Eobard thawne and eddie relationship test

eobard thawne and eddie relationship test

The Flash is an American television series developed by writer-producers Greg Berlanti, .. However, Eddie kills himself to prevent Reverse-Flash from being born. Iris reconsiders a relationship with Barry after he breaks up with Patty, and . the defeat of Norvak, Caitlin tells Joe West of this theory and plans to test it out. Joe tells Eddie no. Eddie decides to go along with the marriage proposal anyway , and he's so close to asking her when the Reverse-Flash. Eobard Thawne was a brilliant scientist born in the 25th century, where Barry Allen's At this same moment, the Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom) was watching this and .. He first tested this on Doug's friend, proving his "theory" worked. During his time as Harrison Wells, he creates relationships with Dr. Tina McGee.

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eobard thawne and eddie relationship test

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eobard thawne and eddie relationship test

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eobard thawne and eddie relationship test

He spends most of the first season of The Flash impersonating the real Harrison Wells, with Tom Cavanagh playing the role; his real form only appears twice in the first season. This version of him had not yet traveled back in time to kill Nora Allen, protecting him from the Ret Gone he suffered at the end of Season One.

He finally gets what's coming to him in the Season One finale of The Flash, when Eddie kills himself to prevent Eobard from ever being born. But in Season Three, he returns from being erased from existence thanks to Flashpoint. It doesn't last, much to the other characters' bewilderment and frustration. As his bond and affection for Team Flash grows he becomes less ruthless. Despite this, he doesn't care about them enough to let them stop him.

He won't hesitate to kill anyone who could possibly ruin his plans — and that includes anyone who could expose his secret identity like a certain reporter, or Cisco as shown in another timeline. This is especially pronounced when we see more of him before he disguised himself; he doesn't care for anyone and is more quick-tempered. His attitude towards Barry changes over time; younger Thawne hates Barry with a passion for the pettiest of reasons. But during his time as Wells he actually develops affection for Barry much to his chagrin, and if his Video Will is anything to go by seems to have realized how petty he's been assuming he isn't lying of course.

The post-Flashpoint Eobard Thawne's personality is a fair bit different to that of his younger self. Rather than being obsessed with being better than Barry and making his life a living hell, he instead causes havoc throughout history and creating numerous time aberrations.

Granted, this is all part of his plan to survive, as his end goal is to acquire the Spear of Destiny, and without it he will be caught by the Black Flash and erased from existence. When prodding Barry about his past, or giving him pointers about his speed, he has a habit of taking off his glasses.

Word of God says Tom Cavangh improvised this. He also tends to hint that he's from the future, and he's the Reverse-Flash in ways that only the audience can pick up. He spends a lot of time holding random objects a flask, pens, other stuff he briefly picks up and fidgeting with them, especially when he's thinking or engaged in conversation.

Barry compares him to one, accusing him of using people as pawns. Later episodes show him playing chess. Hartley even compares the battle between him and Thawne's crew to a chess game. He wears a backwards version of Barry's, with a black circle instead of white or red and a dark red lightning bolt instead of a gold one.

Averted big-time; he vibrates his face and vocal chords just like Barry, and the blazing red eyes don't hurt, either.

While he embraces the moniker of the Reverse-Flash, not once is he ever called Professor Zoom. Commuting on a Bus: Post-Season One, Thawne continues having a scattering of on-off appearances either as his original self or in his Harrison Wells guise, save for Legends of Tomorrow Season Two where he was also a series regular. He convinces Plastique to kill General Eiling, since he'll never stop hunting her or others like her to use them as weapons.

He also made Grodd quite a manipulative gorilla. Being Thawne, he comes from the future and thus has the requisite historical and scientific knowledge, but also shares traits of Zolomon during the Wells gimmick, such as the use of a wheelchair though Zolomon really was crippledbeing introduced as a friend who the Flash works with, and being clearly faster than him.

Both had obsessions with the Flash; Thawne was a fanboy obsessed with making Barry go faster, while Zolomon was obsessed with "making The Flash a better hero. His Harrison Wells disguise serves as this to the S. Labs founder, as well as to a character named Dr. Wells who appeared in the tie-in novel for The Flash who was also a wheelchair-bound villain wearing a yellow-red-black suit.

He might also be one to another Dr. Wells from Super Friendswho was also associated with time travel. It's later revealed that another character, going by the name Blitzkrieg, preceded Thawne as the resident Earth-X speedster. R Labs, and then intentionally designed the Particle Accelator to explode while also firing and ejecting Hartley before he could stop it. He plays with the trope after taking back S. Justified since he's a time traveler. He was well aware that Team Flash would begin to suspect him a being the Big Badso he has been monitoring them all since day one.

