Guan ping and xing cai relationship

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guan ping and xing cai relationship

As for Lover and Husband / Wife, there is a difference (see Guan Ping, Xing Cai, and Liu Shan). If there are two or more relationship types. Xing Cai (星彩) is a character from Dynasty Warriors 5 and the second Together with her childhood friend, Guan Ping, she is portrayed as the future of Shu. Her relationship with Guan Ping can be interpreted as close comradeship or a. Fandom: Dynasty Warriors Pairing: Guan Ping x Xing Cai Theme set: Xing Cai is approximately 8 years old, so their relationship doesn't go.

His heavy drinking didn't help any. Cai couldn't help herself when she saw Ping though and quickly walked up to him. Unsure though if a hug was in order she just smiled as she faced him. He tentatively smiled back, as unsure as her.

Cai, unable to take the silence, desperately wanting to hear him, said the first thing that came to mind. Not that it was visible with his deep tan. Cai laughed, and couldn't resist anymore. She gave her childhood friend a hug. He had indeed gotten taller, she thought. She only reached his shoulders, when they had been the same height ten years before. She laughed at the thought, blushing a bit when she saw the giant Yu walk past them with a chuckle of his own. The two quickly parted, Ping turning to face the others.

Cai used the time to inspect him. He had sent pictures, but in person he was different. His hair was a lighter shade of brown, and he let fall loose around his ears. He was muscular now, his casual green shirt not hiding the build body beneath.

His large arms gave away what the shirt did hide, and his hands had spanned her hips in the hug. He was no longer the scrawny boy who hid with her under the bushes. Cai giggled, earning a look from him and Shan. She quickly brought up another topic, not yet wanting to talk about past memories. Shan, Ping," Cai introduced smiling.

The two boys met each others gaze squarely, and Cai couldn't help but compare since they were now both standing before her. She was surprised that they were of equal height, their shoes probably making the difference.

Ping happened to be wearing thicker sneakers then Shan, and used the quarter of an inch to his advantage by looking down at Shan. Not that Cai knew how he was able to look down at Shan without looking snobbish, but somehow Ping had mastered the skill. Shan, however, surprisingly didn't back down from the look.

A little worried, Cai glanced past them to their fathers who watched with curious gazes. Yu finally took pity on her, interrupting the glaring contest. Come over here and let me get a look at you," he said with a chuckle, both boys jumping at his deep voice.

Cai smiled, mouthing a thank you to him and she stepped before him. The two boy's relationship never got better, each one seemingly competing with each other. Not that it was much of a competition. Ping was obviously the better athlete and handy man, the protector and the more talkative one, having ten years of stories to tell. Shan was smarter, not that Ping was dumb, but Shan excelled in school.

He was a year ahead then he should have been, having a personal tutor named Liang. He loved to rub such things in Ping's nose, since even the local girls flocked more to Ping then to Shan. Cai always said it was just because Shan attracted the more shy girls, and not to worry about it. But she would watch some of the local girls with a deadly expression.

guan ping and xing cai relationship

Not quite a glare, but it was almost more like a lethal version of her everyday calm mask, and Shan always seemed to grow sad then. Cai wasn't sure when she started thinking of Ping as a handsome man, then the boy next door. But the change came as a mild shock to her when she realized it, her and him buying some ice cream and going to feed the ducks at the pond in the local park.

The more surprising shock was when she realized she was fond of the idea of being his girl. That had been when he was fixing up her car for her when it had died on the school grounds and some girls decided they wanted to flirt with Ping. It wasn't surprising that they the girls club had flocked over, Ping being attractive, well built, and only in a white wife beater as he looked under the hood of her car. The four girls all sauntered over, waving their hips.

Not that Ping noticed, looking at her engine, but Cai gave them points for trying. They then spoke to her briefly, Ping looking up to see the new comers. That was all the vultures needed and they dived in to discuss things with him. Cai watched with a raised eyebrow, chin in the palm of her hand, elbow on her knee, as she sat on the island next to her parking spot.

At first she felt horrible, hating the way the girls got up next to Ping and rubbed shoulders and other such things.

