Imran khan and reham relationship tips

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imran khan and reham relationship tips

Reham Khan writes: “After a few weeks of our marriage, as we discussed Tyrian, Imran casually added, 'You know she isn't the only one I have. The PTI chairman and television journalist Reham Khan had tied the knot in Imran Khan has two sons from his previous marriage to Jemima. Imran and Reham Khan are pictured here on their wedding day in new Prime Minister Imran Khan, flatly denies any correlation between the In some ways, it was the PTI's obsession with this book that made me do it.

It seemed that this was a marriage made in heaven. Ten short months later, everything lay in tatters. Rumour has it that Imran divorced Reham by text.

Doormats are rarely valued: Reham Khan

Jemima sent a nasty tweet exulting over the break-up. Reham was supposed to have nurtured political aspirations. Imran called her the worst mistake he had made.

Reason Behind Reham Khan Allegation On Murad Saeed Relation With Imran Khan PTI - Reham Khan Book

But spare a thought for her. She was a single mother with three young children none of them with Imran who had become anathema to one of the most powerful men in the country and who had to make her way through in a deeply patriarchal society where one phone call from Imran to the powers that be could ruin her career aspirations.

Reham nursed a grudge even as Imran wed for the third time, this time with Bushra Maneka, his spiritual advisor and a deeply conservative Islamic woman.

imran khan and reham relationship tips

About her time with Imran. She accused him of having an affair with Bushra while he was still married to her. She accused him of unbelievable stuff. If she were to be believed, could a man like Imran be expected to lead Pakistan, even if titularly. If she had really wanted to make an impact, she would have issued the book in the national language, Urdu. Sure some Urdu newspapers must have carried excerpts from the book, but the particularly risque bits might have been too much for their deeply-orthodox audience.

In any case, all accounts suggest that the army will be successful in installing Imran as PM. Reham has made a quick escape to the UK. Will she ever return to Pakistan? Your guess as is good as mine. Views expressed above are the author's own.

His work has been cited in The New York Times.

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Sunil Sharan writes extensively on geopolitics, energy and South Asia. Istakhara to Bani Gala: Reham spills the beans on Imran's unromantic proposal In August this year the PTI chief had announced that Reham Khan, will not be playing an active role in party affairs, following "attacks" on his then wife in the aftermath of the party's defeat in the NA Haripur by-polls.

Loved by millions across the cricket-obsessed nation for winning Pakistan its only World Cup inKhan's sporting prowess and rugged good looks brought him international celebrity.

He was considered his country's most eligible man until he suddenly announced his plans to marry shortly after calling off a movement to topple the government in December after a Taliban attack on a school that killed people. The PTI chairman and television journalist Reham Khan had tied the knot in a simple nikkah ceremony which took place in January this year at Khan's Bani Gala residence.

The nikkah, which was a low-key affair, was conducted by Mufti Saeed and was followed by a photo session. The wedding had captivated the entire country, with television channels going all out to cover the event and furnishing their audience with details of wedding sherwani and chappals.

In its early days, the marriage was marked by public appearances of the newlyweds who were seen smiling and happy at various events. Reham on several occasions had candidly expressed her feelings for Imran, saying he is "no longer alone".

imran khan and reham relationship tips

In an early interview, she had said: Reham Khan dismisses Daily Mail over degree report Reham had recently also sparked controversy after it emerged that she had not actually attended a college where she claimed to be a student on her website. Born in in Lahore into a comfortable family with origins in the Pashtun northwest, Imran Khan was educated at Aitchison College and then Oxford University.