How to have the upper hand in your relationship

How to Have the Upper Hand in a Relationship | Dating Tips

how to have the upper hand in your relationship

“I have no power. Why should she have the upper hand? Once in my life I would like the upper hand. I have no hand. No hand at all. She has. “I stopped actually trying to get the upper hand. He was always an asshole to my friends, so it just made me look way better and made I had a lot of great relationships outside of him: my sister, my two brothers, my parents. Your anguish may lead you to attempt to use various manipulation tactics to get the upper hand in your relationship. But playing games to gain.

Such is the power of beauty and attraction!

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So, keep investing in your looks, and never let the attraction fade out. What really keeps the man chasing in a relationship is his unapologetic attraction to the woman. And your alpha man is no different. He too seeks a woman who can challenge his senses in every way and every day. That is what he truly wants to achieve.

An alpha male, from the bottom of his heart and with ever fiber in his body loves to compete. He loves to achieve every set goal, outdo them at times, and set standards. And with this mental gusto enters every relationship.

how to have the upper hand in your relationship

So, the more impressed you are with his antics and actions, the more you please him. The more he gets pleased, the more prized a possession you remain for him.

how to have the upper hand in your relationship

This way you feed his ego and stimulate his intellectual Find common grounds Finding a common ground, especially when you are in a relationship with an alpha male, is of utmost importance.

Common grounds of connection such as outdoor activities, interests, hobbies, and the magic that conjures in your bedroom, are some of the important cards to gain an upper hand with this man.

12 People Explain How They Finally Got The Upper Hand In Their Breakup

This keeps him engaged, and it gives him a chance to compete with the one person he truly adores. Sometimes, he won't mind losing either, as losing here would only mean winning Enjoy following him and let him have an idea that he is leading While the two of you find something in common to connect over, it is important to let him maintain his fiction that he is leading you.

He is not generally a follower or a team player. These men are born to lead, and any deviation from this role, will only create a self-doubt for them. So, give him ideas, but in a way that they seem his own. Let him have the delusion by taking the credit.

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But remember, since the idea was yours to begin with, you will always know how to steer the exciting waters. Leave him wanting for more Coming back to our analogy of fairy tales, Cinderella left our dear Prince Charming a glass slipper, and this became the epic turning point of her life and what was to become of it.

That air of mystery, desperation to deal with despair, and small clue that will lead him to ending the chase, will always keep him on his toes.

6 Superb Tips to Gain the Upper Hand While Dating an Alpha Male

However, allow him doses of gratification, for too much of chase will leave him vexed at the situation. Every princess in the fairytale knew how to play her assets, she could calculate the next move of her alpha male, and she knew when to let go. This masked intelligence is what he was attracted to in the beginning.

She has the hand. Hand is tough to get. Waller developed the theory after observing many dating couples at Penn State, where he noticed that romantic partners usually had unequal degrees of emotional involvement. He claimed that if the inequity became too large, one partner would be in a position to exploit the other emotionally.

In fact, although the concept was articulated specifically to relate to relationships, it has over time become an economic principle as well, applied frequently to negotiation and marketing strategy.

In her recent book Hooking Up: She states that in the college hookup scene, men are the least interested in participating in exclusive relationships. In contrast, women in her study were focused on trying to turn hookups into boyfriends.

6 Superb Tips to Gain the Upper Hand While Dating an Alpha Male

While there are exceptions, this means that most women enter new romantic encounters in a one-down position. I am consistently amazed at how even guys who are not sweet believe that they hold all the cards. They act like sex gods, assuming that women are trying to trap them into relationships.

how to have the upper hand in your relationship

To add insult to injury, many women tolerate boyfriends who treat them badly and are crap in the sack. What are the options available to women who want to be in control of their personal relationships?

Hard to Get, i. The Rules The most common approach is for women to play hard to get, casting themselves in the role of Least Interested Party to gain the upper hand. The theory goes that by seeming difficult to attain, men will put forth more effort. This approach has several advantages. You are not constantly getting crushed by jerks. On the other hand, this approach can lead straight to the dating desert. You may not be getting dumped, but life sure gets boring when there is no guy intrigue or boy drama.

Practice Self-Control If you control your own behavior, you have more control overall. No one can exploit you without your cooperation. Make sure that your level of interest is no greater than his. You will have more power if you are truly less interested, not just pretending indifference.

The kiss of death: You know what you are willing to do, and what you will not tolerate.