Filipino and canadian long distance relationship

filipino and canadian long distance relationship

Being in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) is really hard. Aside from the time difference and distance, other factors can challenge the couple. Hello everyone, this is my first time here. I'm currently in a long distance relationship with a lady living in the Philippines. She's agreed to move. Current Philippine trending info on popular art, culture, society, movie, Long- distance relationships are hard work, and more often than not, they lead to failure . and her boyfriend Val Sanchez, 25, who is based in Canada.

filipino and canadian long distance relationship

So it takes two people to be patient with each other in order to make the relationship work. Now, ask yourself, do you have that kind of patience?

It is very easy to skip talking to each other because of distance and time zone differences. You can set a time to speak to each other, and make sure that you follow through. In addition, communication means being able to express yourself so that the other person would know what you think and how you feel. If you hide your feelings and thoughts, the other person might not know what to do or expect.

filipino and canadian long distance relationship

When this happens, you have a breakdown in communication. Communication breaks down especially when you have an argument or a misunderstanding because you tend not to talk to each other anymore.

For example, my husband and I make sure that we would talk every Sunday since that is the time we are both available. I know that he gets busy on the weekdays, but we have decided that Sunday is our day together no matter what. When I was sad, I told him that I missed a lot, and I cried.

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It was important for me to express this to let him know how much we missed him. He also tells me about his problems and his feelings, and I feel that he still needs me. Despite our distance, we open our lines of communication by expressing ourselves, and it feels as if we are next to each other. And when this happens, you become more loving.

For example, after so many years, I can finally understand why I had to be separated from my husband.

How this couple makes their long-distance relationship work

Yes, he did come and visit only once, and waiting for him was so difficult. Now I realize, that things do happen for a reason.

filipino and canadian long distance relationship

Sometimes, God makes you see things only in the end, not during the trials. I had to learn to understand without questioning so much in order for my heart not to have a heavy burden.

I had to understand that my husband was only doing his best for us, and I put my trust in him. Now, in a few months, we will all be reunited here in the Philippines, and of course, in Canada when we go together. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

filipino and canadian long distance relationship

In order to ensure that we do not get separated from their minds and hearts, we must have the courage to face the struggles of long distance relationships. But such is not the case for Janine Briones, 23, who lives in the Philippines and her boyfriend Val Sanchez, 25, who is based in Canada. This couple has kept their relationship strong and alive for five years and counting.

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work | Lifestyle Filipino by Chris Delacruz

Janine and Val during their most recent month-long date in Hong Kong Janine and Val's paths crossed in but the two were only formally introduced at a party in January when Val was in town for a vacation.

After turning Val down three times, Janine finally said agreed to a date with Val. In fact, they went out on three dates before he left. At that time, Val did not have any social media accounts — Janine tried stalking him online and ended up with nothing. Out of her frustration, she asked for his email address and shot him an email a day after his flight back to Canada.

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And thus their love story began. Pero I still sent him that email luckily, he was interested din pala to continue what started here in Manila," Janine shares. And it did," she continues. After emailing for a month, the two transferred to Skype, before she finally convinced Val to create a Facebook account. From there, they transferred to Facebook messenger.

How this couple makes their long-distance relationship work | Lifestyle | GMA News Online

Six months after their consistent exchange of messages, the two decided to make their relationship official and it has always worked ever since. Here, the couple tells us how they make their LDR work. Communicate and be open Janine and Val agree communication is important in every relationship, whether long distance or not.

Similar to overfilling a balloon with air. They've even made the most out of the hour time difference: For me it builds the connection and familiarity with each other.