How did serena and darien meet

16 Things You Didn’t Know About Sailor Moon And Tuxedo Mask’s Relationship

how did serena and darien meet

Mar 15, Meet the romantic heart of the Sailor Moon franchise. and does so without stealing the spotlight from the protagonist. . Some of the changes applied to names: Usagi to Serena, Mamoru to Darien, Demande to Diamond. Dec 23, "Serena." "Darien Chiba." "Nice to meet you," They said at the same time She did love children and she did love making them feel better. Serena and Darien. Home · Wiki · Images · Videos · Articles · Links · Forum · Wall · Polls · Quiz · Answers · fans Become a Fan.

At first, it is nothing but a bickering match. The age difference initially makes it a little weird and it's not totally clear that Serena has some pretty major feelings for Darien, nor does she know that he's Tuxedo Mask.

In the manga and the Japanese anime, Darien resorts to calling Serena "bun-head", which is later changed to "meatball-head" in the American version. A little harmless teasing never hurt anyone. Serena is also notoriously clumsy and is constantly falling usually over herself and randomly tripping over, um, air.

This makes her the subject of insults not only from Darien, but from the other scouts except Amy, Sailor Mercury, she is the calm peace-maker. As light-hearted as they may be, they are insults nonetheless.

how did serena and darien meet

Their constant back-and-forth is so bad that it's even confusing to Rini, their daughter from the future who comes back in search of them. Chances are if your younger, immature Earth selves confuse your own daughter, it's time to back up a step or two and lay off the meatballs. This doesn't happen overnight though, throughout season one we see Serena breaking down and complaining that she doesn't want to be Sailor Moon or fight anyone, although it's her destiny to do so.

She cries of how tired she is of fighting and that she doesn't want to do it anymore, until Sailor Mars ultimately slaps her across the face. The fire goddess herself, Rei, is the one to snap Sailor Moon out of her pitiful crying session by asking if that's really how she wants to repay Tuxedo Mask. Darien is less of a crybaby about who he is, instead he uses the few facts he does know about himself to propel him forward with his destiny.

He doesn't know the reason for why he is who he is and half the time he doesn't even remember what he's doing as Tuxedo Mask, but knows he has to get all of the crystals at any cost. Between the two of them, they find a way to grow together and eventually work as a team to save the world and bring about the peaceful future that they know is possible.

This is something that differs from the manga, where Rei is depicted as boy-hating with not much interest in the dating world. In the anime, it's portrayed that she and Darien do in fact date, as brief as it is.

Up to that point, the anime explicitly shows Rei and Serena constantly waging war over Darien who, by no secret, is representing as being wildly attractive. It causes tensions between Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars, and their feuding is no good for anyone least of all the battle for the Silver Crystal. From the get-go, they seemed to be at odds and even though their relationship eventually changes and evolves over time.

Initially it was no walk in the park. Darien eventually conveys to Rei that his heart isn't in it for her, which is not surprising considering his fated history that he has no way of knowing, but certainly feels.

It's a strange love triangle but it's also one that's short-lived and silly aside from the few people who will always ship Rei and Mamoru. In order to see the few true moments where Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon become the ultimate dedication of true love, you have to look past their constant bickering and Tuxedo Mask's purpose of constantly being kidnapped and tortured.

A couple that fights together, stays together. Serena may not be the smartest, prettiest or agile girl in the world, but amidst all of Darien's teasing, never once was he hateful or intentionally malicious. This is of course not counting the times he was under the control of the Negaverse and couldn't be held responsible for his actions other than to say again, what the heck, Tuxedo Mask?

Even as he's whaling insults, you can tell by the look on his face and tone of his voice that he genuinely cares for Serena, even if it's initially in a best-friend kind of way. At the end of Sailor Moon R: The Movie, he even puts his hand on her shoulder as she's virtually sacrificing herself in the ultimate display of togetherness, unity, and support.

We're not crying, you're crying. Up to this point, it had only been Darien with whom we'd seen any competition. Including from Queen Beryl who had a weird, intricate need for Tuxedo Mask. His devoted stalkers went as far as his own daughter unintentionally, of course and always left Serena fighting for him one way or another. With Prince Demande, we see the script switched and all of a sudden it's Sailor Moon who needs some serious rescuing. Since Prince Demanda is well aware that Serena is the future queen, he gets it in his head that somehow he'll have control over her by seducing her which of course, does not work.

Last we checked his name wasn't Darien and he didn't walk around in a tux flinging roses. In the anime, things are either portrayed differently or completely left out from the manga. The first difference is kind of hilarious and something that he and Sailor Moon definitely don't have in common in the manga. In the anime, both he and Sailor Moon actively transform to turn into their alternate superhero personas, while in the anime it's implied that Tuxedo Mask's attire is nothing but a costume change.

