Ergo proxy re and vincent relationship test

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ergo proxy re and vincent relationship test

Re-L has not returned Vincent Law's expressions of love but she has Only a subsequent season could develop this relationship into a. Main Characters Vincent Law / Ergo ProxyVincent Law is one of the main characters Re-L Mayer to uncover his past and his relationship to the titular Ergo Proxy. .. with dying and even seems cheerful Vince defeated him in the quiz match. Re-L Mayer is one of the main characters of Ergo Proxy. She eventually joins Vincent Law and Pino on their quest for answers. Relationships Edit Someone Like You (Ophelia) · Nightmare Quiz Show (Who Wants to Be in Jeopardy!).

In the first episodeVincent is shown filming an escaping AutoReiv infected with the Cogito virus, either a woman or Entourage model companion, in hopes of capturing it. The AutoReiv escapes him. For his mistake, Petro Seller, his boss, gives him additional jobs, one of which is to verify if Pinoa companion AutoReiv, was infected with Cogito. Subsequently, Re-l Mayer watches the video of the escaping AutoReiv and examines Vincent's record of the hippocampus file for the memories, allowing them to discover the "Escape Route" that all infected AutoReivs take.

She is also assigned to be present at his "audience", at which she advises him to throw away his pendant, which she says "reeks of Mosk. Later the same day, Re-L is attacked in her bathroom by strange monster.

Ergo Proxy - Monad and Vincent

Vincent is found unconscious near the scene of the crime. Vincent is arrested by the Security Bureau under the suspicion that he was the stalker who attacked Re-l. Later, he is pursued by Monad in the mall. Arriving at a locked door, Monad tries to approach him gently so that he realizes that she won't harm him.

However, Vincent is pushed to his mental limit, takes his Proxy form, and kills Monad. He then wakes up in a train without any memory of the event. Back at the AutoReiv facility, he finds out that his entourage, Dorothy, had been murdered, and he flees the scene.

ergo proxy re and vincent relationship test

The Unit subsequently accuses him of killing Dorothy. Realizing that he could no longer stay in Romdohe tries to find a way to escape the city. While being pursued by the Security Bureau, he meets Pinoan AutoReiv infected by the Cogito virus, and she is able to lead him to his escape.

Re-l studies the remains of her bathroom and finds the pendant belonging to Vincent which actually belongs to Monad in the debris, by which she connects the monster and Vincent. Through a series of calls, Re-l is able to contact Vincent and follow him in his escape from Romdo, but when the Security Bureau arrives, Vincent believes she betrayed him.

Pino opens a large mechanical door to the outside world, and Vincent was sucked outside despite Re-l's efforts.

ergo proxy re and vincent relationship test

Though Re-l tried to convince Vincent to return to Romdo, he realized that he would never fit in. Vincent was able to survive the descent likely by transformation into Proxy form but suffers a fever when he first encounters the atmosphere of the outside.

He is taken care of by Hoodythe head of the Communewho watches over him for ten days until he recovered from the virus. Upon awakening, Vincent is surprised to discover a community that existed outside Romdo. The Commune is made up of about a dozen people, most of whom were elderly, except Quinn, a young single mother and her child, Timothy. Re-l later tries to bring Vincent back by convincing Daedalus to let her command a craft that would be able to leave Romdo.

Upon going outside, Re-l is struck by the virus; however, because she lacks the immune system of a Proxy, there was little hope for her survival.

They kill Timothy and other members of the Commune; meanwhile, Vincent takes his proxy form and thus appears as Ergo again.

Vincent Law

Quinn plans to take the survivors out of the Commune in ''the Rabbit", a wind ship that was previously hidden by Hoody in an attempt to maintain status in the commune.

Because of Timothy's death, Quinn is said to be in an "unstable" state, and it is implied that her desire to leave the Commune is supplanted by a thirst for vengeance against Romdo and Re-l.

