How did jenson button and jessica meet

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how did jenson button and jessica meet

JENSON BUTTON'S former wife Jessica Michibata stunned fans as she stripped Jessica was married to racing driver Jenson for one year. Former Formula One star Jenson Button is engaged to his partner Brittny after his marriage to model Jessica Michibata ended in late Brit Formula One driver Jenson Button is said to be eager to meet up with his lover Jessica Michibata, after enforcing a sex ban on himself.

We know that Dad returned to his car. But we think that somewhere between La Rascasse and the car he fell and hit his head. They catch a lot of people out. Maybe Dad, that night, was one of those caught out.

Jenson Button on his model girlfriend

Certainly when we saw CCTV from the car park, he had blood on the back of his head. There was also a little blood found on the headrest of his car. The most logical explanation is that he fell foul of the escalators. Now he had a problem. The only way to open the gate was from inside the house — you buzzed it open.

Jenson Button There was a little granny flat, a tiny one-room apartment, halfway up the stairs, and judging by some blood on the pillow he lay down in there for a bit. Then, for whatever reason — perhaps because he needed insulin and had a brainwave about getting in — we think he decided to have another crack at gaining entry to the house.

Wearing his shirt, underwear and socks, he climbed the remaining steps, probably using the torch on his phone to light the way. This one proved fatal. The days after the phone call were a blur. We returned to Monaco, joined the rest of the family, tried to keep things together as we concentrated on organising the funeral, operating in a kind of daze, wanting to wake up from this awful dream.

how did jenson button and jessica meet

At the same time I had a sore spot on my leg. One night we had an evening out — a mad night with alcohol a catalyst for our tears — but the next morning I woke up and my leg was in agony. I called my mum who was in the same hotel, the Metropole.

Moments later she was at the door. I answered it and promptly collapsed. They thought it was from swimming in the sea in Hawaii. My mum called the rest of the family to the room. Jenson Button feared his leg would be amputated after contracting sepsis The next thing I knew I was being carted off to hospital and all sorts of drips were going in me. They were taking it seriously. So that was a sweaty few hours, while they ascertained whether the poisoning had indeed reached the bone.

Using the toilet, oh my God. I could hardly walk and yet there was no way in the world I was going to shirk my responsibilities as a pallbearer. Just you try and stop me.

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I gritted my teeth, expecting tremendous pain. But I suppose certain emotions take over; the body assumes control to makes sure you get through it.

Dad would have loved the fact that Prince Albert of Monaco was in the front row at his funeral. He would have loved the fact that his funeral was at turn one of the Monaco Grand Prix; he would have been thrilled to see all the people who turned up that day.

But still he couldn't clinch that victory. It wasn't untilraces on, that he managed one. This was expected to be the turning point. For three more years he toiled without triumph. His car became more and more uncompetitive, he appeared to lose confidence, nobody even talked about him any more once Lewis Hamilton, the new British uber-racer, emerged fully formed.

Who cared about Jenson Button? He was just another also-ran - the perennial underachiever with the aspirational name.

The former boy wonder finished 15th inand 18th last year as Hamilton won the world championship. In Decemberthings reached a nadir when his cash-strapped Honda team announced it was quitting formula one. If nobody bought Honda, he would be left without a team. And why would any other team be keen to sign up a serial loser? Button is now not only racing, he is destroying the opposition.

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A few days after we meet he wins his fifth race in six outings this season - a record equalled by only a handful of drivers. Formula one's Nearly Man became the Nowhere Man. Now he's simply The Man. It's a remarkable turnaround. He's 29 now, six foot tall, casually dressed, with unpruned facial hair which never quite makes the full beard. There is not an ounce of fat on him, and he's smiling.

Button has always smiled. The experts and cod-psychologists suggested that was his flaw - too easy-going, lacked the killer instinct.

They are already there. I've barely met him, and I'm already telling him to make sure he doesn't screw up from this position.

Button is aware that six months ago it was more likely he'd be heading for the jobcentre than the chequered flag. We're now sitting on the terrace cafe of a salubrious Monaco hotel looking over the mountains.

Every few seconds the latest Porsche or Ferrari whizzes past. Monaco is the home of fast cars, playboys and pretty girls. It smells of petrol, perfume and privilege. It's where grand prix drivers come to chill out and avoid tax. Despite another disastrous season in the final race the car caught fireButton was feeling optimistic at the end of last year.

