Holes stanley and zero relationship

Reading Journal - Holes: Character Analysis/ Stanley and Zero

holes stanley and zero relationship

and find homework help for other Holes questions at eNotes. Stanley " Caveman" Yelnats and Zero are first and foremost bound by the crime for which Stanley. After a while, the relationship between Zero and Stanley was converted from teacher and student to best animesost.infoy and Zero are both. In this great book there is a very special relationship that evolves into more of a partership later in the book. I believe that the main reason that.

There he got the nickname Zero Due to the fact that he was assumed unintelligent, and may have been related to his last name.

He is the deuteragonist of Holes. She placed a curse on Stanley Yelnats ' family, because his so-called no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather, Elya Yelnatsdid not complete his end of a bargain he made with her. In summary, the bargain was that if Madame Zeroni would give Elya a pig so he could take it up a mountian and let it drink from the stream. Later, his pig became heavier as a result of drinking the water. Elya would carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain, as he had to do with the pig, and let Madame Zeroni drink from the stream on top of it.

If he did not complete this, him and his ancestors would be cursed. Hector is described to have to grow up in many different places, and too never have had a real home.

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Zeroni, accidentally left him at Laney Park, and he waited for weeks for her to come back. Zeroni was looking for Hector, but Hector did not know this. In fact, Hector did not know if she was alive or not. At the end of the book, Hector is reunited with his mother again, and she is seen singing the second verse to 'If Only'.

holes stanley and zero relationship

He constantly had to steal in order to provide for himself. At that age, he didn't even understand stealing was wrong, but he only took what he needed.

Zero (Hector Zeroni)

At a young age, his mother usually left him at Laney Park, as she couldn't take him with her everywhere. Sadly, one day, she left him there, but never came back A theory is that she was arrested for stealing, sentenced by a kangaroo court like the one that incarcerated Stanley Yelnats IV.

So Hector lived on his own his whole life, never attending school and therefore never learning how to read. He stole a pair of Clyde Livingston's shoes from a homeless shelter's auction, unaware of whose shoes they were and what they were for they were for auction. He threw the shoes over the overpass and they landed on Stanley Yelnats IV who was subsequently arrested.

Hector was arrested the next day for stealing a pair of shoes from a Pay less. When Stanley Yelnats IV arrived at camp, the two did not initially talk to each other at all.

Then one day Hector asked Stanley to teach him how to read when he saw Stanley reading a letter from his mother. At first Stanley declined, but he later accepted after Hector dug Stanley's hole for him while Stanley was being taken to the Warden for something he didn't do. Sir and he hardly talked with each other. Pendanskihis counselor, constantly mocked Hector's inability to read. Pendanski shooting his gun into the air to get the boys off of each other, Mr.

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Even he called him 'Zero'. That's how they first met, Zero and Stanley. He is so naive that he stays quiet when everyone says that he is dumb. He is not only naive, but also the smallest in group D. When the first time I get to know Stanley and Zero, I've never thought that they will be best friends. Maybe because of the huge size difference between them, maybe I found Zero so quiet that I've never thought he will be effective in the book.

The first real conversation between Stanley and Zero is about the Clyde Livingston's shoes.

holes stanley and zero relationship

The shoes which were actually stolen by Zero but caused Stanley to visit the camp. This fact is really ironic to me and I always kept asking myself what would Stanley do if he had found out the truth before he made good friends with Zero. How would he react? Would he blame Zero and hate him because he caused Stanley to go to the camp? But I won't be able to find answers to these questions, because our story goes in a different way. The Deal At the beginning I always found Zero behind Stanley's shoulder trying to read the letters from his mother.

When I put myself in Stanley's place, I thought that that would annoy me a lot.