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Like dropping pens so their shorts raised a little high, or leaning on her car and flaunting their cleavage. The girls were obviously practiced in the arts of wooing a man.

But as quickly as her jealously rose, it disappeared. She glanced from the girls to Ping, and almost wanted to laugh.

Ping looked completely lost, floundering for a way out of the girl's path. He tried to ignore them, to continue working on the car, but the club leader only continued to talk, asking question about cars and accidently rubbing his hand as she pointed at things. Cai watched with a smile, snickering quietly when the girls all ended up walking to their car dejected and looking quite upset.

Ping watched them go like a cat would a dog that got tired of barking up the tree, and he set the tool he had in his hand down. He caught Cai's giggle though and turned to her with a glare.

guan ping and xing cai relationship

Can't handle the heat, Ping? Cai laughed, catching the rag. He just grinned and shook his head and he finished with her car. A week after that, Ping officially asked her out. Cai had been so thrilled, her father had laughed as she dashed around when getting ready. He teased her, for once not a trace of alcohol on his breath. Ping appeared on time, and yet he still ended up sitting with Fei on the couch for thirty minutes. Fei laughed about waiting on woman, and how it was something that came natural and was just better then not waiting for the girls.

Ping nodded, looking quite happy that he wasn't getting the lecture most fathers, especially a father like Fei would give. He didn't have to wait long, Fei deciding it was time for the speech when Cai was heard running into the bathroom for one reason of another.

Fei started to use the voice, the voice Ping's own father had used to tell him he better respect Cai, and Ping instantly straightened in his seat. Yu's astounding military background had obviously rubbed off on Ping as Fei's did on Cai, for the boy responding to everything with a 'Yes sir' or sometimes a quick 'No sir'. Fei stopped his rant when Cai made her way down the stairs, both men standing to greet her, making her blush. He only stared, brown eyes wide and jaw a little slack.

Fei smacked him over the head. I'm needing my little girl to be in safe hands! Cai giggled as her father crossed his arms over his chest and nodded once jerkily with a grunt. Ping walked out behind Cai, glancing back himself when Cai waved back at her father.

The two continued to date, making a steady relationship. Shan seemed to disappear then, and Cai was somewhat concerned about the boy. But when she did call him, the conversations ended up being short and quick. Her father said not to worry about it, and he told her time and time again that he was just being a boy. Eventually Cai had to accept it, and she decided she'd let Shan come back to her if he so chose to.

She would sometimes mention him to Ping, who wasn't as against her worrying about Shan as she had thought he would be, not liking Shan for whatever reason.

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He never really told her why, just shrugging and mumbling stupid answers. Cai stopped asking him after a bit, and thought less and less of Shan as the months went by and he did nothing. She invited Ping for her senior prom when the time came, and was thrilled when he agreed. She herself kept it all inside, but the idea of the romantic night with Ping sent her on a whirlwind of daydreams.

It was the closest she was probably ever going to get to a ball room dance, and she just wanted the romantic event to always remember. She wasn't delusional enough to think she and Ping would go on and get married, most high school relationships not lasting long enough to make a good marriage, but she did love Ping. Cai knew she did love him, she just wasn't going to set herself up for the likely depression by thinking their love would last until she was in her mid twenties to get married.

On the day of the prom she, her father got a phone call. She had been in the kitchen, making a dinner her father could throw in the microwave when he got hungry. She was shocked to hear him cursing and slamming things in the other room.

He had been getting over his drinking habit, his violent reactions slowly diminishing. Setting the dish she had in the refrigerator quickly she walked out, wiping her hands on her pants. Her father stomped around the room, throwing the phone at the couch. He stopped when he saw her standing in the arch way, the two staring at each other momentarily.

She wasn't sure she wanted to hear the news, not with the way he looked at her. They are in emergency as we speak. After the battle, he still believes in hope for the future.

Guan Ping's ending scene in Dynasty Warriors: Online has him walk amidst the peach trees with the player. Admiring the beauty of the trees, he proposes an oath of brotherhood in hopes of continuing the legacy of those before them. In Dynasty Warriors 6Guan Ping, though with no personal Musou mode, has special in-battle dialogue with his father.

