Irie and kotoko relationship tips

Irie & Kotoko - Hot N Cold

irie and kotoko relationship tips

She pulled out a tall can and tip toed over to the medicine cabinet and . Kotoko slowly turned around to see Naoki five feet behind her and. How does Irie react when his best friend turns to him for dating advice? And not just for any girl he wants to date Kotoko! Will Irie succeed in. Explore Akane's board "Irie~Kotoko. Irie and Kotoko | Itazura na kiss Irie Naoki and Kotoko wedding - Itazura na kiss .. from Anime & Manga Quotes.

Kotoko, who had often been disbelieved when she had made it known to people that she was the wife of Irie Naoki, took pleasure in the look on people's faces when she had been proved true.

The first time this had happened was with her nursing companions.

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Her new friends Motoki, Marina, and Tomoko Keita sitting aside exasperatedly were each convinced Naoki Irie was their respective soulmate. Kotoko, being haughty, had huffed, "Irie-kun is married, you know. I wish I was married to that gorgeous hunk too, who doesn't?!

I have heard he is married though. It's okay, I'll steal him. After realizing they wouldn't believe her, she had let it go as much as Kotoko could and mostly un successfully completed the given nursing task. Spero che possa piacere anche a voi! Se fosse per sempre, di Biagio Antonacci. I figured, if i started Toradora with Taylor Swift, why not end it with her?

irie and kotoko relationship tips

Anyway I hope you enjoy this tribute to an amazing series! I don't own any of the materials in this video. This video is done solely as a tribute, with no profits at all.

I do not own the video and or the music, as they belong to their respective owners. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section of the Copyright Actallowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Bueno, espero les agrade, le puse un poco mas de lo que es el capitulo completo: Yet again another great song that goes well with the anime series Junjou Romantica.

Also this video's credit goes to the singer Kelly Clarkson and the anime maker of Junjou Romantica. Itazura na Kiss Song: Itazura na kiss Couple: Aihara Kotoko and Irie Naoki Song: I wanted to do a amv to this couple for ages lol.

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Unconditionally by Katy Perry Anime: Esta ves lo he hecho con una de las nuevas canciones de P! No olviden comentar y puntuar: Its basically about Amu falling in love for the first time and not wanting to be hurt by Ikuto.

Say Ok Song By: I think this is a really cute song. I made the video a few months ago, forgot about it, and was reminded of it a few weeks, so I decided to upload it. This song fits Kotoko like crazy. She wouldn't be anything without her Irie-kun. Happy Belated Valentine's Day! Listen to your Heart Artist: I tried to get a bit of a story to this one.

irie and kotoko relationship tips

Probably one of my more emotional amvs. Seeing Megan earlier today was perfect she's exactly what I need no petty feelings just helping each other out. I did feel slightly guilty for doing this to Kotoko but she's not what I thought all she cares about are feelings and shit like that whereas Megan is such a great girl we fucked against the tree today just the thrill of it was epic.

But still I wasn't going to end it with Kotoko because she's hot and I have a feeling Irie may secretly like her so I'm definitely keeping her.

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Suddenly someone put their hand on my shoulder I flinched immediately I spun round to see a guy dressed in black standing there. He was super creepy and before I could do anything he punched me straight in the face - what the fuck?

Who did he think he was just laying one out on me like that when Irie gets here we can teach this punk a lesson. I wiped my nose and faced the guy head on I took a swing but he dodged effortlessly who was this guy? Before I could react the guy had launched into the air and crushed my to the ground my body ached with pain from the hard blow.

I was punched several times and set into a nasty body lock I could not move at all. Just then I heard footsteps approaching and I recognised them as Irie's straight away. He just suddenly came up and destroyed me! Irie was standing in front of us just staring down. I asked him to. Irie had got this guy to come and fuck me up! What was wrong with him! I'm your best friend for fucks sake! What has happened to make you do this?!

You just don't realise that I'm aware of your 'extra curricular activities. The video was of Megan and myself kissing under the tree and it was quite clear on the video that i was feeling her up whilst fingering her.

Fuck this is seriously shit. I didn't know what to say to him. I thought she was different but she's really quite boring to be around nevertheless she's a hot one so I'm holding onto her - you understand right?

My heart began to pound why didn't I just stop talking? I swear if you even look at Kotoko once I will snap your legs into 2 pieces. Kotoko knows all about this I've already told her and she's mine now so I swear you will stay away from us. I was fucked off to say the least but there was no way I was going against Irie. I was still unable to move but I wanted to run away as fast as I could.