Heather kiriakou and john relationship goals

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heather kiriakou and john relationship goals

This came second nature to the community that immediately enfolded the Kiriakou family and helped John's wife Heather and their three young. Prosecutors describe John Kiriakou as a reckless, chronic leaker of But through his wife, Heather, who was then an agency analyst, and in is that leaks serve the purpose of one faction of government or another, including the Office of the President. . Recruiting “is all about the relationship,” he said. Former CIA officer John Kiriakou (AP Photo/Cliff Owen) I was met in the parking lot by my wife, Heather, my three youngest children, and my . The goal, then, is to get people into home confinement like mine quickly. Consequently, I received dozens of interview requests over the next couple of weeks.

I was released on February 3, My time in prison gave me a perspective on the horrific conditions in prison, the unbalanced way people are treated by the so-called justice system, and the lack of transparency in our government.

heather kiriakou and john relationship goals

It was both the greatest and the worst experience of my life. I have been asked if I would do it all again. From this point forward, I know my mission: I will be a Force for Change.

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The isolation has already begun. The CIA had no immediate comment. He not only lost his job but his security clearance and now works at an Apple Store — despite the fact all charges were eventually dropped in exchange for a single misdemeanor. Van Buren has been highly critical of the war in Iraq, and shared his own accounts as a frustrated and disenthralled member of a provincial reconstruction team PRT in his book We Meant Well: By any other measure, Kiriakou loved being a CIA agent, but started becoming disillusioned shortly after his interaction with and the subsequent torture of Abu Zubaydah under his CIA handlers in Kiriakou resigned from the agency in and worked in the private sector as a security analyst.

He eventually lost that job in when he began wading into the waterboarding debate. The same goes for the warrantless wiretapping.

CIA officials offered to train him in "enhanced interrogation techniques," but he refused. While serving in Pakistan, Kiriakou led the CIA team in the March raid and capture of Abu Zubaydah, who was considered al Qaeda's third-ranking official at the time.

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The CIA later distributed disinformation internally that Zubaydah had been waterboarded one time, and that as a result, he had "cracked. Although Zubaydah's interrogations were videotaped, the CIA later destroyed the videos despite a judicial order to preserve them, claiming it was done to protect the identities of agents shown in the footage.

heather kiriakou and john relationship goals

Kiriakou left the CIA in March Kiriakou also authored a bestselling book, "The Reluctant Spy: InKiriakou appeared on ABC News in an interview with Brian Ross, during which he became the first former CIA officer to confirm that the agency waterboarded detainees and label waterboarding as torture.