Helios and chibiusa relationship problems

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While the message of crying doesn't solve your problems could have been intended, it is 9 The Awkward Relationship Between Serena And Rini . Pegasus, or Helios the protector of the sun, lives in the dreams of Rini. Wasn't there an episode where Chibi-Usa tries to confess to Usagi and . Technically Pegasus is the Guardian of the Golden Crystal (I believe. As the Priest of Elysion, he has a connection to Prince Endymion. Helios and Chibiusa saw each other save for two days for an *entire* month every single . As a moderator, my job is to try to control those kind of problems.

When rescuing Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask carries her away from danger and tells her rather brutishly that she's gained weight again. The last thing a year-old girl needs is to be body shamed by her boyfriend. This relationship was kept in-tact, but Zoycite was changed to a woman with longer eyelashes.

In the '90s, gay television was far less prominent, but it makes you wonder if more kids could have been helped if homosexual relationships were normalized. Unfortunately, this may have led to the show being pulled completely since the landscape of the time was far more reserved than we are seeing today.

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Regardless if it was changed or kept in-tact, this plot point serves as a conversation starter about gender roles, and relationships in general to children. This is made even more confusing by the constant attempts of Rini to stop Darien and Serena from kissing. In the manga, Sailor Cosmos kisses Usagi on the cheek, and Haruka kisses her on the lips, but I don't think either of them had romantic intentions. Heck, Black Lady and Galaxia both kissed Endymion on the mouth, but thankfully that didn't go anywhere granted, brainwashing was involved.

Personality-wise, both couples have their strengths and weaknesses. Helios is a tad more mature Perle's way of impressing a girl is making cookies dance for her, and he can't give a straight answer when Usagi asks if Chibiusa is his girlfriendbut Perle is definitely more open Helios took a long time to trust Chibiusa enough to tell her that he was not, in fact, a horse. Both of them care a lot about those they love, but that's a trait shared by pretty much the entire "good guy" cast.

Chibiusa and Perle have a good balance of similarities and differences. She's spicy where he's sweet, she's calculating where he's idealistic, but in the end they share the same outlook on life. On the other hand, Chibiusa and Helios have a fairy-tale kind of chemistry. He's the white knight and she's the princess--they're drawn to one another with mutual admiration, and their bond is cemented by shared ideals.

The fact that they're both a little secretive might cause some communication problems for them in the beginning. I think a Chibiusa x Helios relationship would take a lot longer to develop than Chibiusa x Perle.

But once they learn to trust one another, they really help each other grow, and I think that's what I love about them as a couple. Chibiusa shows Helios that he isn't alone, that he doesn't always have to be the martyr. Helios's simple faith in Chibiusa shows her that she's beautiful just the way she is.

He was a major factor in her learning to accept herself and stop trying to be Usagi. That's why Chibiusa is able to let go of Mamoru after she meets him. Chibiusa and Helios also have some common ground in that they both know what it's like to have heavy responsibilities, and they're able to accept the fact that sometimes duty will come between them.

Chibiusa is going to be queen of the entire solar system when she grows up. Any future love interest would have to be able to accept that sometimes, she has obligations that take priority over him.

I think no one would understand that better than Helios. Anyway, I'm kind of rambling so I'll stop here I just like Chibiusa and Helios a tiny bit more. They have a certain I think they fit together better, and he would make a better king someday.

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Helios loved his Maiden the way she was. She was his beautiful dream. Chibiusa is just better suited for Helios. A lot is left to speculation but can be interpreted through the use of symbolism on the creators' parts.

That's mainly why I find it more interesting than any other romance in the series. I will not say I dislike Helios.

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I like him very much. But he is not a suitable romantic interest for Chibiusa. Peruru had a shorter amount of time with Chibiusa than Helios, but he was far more open with her than Elision priest was, especially at first. Peruru was not aftaid of being judged by Chibiusa for his powers. He revealed his true self to her without a second thought and she accepted it.

helios and chibiusa relationship problems

Chibiusa told Peruru right away of her rocky relationship with Usagi, introducing him to her largest character flaw. He only laughed and understandingly let it go.

