Heroes peter and claire relationship goals

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heroes peter and claire relationship goals

This Pin was discovered by WolfSpirit Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Nathan Petrelli was a major character of the series and was a superhuman with the Crying, Claire looks on with the other heroes up at the sky after her father and . their abilities, but this is at odds to the aims of others working on the operation. He repeatedly saves Peter and tries to have a civil relationship with Tracy. So I have a few questions: Will they be in love relationship or something? Your country is behind but yes Peter is Claire's uncle and no they.

Peter receives Hiro's call, and tells Hiro that there is a message for him. Better Halves Peter delivers his message to Hiro and Ando. He tells them, "Save the cheerleader, save the world.

Peter tells them about " Future Hiro " and that he was told to save the cheerleader. Peter tells the men from Tokyo to get to New York so they can find the cheerleader together, and then their conversation ends. Peter then fits Isaac's paintings together, realizing they're telling a story like a comic book. He points out that there is one painting missingwhich Isaac says Simone has. Homecoming During the Union Wells HomecomingSylar arrives to kill the cheerleader who has the special abilities.

However, upon entering the school, he sees a newspaper clipping about Jackie receiving an award for rescuing a man at the train wreck ; Sylar assumes that Jackie is the cheerleader he wants. When he tracks the girls down in the locker roomhe grabs Jackie by the throat and telekinetically opens her skull to obtain her brain.

Muggles is a pomeranian who has done his part to protect Claire — mostly by being a yappy ankle biter. More Archie Wheeler, tall, dark, and adorable — at least in Claire's mind. Her "boss" at the Food Court, she feels like this boy is someone she can be normal with — he at least doesn't know she's abnormal. She's not sure what will happen when that changes, as it inevitably will, but she will cross that bridge when she comes to it.

For now, he's "fun" and definitely fits in the "more" category. Friends Randall was one of the few people she got to know at the safehouse while in hiding from Alpha Protocol.

A nice guy, he offered friendship to Claire, though the two had quite a few awkward moments together.

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Her own problems kept him at arm's length, but through no fault of his own. Peter's girlfriend and fellow safehouse "inmate," Daphne is one of the few people Claire knows she can trust even if they don't know one another all that well. Friends and allies of all shapes and sizes. Heroes can be ordinary or extraordinary!

By some huge cosmic coincidence, they rediscovered each other in New York City. Honest, creative, fun-loving, and supportive, he freely offers a great many things that Claire needs in what might otherwise be a suckhole of angst and barely held off despair.

The Haitian The former full-time partner to Noah Bennet, this mysterious man has defied her father in the past and allowed her to keep her memories when Noah ordered them erased. Summoned by a set of wind chimes set in the window, he has found a way to remain a trusted ally and friend to her, too.

heroes peter and claire relationship goals

It was he who helped her orchestrate two escapes from her confinement at a Company facility, the latter of which led to her gaining her freedom after months of captivity. She doesn't know much about him, but she trusts him. More to come… Person Description He wanted her power and came for it more than once — finally succeeding. Once at the slaughterhouse, an invisible person tries to impale Gretchen on a large meat hook but Claire takes the fall.

heroes peter and claire relationship goals

She also reveals the assailant as Becky, who promptly flees. This incident scares Gretchen to the point where she decides to move across campus where she would be far away from Becky, leaving Claire alone. Samuel later apologizes to Claire on Becky's behalf and offers her a new family to go to where she will feel accepted for who she is. After Thanksgiving dinner, Gretchen arrives to tell Claire how much she misses her, and she agrees to be her roommate again, but first, Claire tells her that she is going to check out Samuel's mysterious carnival.

Gretchen says that she is going with her. When they arrive at the carnival, they are greeted by Samuel, who shows them around. After witnessing an act of violence against Samuel, and his empathic response, Claire decides to stay at the carnival for the weekend and sends Gretchen back home. At the weekend, Eli 's persistent observation causes Claire to feel suspicious, which is only made worse by the discovery of Noah's Primatech files in Samuel's trailer. Once she realizes that Samuel killed his own brothershe tells him that she is leaving, and he lets her go in the hope that she will forgive him.

Upon checking her phone messages, she is struck with the news of Nathan 's death, and arrives at his funeral by taxi to pay her respects. Later, Claire is confronted by Sylar when she returns to college, who plays a game with her in an effort to make her understand that they are not so different because neither of them want to be alone. Claire admits how much Gretchen means to her and starts holding her hand in public when Sylar leaves.

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When Claire returns to Noah's apartment, Lauren informs her of of the true nature of Samuel's powerso she decides to return to the carnival to warn the carnies. Samuel admits to his crimes and Claire arranges his surrender. Before Samuel can be escorted out of the carnival grounds, Eli shoots at the carnies, injuring Claire and killing Lydia. Angered, Samuel locks Claire and Noah in a trailer and buries it with his power.

heroes peter and claire relationship goals

They are saved by Tracy Strauss, and once back on the surface, Claire informs the carnies of Samuel's plans to bury the crowd in Central Park. Once the battle is over and Samuel is arrested, Claire decides that she can no longer hide who she is either way, and makes use of the local news reporters by jumping from a Ferris wheel and healing in front of them, and revealing the existence of evolved humans.

Nathan Petrelli

This section is a stub. You can help by expanding it. Evolved Human Abilities Claire can regenerate. Claire exhibits the power of rapid cell regenerationa trait that allows her to recover from almost any injury in a matter of seconds.

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She also feels relatively little pain from even serious injuries, including burns and compound fractures, although she did grimace when her hand was damaged while retrieving a class ring from a running garbage disposal.

She has not yet reached a limitation in her powers.

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Along with the injuries stated above, she suffered an injury where her neck was broken and turned around degrees. This would be fatal for most humans. Indeed, between her tolerance for pain and seemingly unlimited healing potential, Claire is somewhat similar to the X-Men character Wolverine. Panettiere herself even loosely compared Claire to that same character when explaining her powers during an interview.

Apparently, Claire cannot heal an injury if a foreign object is obstructing the wound. This is true of other characters with healing factors, who can still heal incorrectly, incompletely or not at all if certain conditions are not met, just like normal humans. For example, in the first episode, the bones of Claire's ribs were sticking out at one point.

After a comment from Zach brought this to her attention, Claire had to move them around a bit before they would heal properly. In this incident, she was clinically dead for hours, only to revive when the tree branch that killed her was removed. Her healing powers restored her to health despite the destructive biological processes that happen to bodies immediately upon severe trauma or death brain death, lividity of blood in the tissues and coagulation of same, etc.

Still, as stated before, there were still limitations. Her upper torso had still been spread open from the classic "Y Incision" made in the chest of autopsy subjects and she had to close the flaps of skin back into place manually before they healed. In LizardsClaire cuts off her small toe with a pair of scissors only to see it grow back.