How to stop over thinking and worrying in a relationship

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how to stop over thinking and worrying in a relationship

How can I stop overthinking about relationship? 1, Views How do I stop overthinking everything and stop worrying what other people think of me?. How to Stop Over Thinking in a Relationship. Maybe you're in a Often, the things you worry about might have several immediate solutions. Instead of letting . So when it comes to overthinking relationships, just how much If you have reasonable proof or past experience that worries you about your.

One of them is to remember that to get out of your head, do something physical. The following are a few suggestions to help you get out of that rut. They can get you started, and probably start you thinking of some ideas of your own. Organize your closet, bureau drawer, junk drawer, or kitchen shelves. Using your physical senses will help you calm down, feel more productive, and help you put the situation in its proper perspective.

Studies show that doodling activates the creative part right side of our brain, helping us to come up with some solutions that we might not have thought of otherwise. Just the act of doodling itself will help overcome the ruminating part of the brain, relax your mind, get the creative part going, and help you get where you need to be. You may want to try more than one suggestion, and prioritize them.

Overthinking is a form of paralyzing procrastination. And like all forms of procrastination, it has its roots in perfectionism and fear. One of the best skills for overthinkers to practice and get good at is simply doing something…anything! Set a time limit for how long you will let yourself worry or think about the decision that must be made, something that is reasonable for the situation.

At the end of that time, commit to making the best decision that you can, given the information that you have. Then go distract yourself by doing something fun or physical, which is also a way of taking action. They are too caught up in worry and fear to even let you in. It mostly just makes it worse…definitely for them, often for you. Resist the urge to share your dilemma with others.

Why Relationships Are Hardest For People Who Overthink

Or if you burn them out as a friend. DO Be Kind to Yourself Recognize that we are wired to be worriers and to try to find all the ways things can go wrong, rather than to be happy and just go with the flow.

So, we have to work hard to learn that thoughts are just thoughts and we can actually change them. If you need help, get help. Anita Sanz — www. You may find yourself thinking through all of the possible outcomes of a decision, only to find yourself back to square one with no solution.

If you can feel confident in your ability to deal with various outcomes- both positive and negative- it will reduce the stakes tremendously. If you can trust your ability to handle any outcome, decision making becomes much more simple and you can kick the habit of over overthinking!

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How to Stop Overthinking, Stressing & Worrying (3 Ways that WORK!)

But not quite as charming if you often find yourself in the never ending loop of your anxious thoughts. This hamster wheel of persistent overthinking can surprise us at any time: Finding ourselves stuck in rumination can be frustrating.

If we keep our worry to this level, it can be effective at helping us find solutions and take needed action. You will likely find your thoughts wanting to drift back into the worry cycle. When you do, just notice this and gently repeat your command to stop. No decision is made off of a whim, a hunch or irrationally.

My question to you is, WHY? Why do you not trust your gut?

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For me it was about lack of self-confidence. I was always afraid of saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, and making the wrong choices. I scoffed at spontaneity. I judged those that would throw caution to the wind and follow their gut. AND I mocked those that allowed their intuition to guide them.

When we feel the need to analyze, dissect, plan and weigh the pros and cons in everything that we do, we hinder ourselves from living in the moment. After experiencing so much loss, loss of time due to 4 surgeries on my bladder I suffer from a sometimes debilitating chronic condition two miscarriages AND family and friends deaths due to overdosing and suicide, I have decided to just live in the moment.

Now does that mean that I never plan ahead, dissect situations, analyze my options or weigh the pros and cons of a decision?

NO, it just means that I have learned that life is short, I have experienced the here today gone tomorrow feelings that sudden deaths and losses bring about and I have witnessed friends and family having it all one minute and it being wiped out the next.

Anxiety is usually caused by thoughts of the future. Feelings of anxiety, persistent worry and overthinking are a signs that life is out of balance, mind, body and spirit. As we balance our life and become aware of our feelings and apply coping skills, we will be free to continue reaching goals, living healthy and being symptom free!

Making adjustments in our day and breaking the worry habit can change our lives. Below are 3 ways to overcome overthinking and worry habits 1. Every problem has a solution. This knowledge will allow us to shift out of the emotional reaction and into problem solving mode.

Of course take time to process the feelings and then sit down and think about any solutions.

how to stop over thinking and worrying in a relationship

If there is nothing that can be done in the moment focus on what you can do to make it a great day. The only things you can control are your thoughts and your behaviors. Place your efforts on managing your thought life. The wandering mind leads to unhappiness. Write down everything that you can do to make the problem or situation improve. If there is no action that can be taken then shut down the thought process and focus on what is good, lovely, honest and true in your life in the present moment.

Change the channel to more pleasant thoughts.

how to stop over thinking and worrying in a relationship

Be aware and mindful. Overthinking and worry keep us stuck in a pattern of thinking that does not allow for happiness. Our mind is focused on a problem instead of the now. Our joy and peace are attainable at any given moment. Make a decision to be happy despite your situation and circumstance.

Have the attitude that this too shall pass. Over-thinking leads to blame- one way or the other, you or them. Stop the blame cycle! Breathe and learn to trust. Trust yourself and others. It really is the only way to move forward in your life. To stop the damage being done to your relationship, you must stop the over-thinking. How to stop over-thinking? Well, there is no answer that will work for everyone; I can only tell you what worked for me.

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Acceptance and letting go. Whatever happens in life is going to happen whether you think about it till your brain explodes, or not.

Accept what life brings your way, and let go of the need to have all the answers. Seriously, use these words. Say them to yourself as many times as you need. Words are powerful and they can help you if you use them properly. So, remember to breathe. Accept and let go. What useful tips do you have to help with over-thinking in relationships?