Helios more likely would have been the type to say Chibiusa should improve her relationship with her future mother. During the times she spoke to Pegasus alone, he was a far less understanding of her flaws and was constantly trying to help her correct them.

He was noble and kind in trying to help her, but there were so many conditions she had to meet just to gain his approval.

That's not the kind of unconditional love a strong and lasting relationship must have. It's not the kind of relationship Chibiusa had with Peruru.

I too believe the meetings between Chibiusa and Peruru took place after Helios left Earth. Helios would still have been fresh in Chibiusa's memory, but she went to pursue a relationship with another.


This girl is extremely loyal in personality. Yet she became close to someone else. This only says that she must have seen something amazing in him. Helios, worthy and honorable as he may have been, was forgotten completely in favor of Peruru. Now, on a personal level I have an unhealthy love for fanfiction and wind up reading a ton of it almost every time I turn my computer on. Not only does she help herself to Usagi's food, shower and to Chibi Chibi's towel, she finds secretive ways to further shove Mamoru OUT of the picture.

While protecting Usagi from a town burglar seemed on the surface to be a noble idea, it actually gave Seiya all-to-easy access to Usagi's home, as Seiya thinks nothing of camping out on Usagi's lawn, while her parents, younger brother and Chibi Chibi are asleep.

Now again, Seiya's cover even to Taiki and Yaten is that she is searching for her princess, and with Usagi being called a princess, she can't tell if this is a disguise for Kakyuu or not, if Usagi really is her princess.

You would think that would be all Seiya needed, just to see Kakyuu again. But even after she is reunited with her princess. She fawns over Usagi like a remorseful spouse, in the arms of the woman she cheated on In fact, in the manga it is revealed that Kakyuu had her own lover, who Galaxia murdered and the more Seiya tried to hold onto and force herself onto Kakyuu, the more Kakyuu would just smile, and give her the "aren't you sweet" routine but being shot down by the most gentle princess in her life didn't deter Seiya too much.

Not getting to be with one prey, only drove Seiya to resume stalking another. In fact, in the manga it is revealed that Kakyuu had her own lover, who Galaxia murdered. And the more Seiya tried to hold onto and force herself onto Kakyuu, the more Kakyuu would just smile, and give her the "aren't you sweet" routine.

But being shot down by the most gentle princess in her life didn't deter Seiya too much. In both the anime and in the manga, Seiya continues pursuing Usagi, going so far as to kiss her, knowing that at this point, she had uncovered Usagi's tender, crybaby side.

She knew that Usagi had a soft heart, which was her main power point when using the Silver Crystal, but also her biggest weak spot, as Usagi's affections are easy to control much to the joy of any predator. Easy to manipulate, Seiya knew she could play with Usagi's emotions, and work her like clay. But each time, Usagi would not kiss Seiya back.

Just seeing Seiya off with a grin or a polite nod. Fans who could not see that Seiya is manipulative, started clamoring for the chance that time would be altered, so that Usagi would forget her lover of two lifetimes, and just settle down with her stalker, and enjoy a new family with Seiya. Toei Animation was all too eager to oblige. In fact critics have accused Toei Animation of glorifying this type of abuse.

In episodeUsagi and Mamoru have two copies of the same family photo. The writers at Toei Animation realized that whether any of us like it or not, Seiya's male form is only a disguise. Sure, she can be a father figure to Chibi Chibi if she tried, but ultimately, she will never father ANY children biologically.

For Seiya and Usagi to be together, that means that Chibiusa would never be allowed to exist.

helios and chibiusa relationship problems

The more Seiya pushed herself onto Usagi, the less likely Chibiusa's existence became. Despite Usagi seemingly being swayed by her stalker, our Moon Princess stayed stubborn in her resolve, even when death was all around her, and it seemed as though she couldn't get Mamoru back, she still hung on strong to the memory of her family, even in her dreams.