Give and take relationship tumblr images

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give and take relationship tumblr images

Maybe we want to be loved so badly that we take whatever love we can find, even if we It can give you needed strength so you can make it through each day. His guidance carries me through the turbulent times, His rules give me the When He is with me, I feel like we can take on the world; like nothing can hurt me. has only deepened our communication and strengthened our relationship, overall. .. Going forward, we will only reblog text, or text with images that will make it. We are a Female Led Relationship, and I am chastised 24/7. As a sub I summit myself to her and give her control of my body and life decisions. . I'm super excited and I will be taking pictures and videos as I progress in my transition.

I owe him my life, and all he asks is my love.

give and take relationship tumblr images

I know, how cliche. I believe I was born a submissive. I have always naturally had a very submissive persona.

give and take relationship tumblr images

I crave to follow. Tell me to jump, I say how high. Yes ma'am, yes sir. I just want to please so badly. So many little ingrained habits. I try to live with a majority of my actions used to care for others. Now, I also lived through a gross amount of abuse as a young one, mainly from family.

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Could the two be linked? I did not like abuse. The two can not coincide in any safe way. Let me make that clear. I left the people in my family who were harming me and found family who DID love me, and isolated myself for awhile. I had love, but it felt weird. I began to go to therapy, and started to wade through deep muck of sorting through past experiences.

Turns out, a lot of abuse victims find solace in BDSM. Turns out, its still ok for me to like being hurt even with and in spite of my abusive past. I could have the pain I felt I craved in a safe, sane and consensual way?

give and take relationship tumblr images

I still somehow chose the bad guys again, and again. I ended up in bad shape. It was really low. He ended up in jail for what he did.

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I saw it as a kinda second chance. I had to change. This was all wrong.

A Start To A New Life!!!!

I had, during this time, made a best friend in college. A total giant teddy bear. The nerdiest, kindest, most loyal knight you could find.

give and take relationship tumblr images

With my permission, he climbed down into the depths of my tormented hell, and he dragged me out of that pit. He took my used, beaten, nearly dead body. I was starved, neglected, broken. When you're seriously considering throwing something at the wall. Image courtesy of Tumblr, hellomymoodis When you're trying, unsuccessfully, to hide your frustration. Image courtesy of Tumblr, lareb When you've lost the will to exert your anger.

give and take relationship tumblr images

Image courtesy of Tumblr, battles-fought-at-night. When you made the mistake of reading the comments. Image courtesy of Tumblr, bratin1derland.

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When you can feel your eyes burning with rage. Image courtesy of Tumblr, fagli When you just need the batting cages. Image courtesy of Tumblr, all-things-across-the-pond When you add up the property damage caused by your anger. Image courtesy of Tumblr, becsun When the source of your anger has no idea you're upset. Image courtesy of Tumblr, talumin When you want to give subtle warning you're nearing your boiling point. Image courtesy of Tumblr, lawlschool-adventures When you want to give a not-so-subtle warning.

Image courtesy of Tumblr, jonnygreenwoodcaptions When you just want to punch someone in the face — but choose to use a GIF punch instead.

Image courtesy of Tumblr, theawesomethingsinmylife When you are completely and utterly done. Image courtesy of Tumblr, mookieakakitty When you actually feel your impatience morphing into anger.