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Gary Valenciano completes The Buzz's Tough Ten questions and With Angelika [Pangilinan, his wife and manager] pregnant, sinabi ko sa kanya Next question was, "If Martin would come up to Gary and ask for some advice, what advice . Sharon Cuneta reveals important detail about relationship with. Edgardo Jose "Gary" Santiago Valenciano (born 6 August ), also known as Gary V. and . Valenciano is married to María Anna Elizabeth "Angeli" Pangilinan, with whom he has three . "Guide | animesost.info - Philippine Entertainment Portal". Gary V. Endorses Diabetamil as a Supplement for Diabetics. Posted by One advice to diabetics is to eat small meals but more frequent.

There are a lot of things that God wants to do. God's plans only good and not to harm you. That's forever going to be my advice for him. I hope that he can come to me and say, 'Bro, you were right. He asked, "Gary, this is answerable by a 'Yes' or 'No'. Are you better than Martin Nievera? Martin does things I can probably learn pa. Iba ang pinagdaanan niya sa buhay sa pinagdaanan ko. So, ang expression niya whenever he sings his ballads, e, siya lang ang makakapag-express ng ganoon.

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After another long pause, a distant-looking Gary answered, "Dumating ang panahon na there was something in my mind na pumasok at imbes na tinabi ko ang ganoong pag-iisip, e, I retained it. It stayed in my mind for a long time and na-affect din ang character ko. Yung nakikita ng tao na nakangiti ako, e, pag-uwi ko parang iba akong tao. Hindi naman masamang tao, e.


Pero with her I would be very vocal. Grabe ako magalit at parang inaano ko siya palagi. But we dealt with this and I came to her and said what was on my mind and my heart. So, that's why she's the wife that she is to me because she forgave me and we're together up to now.

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When Boy nodded, he said, "I'd have to say Dawn Zulueta. Respetado ko talaga ang taong 'yan. I won't be afraid to come to her and say that she looks good After seeing the smile on Boy, he shook his head and said, "No, no, no, no! Upon hearing this, Boy laughed so hard.

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And every guy, including myself, e, talagang pag nakita si Pops, e, 'Wow! Alam ko na marami pa akong gagawin para maging ideal na husband. Sasabihin ko siguro sa kanya, e, 'Angeli, I'm truly sorry for those times when I turned my back on you and said words that I shouldn't have said and the way I said it.

I'm sorry if I easily get out of focus. I'm sorry at how I sometimes forget how precious you are. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to talk to Gary about my wife and how I could motivate her to be more conscious of her blood sugar levels and what to do about it.

After Criticizing Duterte's Morals, Gab Valenciano Was Told: Your Father Is Not As Clean Either!

At one point, he told me that he was motivated to measure his blood sugar and inject insulin on his own by his nurse when he was a teenager.

The nurse told her that he needs to be able do it, even though he was very scared because his life would depend on it.

Without the encouragement of this nurse Gary may have not been successful with his life today. Now back to Diabetamil. The organizers of the launch gave us samples and I had my wife try it and let me know what she thinks about.

I need to know from her if it works for if I was going to recommend it to you. The good news is that she likes the Diabetamil cookies! She eats them in the middle of the night when she gets hungry. It has a low glucose index which is perfect for a midnight snack. She has not tried the drink yet but will update this blog post when she does.

To be transparent, its not that cheap.