Fang and lightning relationship goals

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fang and lightning relationship goals

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Fang appears alongside Vanille in Serah Farron's dreamworld. . down the l'Cie herself, but does not divulge her connection to Vanille. In my last article on the pair, I said that I don't consider Fang/ Vanille shipping Fang and Vanille are a couple. .. What purpose does it serve?. Fang & Lightning: Photo Final Fantasy, Lightning, Lightning Storms, Zippers. Visit selfie romantic Relationship Goals Pictures, Couple Relationship, Cute.

The Xbox port wasn't too hot either, running at a resolution barely above Standard Definition, missing several graphical effects, suffering from noticeably degraded FMV quality, and also being prone to texture pop-in and noticeably longer loading times. The ports of XIII-2 and Lightning Returns, on the other hand, were virtually on-par with the PS3 versions in terms of graphics quality with only the FMV quality issues remaining, which was unavoidable due to the using DVDs instead of Blu-Ray discsstrengthening suspicions that the port of this game was a rush-job.

The Hope and Lightning Ship Tease is not very subtle and is sweet in some ways Add in that "Nora" is the Greek word for "Light", and suddenly the squick of a potential romance with them hits. This is one of the handful of post-NES Final Fantasy games you can't load up your favorite characters with overpowered spells and weapons and blast through the game easily after a bit of Level Grinding.

The usual Absurdly High Level Cap is avoided, with a cap on the Crystarium throughout the game that gets raised a bit higher at set points. This puts a limit on how strong your party can be at a given point, and even once you're allowed to begin training the party in all six roles, some are clearly better than others at set roles, and no one character is the best at everything.

All in all, the game forces you to plan out your Paradigms, observe the flow of battle and switch Paradigms to react to enemy behavior, and know each party member's strengths and how to use them best.

>Lightning is awesome. I just wish she was wearing pants.

The Paradigm battle system requires you to pick three of the characters as your active party, set up combinations of their skills the Paradigmsand then switch back and forth between Paradigms during battle. This rewards planning during the set-up, and quick reactions during battle. You don't gain access to the full system until the end of Chapter Ten.

Before then the game keeps on splitting the party into pairs for story reasons, which means you don't get access to their full range of skills, and when they finally start coming together, the game picks the active party for you.

Luckily there is still a lot of gameplay after Chapter Ten. Barthandelus' Destrudo in his first battle. Unless you shore up your defenses usually not enough at worst, barely enough at best or unload enough damage on him to weaken his attack which you can do several timesit can easily lead to a Total Party Kill. Orphan has three; two in the first form and one in the second. Merciless Judgement can't kill, but it will knock you down to critical HP, is a cutscene-esque attack that you can't change Paradigms in the middle of, and he starts the fight with it.

Progenitoral Wrath is an instant death attack with a high success rate, so god help you if you have a Sentinel as your party leader.

Temporal Hole resets the chain gauge; and that form can't be damaged unless it is staggered. And you're on a time limit. Bay and Roar from the oretoises and Screech from the ochus.

Not only are they extremely powerful and quick and remove buffs, but the former ones also Daze the entire party, preventing the player from moving until cured or struck. The former can only be done with items and Esuna, which only target one character, and the latter is a death sentence since Daze also increases the damage of the next hit. Barthandelus is quite a formidable opponent, particularly in his first and second incarnations.

He has loads of HP and enjoys dropping a Doom timer on your party leader, so your damage had better be top notch. The battle with Cid Raines is a very difficult one at the time the player is required to fight him, since he's more than capable of taking out any unprepared player in one swoop, and can apparently cast Doom if the player takes too long to defeat him, ouch!

However this can be a Curb-Stomp Battle with the right set up, get him to stagger point and unleash Odin on him, the battle can be over in as little as four minutes, and just for comparison the expected time for the battle?

