Farah khan and zoya akhtar relationship quotes

Farah Khan and Farhan Akhtar talk about allegations against Sajid khan

farah khan and zoya akhtar relationship quotes

Farhan and Zoya Akhtar are cousins of Sajid and Farah Khan.: Did you know Tina Ambani is related to Anil Kapoor's family?. With her leg in a cast, Farah Khan has been sharing photos of celeb guests who have been visiting her. Farah hosted filmmaker Zoya Akhtar, Shah Rukh Khan's wife Gauri Khan, . Couple of the Century! . Lebanon, New Jersey Drivers Are Stunned By This New RuleEverQuote Insurance Quotes. Undo. It was an unusual childhood: Each couple, includ-ing my parents, would . In the meantime, the very married writer Javed Akhtar who lost his own Jan Nisar, an Urdu poet of ghazals and nazms (rhymed and prose style poems), Khan and is the mother of film-makers Sajid Khan and Farah Khan, the.

Despite this, he noted that he did not mean to be a "torchbearer of the remake brigade" and did not feel comfortable with being credited for the trend of remakes in the film industry.

Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama said Akhtar had "climbed the ladder as far as craftsmanship is concerned [every frame is well decorated and makes a spellbinding impact] but despite a readymade classic at his disposal, the storyteller just doesn't get it right this time. The music for the film was composed by Vishal-Shekharmarking their first collaboration with him.

The story of the film revolved around six couples who went to Goa on a honeymoon. Dealing with a family's attitude towards a person suffering from HIV-AIDSthe film was shot in Mumbai and aimed at creating awareness about the problem. It also introduced Arjun Mathur in the film industry.

farah khan and zoya akhtar relationship quotes

Speaking about the purpose of the project, Akhtar stated that "Just as a social stigma, many people believe that an HIV patient should be isolated. They also have certain misconceptions about dealing with the disease.

And since India has a lot of joint families, it becomes very important for them to understand the value of support to the person who has acquired this disease.

This is exactly what Positive talks about. He wrote the dialogues and produced the venture. It was described as a "washout" by trade analysts. It marked his return to direction after a gap of nearly 5 years. His decision of making a sequel was explained by him in an interview: With Don 2 I could finally make an action thriller the way I wanted to. Good story, classic action and simple plot which has one goal and work towards it effectively and dramatically.

The Answer Lies Within. The film was directed by Abhishek Kapoor.

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The role played by him was that of Aditya, lead singer of the rock band "Magik". He sang five songs for the soundtrack album.

Gaurav Malani of The Economic Times wrote that the film seemed to be "clearly designed by Farhan Akhar as his own acting debut and he doesn't let himself down. Lending voice to all his songs helps him to get into his character with effortless ease. One could certainly overlook the lisp in his dialogue delivery. However, it did not create an impact at the box office and turned out to be an "average" grosser.

The process of putting a film together, and working with the cast and crew, felt good. When did you write DCH? I guess that happened when I was working in the ad world for three years as an assistant director. The experience of working as an assistant director, and the whole discipline of writing got instilled in my system. Both your parents, Javed Akhtar and Honey Irani, are writers. Was writing never your first choice?

In all honesty, direction happened due to a selfish need to not give away my DCH script. Initially, it started off more as a writing exercise for me. I worked with Adi Pocha writer-filmmakerand he put the concept of writing in my head. It was interesting to write ad films and scripts for TV shows before I moved on to writing a feature film. That helped me grow as a writer, and I also found out how long I could sit in front of a computer and see something through.

As part of that exercise, I started writing DCH. You grew up watching and discussing films with Zoya Akhtar sister-directorFarah Khan cousin-director and Sajid Khan cousin-director.

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But your style of filmmaking is completely different… Although we have shared many things in life, somewhere, your way of telling a story becomes different. You give the same scene to Zoya, Sajid, Farah and me, and we will all make it differently.

No two people will tell a story the same way. PTI You grew up among creative people at home. Since we Farhan and his sister, Zoya were very young [at that time], I was unaware of what exactly my dad and Salim uncle Khan did.

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So, we had an idea of what they did. For us, I think that [aspect] kept the excitement about the film world alive. Your cousins, Farah Khan and Sajid Khan, have told us that the four of you including Zoya would watch Hindi films, mimic the actors and discuss them… Yes, constantly.

The American show Farhan wants to remake Do you think that helped you all, maybe subconsciously, shape your craft in some way?

Doing that would always challenge our creativity on some level, even when we would re-enact certain scenes.

farah khan and zoya akhtar relationship quotes

It was almost like an exercise. It was playful and fun, but I still remember everything from that time. It was always childish — role playing and other crazy stuff. I guess it must have helped all of us.

farah khan and zoya akhtar relationship quotes

If nothing else, because of that, the four of us went on to become directors. It maintained our love for movies from a very young age.

Farhan Akhtar: I directed Dil Chahta Hai due to a selfish need

But here, everyone was encouraging each other. I need to be alone, for sure. At least during the writing process. But beyond that, I feel it also depends a lot on the nature of the movie.