In the manga, Tuxedo Mask also has powers that aren't limited to a baton-like weapon and randomly thrown roses. He's able to heal injuries with a simple touch which, duh, would have been useful during so many anime episodes. It's implied that his additional powers are given to him by the Silver Crystal, but hey, his lack of powers sure makes for an interesting dynamic between him and Serena in the anime version.

It's well-known in both the anime and the manga versions that he's lost all memory of his life up until around age six when he lost his parents in a car accident, commonly referred to as "retrograde amnesia". This doesn't really affect him much unless you're taking Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose as canon, where he met Serena for the first time. As well as Fiore, his first real best friend.

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It sucks that Darien suffers from memory loss, but at least he can keep his superhero persona a secret because he doesn't know he has one. Specifically, when that magical transformation occurs that remains his only link to the real life that he came from.

Obviously, the truth is revealed halfway through the first season, but up until that point poor Darien is subject to instant headaches that lead to a swanky tuxedo and roses growing inside his inner-coat pocket. This entire sequence is probably one of the best episodes of season one, if not of the entire anime since it's the moment many fans looked forward to finally happening.

After a tense arrival of both Serena and Darien to the tower where they'd ultimately meet their true villain of season one, both Serena and Darien are left wondering why the other is there. Serena was beautiful even than, he thought as he moved to the next picture. It was more recent consisting of her and her family. She had a mother, father, and younger brother. From the look in her parents eyes they were having marital problems if not divorced.

Two more pictures confirmed a divorce in his mind as her picture s had both her parents separated. Now each parent was considerably happier.

Serena was younger in the picture with her mother than she was in the one with her father, so than he was not sure. He noted that it was just room enough for another picture.

The door opened at that moment. Serena was talking to someone about the woman not being ready for surgery because of something, so they couldn't do it. She entered and gasped when she saw Darien. Serena grinned a little too. He was a playboy and she would not be so eager to go out with him like all the other women that threw themselves at his feet.

She would not be just another name on his list another notch in his bedpost. So come on tonight dinner, you and I. Don't make me beg, please. He was as surprised as she was. I'm glad I found you. Serena told all and they squealed with delight.

Serena went upstairs and the girls handed her what she needed. Everyone nodded their agreement and Serena blushed as they placed the condoms in her purse of every size. Her blush got even redder especially when she saw Darien again. Serena was slightly surprised that a limousine waited for them and the driver helped her inside before Darien got in. Lita is the Pediatrician, she loves children. Lastly is Mina, she's the blond that resembles me, she's actually my cousin. Its true she can be a total ditz as much as I have klutz attacks, but she's much smarter than she looks.

Don't get me wrong every so often Mina hits it right on the nose, but than there are other times she is way wrong.

how did serena and darien meet

Usually we don't let anyone else join us in our time together unless it's very important business. I had to learn the business inside and out. But you know I don't like talking about work.

Let's get to know you a bit, what do you do in your spare time? Hopefully Serena was a total bore like the others. I'm a shopaholic sometimes what with having a friend like Mina who is addicted. Orphanage more than the daycare though. If I'm really tired out I treat myself to a spa day or just laze around at home more often than not with a nice book.

Than there's other fun stuff I do with the girls. I love collecting trains. They went back to Serena's house and played with her train set. She was thankful the girls had left. After that night Darien took her on a whirl wind romance. They spent three glorious weeks together.

He even flew her all the way to Beijing just for dinner. There was a nice celebration going on so they had a blast. Let her find happiness with someone who is not a workaholic. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pick her up for our last date. They all helped her get ready for her date. Lita gave a little laugh. Soon they all scrammed in anticipation for her date.

Serena nodded and they walked out to the limousine. Everything seemed more romantic than usual. Darien was pulling out all the stops and he was determined to have her dress off by midnight. Out loud he said. Too her they were making passionate love after she got pass the pain. Her face was so peaceful and happy. To think he was going to put a frown on her face.

He shook his head, he was a horrible man and he didn't deserve to be the one to make her transformation into a woman complete. Now I cast myself out of this garden of Eden.

He even folded her dress from the night before and pulled the covers up over her. Next he got her breakfast from a restaurant and flowers. He wrote a note explaining so that she would not worry and call him constantly. He left the yellow roses in a vase on the table with the note under it. Breakfast was laid out and than he left just as he heard her begin to awake.

She found the bedside empty and neatly made up. She sat up and looked around. His clothes weren't around or anything. It was like he had never been there. She got out of bed ignoring the soreness between her legs and dressed in one of her sexy nightgowns.