Femoral artery vein and nerve relationship quiz

Anatomic considerations for central venous cannulation

femoral artery vein and nerve relationship quiz

A femoral hernia occurs when abdominal viscera or omentum passes through the Cranial Nerves · Peripheral Neurological . Femoral artery aneurysm; Athletic Pubalgia right femoral hernia emerging medial to a compressed femoral vein ( FV). Quiz. Question 1 / 4. What forms the superior border of the femoral canal?. Variations in Position and Contour of Stomach in Relation to Body Habitus · BP Some Variation in BP Variations in Pancreatic Duct · BP Variations in Hepatic Arteries · BP Variations in BP Variations in Renal Artery and Vein · BP Abdomen Cross Section: Ileocecal Junction Label Quiz Index. Mar 27, From a lateral approach, separation of which two muscles would expose the lateral surface of the femoral bone? .. In adult animals, remnants of the fetal arterial blood supply from the Incomplete occlusion of the cephalic vein during venipuncture allows . mandibular nerve and mandibular lymph node.

femoral artery vein and nerve relationship quiz

This is an Open Access article which permits unrestricted noncommercial use, provided the original work is properly cited. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Central venous cannulation is a commonly performed procedure which facilitates resuscitation, nutritional support, and long-term vascular access.

femoral artery vein and nerve relationship quiz

Mechanical complications most often occur during insertion and are intimately related to the anatomic relationship of the central veins. Working knowledge of surface and deep anatomy minimizes complications. Use of surface anatomic landmarks to orient the deep course of cannulating needle tracts appropriately comprises the crux of complication avoidance. The authors describe use of surface landmarks to facilitate safe placement of internal jugular, subclavian, and femoral venous catheters.

The role of real-time sonography as a safety-enhancing adjunct is reviewed. Internal jugular vein, cannulation, ultrasound, venipuncture Introduction Percutaneous techniques revolutionized vascular cannulation.

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They essentially eliminated the need for open cutdown procedures and the associated wound-related morbidity, but percutaneous techniques left the operating physician exclusively reliant upon the relationships between surface anatomic landmarks and the underlying deep anatomic structures. Working knowledge of surface and deep anatomy minimizes these latter complications. Real-time ultrasound visualization now enhances the safety of internal jugular and femoral venous cannulations.

General considerations Preparation, draping, and sterile technique Central venous cannulation must be performed with scrupulous attention to antisepsis and sterile technique to prevent catheter-related infection, a complication associated with significant morbidity and preventable mortality.

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Chlorhexidine, the most efficacious antiseptic, 56 should be painted over the entirety of exposed cutaneous surfaces. Because surface anatomic landmarks are essential guides to the relevant deep anatomic structures, they must remain clearly exposed after preparation and draping. Outside the prepared procedural field, the patient should be draped from head to toe.

The operator should don hat, mask, gown, and gloves. These techniques have been shown to decrease catheter-related infection. Tibial and Common Fibular Nerve. The specific branches of the Tibial nerve are what? Posterior; Popliteus; Gastrocnemius; Soleus; Plantaris. The tibial nerve supplies 3 additional posterior leg compartment muscles; what are they? The common fibular nerve has what specific branches? Deep and Superficial Fibular.

The cutaneous branches go to the skin web where? Between 1st and 2nd toes. The muscular branches supply what muscles? Fibularis Longus and Fibularis Brevis. The common fibular nerve is exposed to possible injury as it passes around where? Neck of the Fibula. Collateral; to get blood to an area 3 places in the body where anastomoses are lacking; what are they? Common; L4 The common iliac branches into what two branches?

femoral artery vein and nerve relationship quiz

External and Internal The internal iliac supplies what cavity? Inguinal; Femoral The upper border of the Femoral Triangle is what? Fascia Lata The floor of the femoral triangle is made up of what four muscles?

Femoral triangle

Adductor Canal From lateral to medial; what are the components of the femoral triangle? Give some muscle examples. What are the four parts to the cruciate anastomsis? What muscles are supplied by the medial femoral circumflex artery?

Adductors; obturator externus; acetabulum; head of the femur.