After producing increasingly useless racing cars, in Honda hired the legendary designer Ross Brawn, who helped Michael Schumacher to five successive F1 world titles. Brawn was already uniting a divided team, and Honda was finally building a car that could compete. In the close season Button got himself fitter than ever, bonded with his colleagues and talked up the future. Then he got the phone call. Then you get that tingle down your spine.

I was just silent on the other end of the phone. He said, 'Sorry, I didn't know another way of telling you. Button wasn't the only one facing the dole.

There were workers on the Honda F1 team. He decided that the most important thing was to get to the factory, show solidarity and boost morale. A bit embarrassing in front of men. And the voice goes And they're looking at me, and I'm saying, I came here to try to keep everyone positive but I'm finding it difficult myself.

And they said, well, Jenson, obviously it's an emotional time, but we're staying positive, and as soon as you leave this room we're going to get back to work, and we know that nobody will be interested in buying this team or putting money into it unless we can prove to them that we're working our arses off.

And it was like, I came here to help you guys out and you've helped me out more than I've helped you. On 5 Marchonly three weeks before the season started and with Button and team-mate Rubens Barrichello resigned to a spell on the sidelines at best, Ross Brawn announced he had raised the capital to buy out Honda F1.

World champion Hamilton qualified only in 18th and was eventually disqualified, and it was apparent that the McLaren car, which had seen off all comers a few months before, was now a no-hoper.

Within a single race, formula one had been turned on its head. After all the criticism, Button must have felt vindicated. He sips his tea and shakes his head.

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No, he always knew he was fast. But so many people had written him off. I start to throw some of the insults in his face. In former formula one champion Nigel Mansell said he lacked the hunger and partied too much. I'm trying to goad Button, but he's still smiling. Will he raise another digit for every race he wins?

But laddishness doesn't come naturally to him. He sounds more like a teenager who knows he's pushed the boundaries. Button, who grew up in Frome, Somerset, was named after the Jensen car. His father, John, was a successful rallycross driver and secondhand car salesman, his mother, Simone, a housewife. His parents divorced when he was seven, and for him it was a blessing.

For one thing, he was no longer caught in the crossfire of their arguments, and secondly it meant two sets of Christmas presents. Who bought the better presents? Was he a spoilt boy? He thinks about it. Well, yes, his three older sisters spoiled him, but he wasn't really spoilt. It was more that he was easily bored.

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He tells me the story of the go-kart by way of example. Nobody was there because it was Christmas Day, and I got out and said, 'Dad, this is lovely, I'm bored, can we go somewhere else? He looks at me as if I'm batty. So I drive round this runway for a while and get bored and I say to Dad, 'I need some more excitement', so he took me to a circuit called Clay Pigeon in Yeovil. And I drove round there and I was like, 'Dad, this is great fun and everything, but there's something missing.

I crossed the line first and it was like, 'Dad, this is amazing, I'm not bored now, this is what I love. This is the bit that was missing - the competitiveness. At 11, he won all 34 races in the British Open Kart Championship. At 17, he became the youngest winner of the European Super A Championship.

By 18, he had moved into cars and won the British Formula Ford Championship. After one season in formula three, in which he finished third, he progressed to formula one, the highest form of auto racing with speeds of up to mph and engines revving up to 18,rpm.

John Button followed Jenson out to Monaco to keep him company. He's close to all his family, and says they've kept him sane in a stressful business. He looks at me. His resting heart rate is in the 40s the average is 70bpm and rises to bpm when he's driving. No other sport puts such stress on the heart - many top drivers average bpm through a race and can hit bpm when coming into a heavy-braking corner - and it would kill most of us.

Today, he looks perfectly proportioned except for a neck that could belong to the Incredible Hulk. I have to buy bigger shirts in the season. It wasn't the boys he was racing against who caused the problems, it was their fathers.

So what was your father like? He is quite a calm person. He never pushed me, which is good. He had begun to doubt whether he really was a sportsman. It was tough at the weekends, not achieving on the circuit. So doing the training and racing in triathlons was something to enjoy and to know it was all down to me, it's not down to the bike or the goggles.

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He looks me in the eye. But it did, he says, you wouldn't believe how much it helped. At last people didn't care about him.

how did jenson button and jessica meet

Everybody concentrated on Lewis. We didn't have to deal with the press saying bad things because they weren't interested.