Each player seems to find at least one Eidolon battle to be a pain in the ass. Key words being "at least. He has the highest HP of any non-optional boss, causes tons of negative status effects, and has an attack that will always leave each of your non-Sentinel characters with less than HP, unless your characters are poisoned, in which case they'll be dead before the attack animation is even finished.

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If you don't, have fun with that. Another potentially frustrating sidequest is getting the Treasure Hunter Trophy, which involves getting every weapon and accessory in the game thankfully not all at once, just owning each one at some point in the playthrough is enough.

fang and lightning relationship goals

Especially since Light probably has to sleep on the Ark, and Hope would be right there. Screw it, the idea amuses me. I never felt this way about any other fandom. I really, really wanted there to be something to add here to elabourate on the previous article.

Fang is at least a lesbian, and probably flirted with Light regardless of intent. I did like how Fang and Light teamed up. Look at how focused and determined they are. A lot of people have said that maybe Light just needs a friend, and Fang comes through in that role. You could argue for a Napoleon relationship here. When under threat, with your survival depending on each other, and emotions running high, a bond is getting forged. Maybe she decides to make up for lost time. I completed my in-depth analysis on themes of sexual identity in a non-Western narrative.

fang and lightning relationship goals

Look at how Bhunivelze alters Lightning, and how he grooms her to be a goddess at his side. The lengths to which Lightning is being controlled, along with her struggle between letting it happen or breaking free, is a large part of the story.

Lightning exists because someone had to raise Serah, without that need Claire would have never created her. When she does act purely of her own accord, it comes at the end of her journey, and shortly after she re-integrates Claire Farron into her self.

To conclude, there is a disturbing lack of Lanille on Tumblr. Step up your game, shippers. Hell, it ends with them on Earth.

Oerba Yun Fang

Lightning ends the fantasy world. Another interpretation of the ending is that the fantasy, really was just that. The entire universe ultimately revolved around a small group of people, and a lot of time was spent on them working their interpersonal and internal issues out, as well as fighting gods.

That sounds like a tabletop RPG to me.

I'm Afraid To Move - Fang x Lightning

Maybe Claire was DMing the whole thing, or leading the party through a campaign. The end has Light reconnecting with Claire, what if that was Claire disengaging from the fantasy world? Another fantasy, though certainly not the last in this case. Sazh comes over and visits. I would pay good money for DLC that was nothing but the cast getting together over coffee and shooting the shit. How does that play out? How are Serah and Snow are doing, especially now that Light accepts their marriage?

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Now that the world-ending threats have passed, what challenges are they finding? How are they doing on Earth? Is it easy to stay connected?

Which country did they each decide to live in, and why? Is existence low key, or are they still finding trouble? They all needed each other to change themselves. It was nothing but a couple hundred pages of what happened during those first thirteen days after Fang and Vanille woke up.

A realistic expectation for an unrealistic hope. For some reason in the summer of I decided to play through again. I guess that my feeling at the time was that it was a pretty good game, I wanted an RPG, and I wanted to run through it now that I knew how the weapon upgrading system worked mostly…. I loved the hell out of it. How I feel during a depression cycle. Also too cute not to link I had never been big into fandoms, nor had I ever actually read fanfiction before.

fang and lightning relationship goals

Best twenty bucks I ever spent. But perfect is never beautiful. It taught me about healthy friendships and relationships. I love it not in spite of its flaws, but the package as a whole. Even if the sequels never fully understood the magic of the original. If the Order gave it to her, then why is it designed so differently from the rest of their gear?

It seems to play no role in anything, so why would they give it to her? What purpose does it serve? Why does it have horns?! Why does she have the rest of her clothing at the end, but not the hat? Is it not a part of her? Did Bhunivelze remove it when he took her soul? If they gave it to her to cover up her hair, as some sorta religious thing, then why is it translucent?

fang and lightning relationship goals

Did Vanille decide to wear it? Why is she the only returning character with only a partial wardrobe change? Did she just decide to wear it around that one day?