She 'negotiates' with Vincent to give him the last dose of the vaccine " but she has no vaccine " to save the life of Re-l. Hoody suspects her trickery and warns Vincent. Quinn, Vincent, Pino, and the other surviving members manage to distract their pursuers for long enough so that they can escape.

Ergo Proxy / Characters - TV Tropes

Meanwhile, Hoody masquerading as Vincent takes Re-l back to Romdo, where he is killed and Re-L receives medical treatment.

Raul Creedthe chief of security, is furious that he was led by Daedalus to believe that Hoody was Vincent and is infuriated by the actions of Vincent, who has now stolen through the devastated wildlands, attempting to get back to Mosk.

Re-l decides to pursue Vincent to get the answers she is looking for. Vincent and Pino are captured by soldiers that are fighting infected AutoReivs in Charos. It is revealed that the proxy of Charos, Senexheard the pulse of the awakening and decided to decimate Charos along with her partner, Kazkisthe proxy of Asura.

Vincent as Ergo Proxy kills Senex but is unaware of his actions. He is taken to Asura by Kazkis, who attempts to get him to face reality and remember his past. As Ergo Proxy, he kills Kazkis. Later on he awakens in a bookstore, where he meets a man who tells him more about his true nature.

In the next two episodes, Vincent faces off with and defeats two more proxies, an unnamed shapeshifting proxy and MCQ.

ergo proxy re and vincent relationship test

But, in moments of danger Vincent is able to gather the courage to defend his friends using his impressive Gun Fu. When it is finally revealed that Vincent is a Proxy he gets upgraded to full Action Guy. Do NOT mess with Pino. Power Makes Your Voice Deep: Has a deeper voice when in Proxy form. Protagonist Without a Past: Vincent has no memories from his past life in Mosk.

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Often, typically as Ergo Proxy. The middle section of the series focuses on Vincent regaining his lost memories by traveling to the Mosk Dome. Really Years Old: Ergo Proxy was responsible for the creation of the Romdeau dome, making him roughly a thousand years old.

ergo proxy re and vincent relationship test

During the finale it is implied that Vincent had finally come to terms with his past and was able to merge his powers as Ergo Proxy with the personality of Vincent Law. What has been divided, must become one. He's set up by Proxy One for a series of murders in Romdeau, leading to his exile.

Vincent decides to continue to live in the world after the re-population of the earth, despite the fact that Proxies are now no longer useful and will be killed when exposed to sunlight.

However, as a proxy created by Proxy One to withstand the weakness of UV light, he has no real way to die as a result of the sunlight. Stalker with a Crush: During the second episode the Intelligence Bureau attempts to convince Re-L that she was attacked by a stalker rather than a "monster".

The investigators further try to guide her into placing the blame on the poor immigrant Vincent Law. By episode three it's revealed that is was in fact Vincent who was stalking her in the form of Ergo Proxy.

Vincent is indirectly responsible for getting the entire population of The Commune killed. Took a Level in Badass: Turned Against Their Masters: Implied in the series finale.

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Vincent, having finally reconciled between his split personalities, watches as the source of most of his misery, The Creators, return to Earth. The look on his face says it all: Where to even begin? Not only is he actually a proxy, but he's not even an original proxy.

ergo proxy re and vincent relationship test

He was also created by Proxy One in his own image to create Romdeau out of spite for the creators. Vincent himself is an entirely separate persona made by Ergo Proxy as a means to forget his true nature and live in peace. Oh, and the proxy he killed in the very first episode in Re-L's apartment? Monad Proxy, who he was originally in love with prior to the Pulse of the Awakening.

What the Hell, Hero? Can do some rather questionable things as Ergo Proxy, though often they are justified. One night after leaving an ongoing investigation she is confronted by a "monster" in her apartment. After this event she is caught in a net of conspiracies around the Cogito Virus, the Domed Cities and the mysterious "Proxies". While investigating she joins with the exiled Vincent Law and self aware Auto Reiv Pino to expose the truth.

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