished their meal, Harm turned on the selected movie and snuggled up on the sofa with Mac. Despite her misgivings over Harm's description, both movies were indeed lots of fun and exactly what she needed.

By the end of Mrs. Campbell, Mac had started to doze off a bit. She'd pressed herself further back against Harm and was tightly gripping the arm he had around her waist.

Contented to be wrapped around the woman he loved, Harm drifted off to sleep as well. Harm was dreaming of his Sarah, of a time when the two would be free to show their feelings in every way without the fears and restrictions from the years of mistakes and miscommunications. He could feel the pleasure of being with her slowly surging through his body when he was rudely interrupted by a twinge in his back.

Becoming stronger and stronger, the pain in his back was bringing Harm out of his sleeping state. As the sleepy fog cleared from his brain, he was almost startled to find the warm enrapturing sensations were still flowing through him, especially to one particular part of him.

Opening his eyes he saw he was still holding Mac, he also saw, to his horror, the hand that had been carefully placed at her waist the night before was now very obviously grasping her breast.

To make matters worse, he'd been kneading that breast as though he'd been working on a loaf of bread. Instantly his hand froze. Mac's arm was still wrapped around his, trapping his arm against her. Panic was beginning to replace his previous excitement. If she woke up and caught him in his current position, he was probably one dead squid.

Heaven, Mac was in heaven. Wrapped in a blanket of loving warmth, she had never had sweeter dreams. The warmth was beginning to penetrate her very soul. She could feel the tingling slowly creeping throughout her body creating a small fire within her. The fire was growing, threatening to overtake her, when suddenly the heat began to wane. Mourning its loss, she let out a soft moan. Desire shot through Harm like a 90 mile an hour fastball.

He had to get out of this predicament before she woke up, he just had to. Shifting his weight slightly, he tried to put a little space between their bodies as he pulled his arm away from Mac's strong grip. Even if she woke up, as long as his hand wasn't anywhere conspicuous, he'd be all right.

jag harm and mac relationship quizzes

That of course was assuming he could manage to keep himself under control before she noticed his obvious reactions to being so intimately entwined with her. Immediately feeling the loss of body heat, Mac was jolted from her sound sleep. It took a bit for her to realize she was still on the sofa with Harm, but not quite as ensconced as she had been the night before.

She was overwhelmed by the strong yearning she felt to turn around and swallow Harm whole. Harm was laying sideways, his back to the sofa, his front only inches away from Sarah. Scooting around to lay flat on her back, she smiled up at Harm. Her hand had casually been lying dangerously close to his lower extremities.

The last thing he wanted was for her to notice what she was doing to him by just being near. He very much wanted to lean down and kiss Mac like she'd never been kissed before. He'd learned from experience though, to be very careful of when and where he kissed her, especially if he wanted to keep his pants on. Sitting up on the sofa, Mac stretched a bit. Before Harm had gathered his ingredients, Mac was back in the kitchen, standing behind him wrapping her arms around his waist.

Something in her voice told him this was a serious thank you. It was one of those subtle things he'd started picking up on, much like her behavior yesterday. But when the mishaps become fatal, the two put aside their differences and figure out who is trying to injure the crew. Harm suspects the civilian hazmat technician Newman, while Mac suspects another civilian technician, the electrician Yarbrough. Bud prosecutes a Marine sergeant who got herself pregnant by a subordinate, and she goes into labor at the same time as Harriet.

Harm tracks Lynch down to a ship he used to serve on and gets him to release Dar-lin before killing him. Buxton, a hot-shot pilot, is making things difficult for him.

jag harm and mac relationship quizzes

Buxton forces Harm to defend him in the court martial for the Russian truck he destroyed in the previous episode. Mic joins Harm on the defense team, while Mac and Bud prosecute. Elizabeth Hawkes, is charged with causing a "mishap" that crashed an F, and Harm defends her at court-martial. Mac prosecutes and returns to her usual character of disliking those just performing their duty.

Mac doesn't want to defend him but ends up taking the case, while Harm takes on the prosecution and AJ is reflective because the convicted killer was formerly his client. As the room they're in floods, Harm must find a way for them to escape. The Admiral deals with the slow diminishment of his skills due to age. Navy deserter accused of killing an Australian sailor and assuming his identity. Part 2 The trial takes an unexpected twist when the defendant's wife changes her story.

Gunny Admiral Chegwidden takes the case when Gunny Galindez is accused of "gay-bashing", and one of the key witnesses is Petty Officer Tiner. Admiral Chegwidden helps a Naval Aviator friend of his who is facing being grounded for life after he took Viagra before flying. Singer, who is part of the defence. Rivers is in trouble again, this time for punching a Congressional candidate and accusing him of pretending to be a SEAL.

Admiral Chegwidden is the top choice for nomination as a Federal District Judge. Mic returns, saying he resigned his commission to come back to Mac. Part 1 Harm goes to Russia to assist in modernizing the Russian military justice system, while Mac and Bud prosecute a Navy Commander with selling secrets to the Russians before he is killed by a car bomb along with two Marine guards.

Part 2 Harm's half-brother is accused of a capital crime, while Mac rushes to the scene to prevent an assassination. Part 1 When RAdm. Tom Boone is about to be nominated as commander of the Sixth Fleet and promoted to vice admiral, a letter accusing him of war crimes committed during the Vietnam War might derail his promotion, if not worse. Part 2 Harm acts as defense counsel for Admiral Boone at his court-martial.

Negotiating Relationships Chapter 1: Chapters 1 thru 6, a jag fanfic | FanFiction

Mac acts as trial counsel. Mikey and Gunny's sister hit it off while she's visiting DC. Mac defends a Marine who is a bigamist. Harriet learns about a secret love affair between a Marine and his friend's wife. Part 1 Mac and Mic's wedding plans are disrupted when Harm's and Skates' F Tomcat goes down during an intense storm and he is lost at sea. Part 2 Harm is rescued and Skates revives him in sick bay.

His rescue is complicated by amnesia, and Mac makes a choice not to set another wedding date. When a Marine disobeys the Rules of engagement and 6 of his men are killed in an ambush, Harm must prove that the man was relying on verbal orders from his commander.

Mac has to deal with a high-tech peeping Tom case involving a teenager on a Navy base. Harm and Mac reconcile their friendship after finishing joint second in the race, behind Sturgis. Harm runs into a man who keeps impersonating Navy officers. Part 1 Admiral Boone is called out of retirement to handle a diplomatic incident when a U. PC-3 Orion in the Taiwan Strait collides with a Chinese fighter jet and is then forced to make an emergency landing in China.

Mac deals with two Naval Academy midshipmen who staged a duel. Bud's brother Mikey is nominated for an appointment to the Naval Academy. Admiral Chegwidden is asked to resign by the Secretary of the Navy after being caught on tape slapping a loudmouth student at a high school. Air Force but refuses to wear the Abaya when off-base, creating tension between the base commander and a local cleric. Part 1 During a mission to brief troops about the new Rules of Engagement, Harm is asked to fly a special bombing mission into Afghanistan.

Part 2 Bud is accused of failing to defend his client properly, and Mac is the key prosecution witness. The staff try very hard to set up Admiral Chegwidden with a nice woman.

Bud receives his orders to deploy overseas.