Gemini ganesan and rekha relationship

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gemini ganesan and rekha relationship

Gemini Ganesan Life: Gemini and Daughter RekhaRekha initially shared a painful relationship with her father, for Gemini never married her. Partner(s), Gemini Ganesan. Children, 4. Relatives, Shubha (niece) Vedantam Raghavaiah (brother-in-law). Pentapadu Pushpavalli, better known as Pushpavalli (3 January - ) was an Indian She had two daughters with Ganesan while he married Savitri. The elder daughter is the Hindi actress Rekha. Gemini Ganesan's grandson Abhinay Vaddi poses with his aunt and Gemini Ganesan's daughter, Rekha (Photo: Facebook/Abhinay Vaddi).

Narayan[15] and cast him alongside his future wife Pushpavalliwas a box office failure as it was considered "ahead of its time", but was well received by intellectuals.

Currently, no print of that film exists, making it a lost film.

gemini ganesan and rekha relationship

The film was a box office success, but his performance went unnoticed. It was not untilwhen he played a villainous role in the film Thai Ullamopposite R.

Gemini Ganesan And Pushpavalli: The Love Story That Was Not Meant To Be –

Manohardid people take notice of him as an actor. The next year, he appeared in a supporting role in the Gemini Studios production Moondru Pillaigalwhich was unsuccessful.

gemini ganesan and rekha relationship

He was then cast as a hero for the first time with Manam Pola Mangalyam. The film, which featured him in a dual rolepaired him with his future wife Savitriand became a "milestone in his life".

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Stardom in the south[ edit ] In his career spanning nearly 50 years, Ganesan played a variety of roles, from Abhimanyu in Mayabazarto freedom fighter Madasamy in Kappalotiya Thamizhanand in Pennin Perumaihe played a non-assertive imbecile morphing into a well-moulded human being. Ganesan also starred in Kalathur Kannammawhich was also the debut for Kamal Haasanwho would later become one of the leading actors in Tamil cinema.

The film was selected for the Afro-Asian Film Festival in The Ruritanian romance film Vanjikottai Valiban was a high budget film and became a huge commercial success due to much hype. Ramachandran in Mugarasiwhich was their only film together. Balachandarthis film won high critical praise for Ganesan's performance, but according to Ganesan, the film did not succeed commercially.

VijayaBharathi and Jayalalithaa. The film became one of the biggest hits of that year. Notable among these was the Telugu film Rudraveena remade in Tamil as Unnal Mudiyum Thambiconsidered one of his best films in Telugu. Another notable film was Avvai Shanmughiin which he characteristically played the role of an old man longing for an old maid, portrayed by Kamal Haasan.

gemini ganesan and rekha relationship

Towards the end of his acting career, he kept himself busy with elegant roles in television serials, one notable serial was Krishnadasi. RamachandranGemini Ganesan did not come from a stage background. This made his screen presence refreshingly credible and his acting was not stylized.

He sustained his film career without the support of any fan club or backing of a political party. According to politician M. She entered the film industry as a child actress, with a small role in the film Sampoorna Ramayanamwhich was released when she was only nine years old. This was followed by a few more roles as child star, and Pushpavalli's income became important to her family. Due to these preoccupations, she spent significant time in film shooting, she missed out on schooling and had only a rudimentary education.

At some point, she married a gentleman named Rangachari. However, the marriage did not last circumstances are not known and they began living apart. Remarkably, Pushpavalli graduated to doing adult roles with hardly any break from playing a child star.

gemini ganesan and rekha relationship

This was a necessity, because acting was the source of income for the family, and she could not afford to take a break. However, this continuity may have affected her acting career and she was never really accepted as a leading lady.

She did only a few roles as heroine, and in between did many films where she played the second lead, and her career never fully took off. In all, she acted in around Tamil and Telugu films including child roles and met with only moderate success. She was never a top-level star, nor did she receive any critical acclaim for her acting talents. Perhaps her biggest hit was the Telugu film Bala Nagammawhere she played an important supporting role.

Gemini Ganesan And Pushpavalli: The Love Story That Was Not Meant To Be

Her film Miss Maliniwhere she played the lead role, received great critical acclaim from the intelligentsia, but flopped at the box office. Pushpavalli next worked with Ganesan in the Telugu film Chakradhariwhere she was the heroine and he played a small role. After this point, the situation reversed; Ganesan became a huge star and Pushpavalli started getting only supporting roles, her films as heroine having mostly flopped. Her career was winding down without ever having really taken off.

She did a few more films with Ganesan, the two got along very well together, and entered into a relationship, despite the fact that both of them were married to other people Ganesan had married his first wife Alamelu, known informally as Bobji, at a very young age and would remain married to Bobji until his death.