This time his father orders him to his side at Fan Castle. Guan Ping triggers the flood attack on Cao Ren's men and storms the castle. Though it is possible to ensure his survival during the battle, he will not appear at any time afterwards. He is also one of the generals who reinforces Jing Province. He also appears in the Battle of Fan Castle in Shu's story, being the general who oversees preparations for the water attack.

During the first half of the battle, he is the one to report and direct his father for the success of their battle strategy. Their tactic works and they take the castle, but since they are betrayed by their allies at Gongan and Jianglingtheir efforts are rendered for naught. Finding themselves surrounded at the castle, Guan Ping tells Guan Suo to protect their father's life. He volunteers to stay behind at Fan Castle to face the Wei and Wu armies, trying to bide time for their escape.

Although not shown explicitly, the game's narrative states that he dies in battle. He may die alongside his father in other Story Modes. Xing Cai and others arrive as reinforcements to drive the Wu army back. Hou Yin, a vassal of Wei, rebelled against the ruling governor of Wan Castle. The governors actions cause insufferable damage to the residents in Jing Province, an injustice that the nearby Guan Yu won't stand to allow. Though they easily dispatch the governor, their activities are noticed by Cao Ren, the nearby governor of Gong Castle.

They attempt to overwhelm the Shu army with their forces. Once Cao Ren is forced to withdraw, Guan Yu praises his son's accomplishments. Both Liu Shan and Xing Cai -although she is a bit reluctant- agree with his father's assessments. Guan Yu is impressed that his son has matured into a mighty warrior worthy of his name, complements which greatly pleases Guan Ping. Shu's scenario has him and Guan Yu survive the battle and echoes his father's judgment over their situation. He survives in this scenario's ending.

He can survive the battle through the player's intervention and fight beside his younger siblings in the Nanman Campaign for Shu's hypothetical route.

He is also present in the final battle at Xuchang guarding the main camp. In the hypothetical route, he will fight at Baidi Castle and orders ballistae to attack Guo Jia 's ship. When the attack fails, he leaps on board to try and stop the strategist from reaching the castle, but fails and dies.

In Wei's story, Guan Ping appears as one of the flood gates' guardians, but will leave the gates to Guan Suo if the Wu forces are lured into Fan Castle. He appears in the central area at Maicheng where he attempts to stop the Wei forces who have just climbed the cliffs.

Their army is being attacked by one of Orochi 's men, Cao Pi. Exhausted from defeating several enemies at once, Nobunaga saves him and rides away. Later in the same battle, Guan Ping is ambushed within a garrison and is saved a second time by Nobunaga. After they cause Cao Pi's retreat, the Shu generals join Nobunaga's army in gratitude.

Despite being one of his closest generals, Nobunaga later reveals his opinion that Guan Ping is a follower, asking him his desires while at Koshi Castle.

Guan Ping angrily rebuttals the claim and is challenged by Nobunaga to prove it to him. He continues to serve Nobunaga in Warriors Orochi 2 and is one of the starting characters of the Samurai faction.

When Sakon hurries to meet Nobunaga's reinforcements, Guan Ping serves as the guardian for the ally main camp and vows to stop any who come his way.

In one of the game's dream stageshe teams up with Cao Pi and Gracia to prove themselves worthy successors to their fathers. Guan Yu challenges his son to defend Liu Chan from their assault and personally defeat several enemies. When they face each other for a duel, Guan Yu encourages his son to attack without restraint. If he succeeded in the previous mission, his father will state that he's proud of him. Honoring his ties and debt to Nobunaga over his loyalties to Shu, Guan Ping chooses to stay with the general after the second title.

He stays true to his decision despite Xingcai's vocal protests. When the Oda army is later scattered within the original timeline, the young warrior's whereabouts remain unknown to the Coalition in the future. When a future Xingcai and company return to Jieting in the past, Guan Ping thinks she followed him soon after he left Shu. Since words had failed to convince him, she issues a duel with him once she finds him. Impressed by her will that he felt during their shared blows, Guan Ping concedes defeat and joins the Coalition.