When he finds out that they made a trap for him, he outsmarted them and escaped. Create Your Own Hero: He travels to the pasttrying to kill Barry as a child. This potentially creates a future in which Barry never becomes The Flash. Since Thawne only got his powers as a result of obsessing over The Flash, this negates his own powers, preventing him from travelling back to his own time.

Eobard Thawne (New Earth)

So in order for him to get home, he tracks down the man responsible for giving the Flash his powers, kills and replaces himcreates the device that will give the Flash said powers much sooner, and finally, trains him personally until he's fast enough to get him home. Once it's done, he'll presumably just kill him. In "Doomworld", after managing to destroy the Spear of Destiny, thus one-upping both the Legends and the Legion, Thawne decides not to kill all of them — he wants the Legends to suffer knowing that they couldn't save the world and that nobody will believe them if they tell their stories, as well as a reminder to the Legion members to never cross him again because he can easily kill them all.

Both of his first two fights with the Flash go very heavily in his own favor and leave Barry badly shaken. The next episode, the opener has Barry say: D-G Dark Is Evil: He wears an all-black outfit in his everyday life and is usually seen lurking from the shadows. As "Wells", the frames of his specs are also black. Even his yellow suit has black highlights and leggings. Even though his ancestor Eddie kills himself, erasing Eobard from all existencehe still manages to return in Season Two of The Flash.

He has become a time remnant that's preserved by the Speed Force, where a younger version of Thawne portrayed by Matt Lettscher arrives from travelling back in time. He outright defies it in "Flashpoint" and Legends of Tomorrow Season Two, where his endgame is to avoid his non-existence, though supposedly played straight by the end of that season when the Black Flash eliminates him for good. He leaves a recorded video message for Barry in the event of his death, during which he gives Barry what he wants and confesses to murdering Nora Allen.

It's also possible that he pulled a Thanatos Gambit in telling Barry that he'd never be happy even with this, which pushes Barry to go back to the night his mother was murdered, stop Thawne from killing him, and hence restoring Thawne to the timeline. He occasionally throws in a snide remark.

Or is it humanitarian? I can never remember which one you're pretending to be, Simon. Wells, I doubt restraint is how you got to be the man you are today. Lack of restraint is what made me these things. Right down to a genetic level of the real, long-deceased by his hands Harrison Wells.

After his first Ret Goneseveral elements of his comic book self were transferred to other characters. His New 52 incarnation had a past that included witnessing the slaying of his mother at his father's hand. This is transferred into Earth-2 Hunter Zolomon's backstory. Clariss even dies in roughly the same way Thawne did in the comics; getting struck fatally from behind by one of the Flash's allies. His murder of Iris in a possible future is given to Savitar.

Defiant to the End: Mocks Barry before he completely disintegrates. Averted the second time. He is clearly working for the New Reichsmen for his own gain, however, and abandons them when they begin losing the final battle. Didn't See That Coming: Much to his chagrin, he actually developed affection towards Cisco and Caitlin as well as Barry, to an extent.

Didn't Think This Through: He wanted to go back to the future so he essentially rewrote the timeline by making Barry the Flash roughly seven years earlier.

Arrowverse: Eobard Thawne / Characters - TV Tropes

It doesn't occur to him that by doing so the future he left, may not be the same if he ever gets back there. He doesn't really care. His plan was for Barry to save his mom which would've restored the timeline. Make no mistake, he revels in beating down the Flash whenever he can. He's also petrified by the prospect of being caught by Time Wraiths, and he is quick to flee whenever the Black Flash comes too close.

In the Season One finale, the sight of the helmet that belonged to Hunter Zolomon coincidentally the Black Flash's old human form is enough to make him try to escape into the future. He makes sarcastic jabs at being his own condition of being wheelchair bound, though it's downplayed given that he was pretending he was crippled but his speed is damaged.

Both of his deaths. Through no fault of Barry's, Thawne learned that he was supposedly destined to be the Flash's worst enemy. Thawne's response was to hound Barry throughout history, repeatedly try to kill him, going so far as to travel back in time to try to kill Barry as a child and murder his mother when he fails to kill Barry.

eobard thawne and eddie relationship test

Thawne is absolutely disdainful of Eddie for not being as successful or influential as the other members of their family. Notice how eerily calm he is during Barry's first test run; while Cisco and Caitlin are astonished, Thawne is simply cool and collected. Does Not Like Guns: It turns out, however, that he has a sort of Godzilla Threshold in this respect- he has a modern semi-auto handgun that he, somewhat reluctantly, keeps in his hidey-hole. He was planning on using it to kill Firestorm, before Ronnie goes nuclear and blows up in nuclear reaction, until he decides to Pet the Dog and use the tachyon device to whip up a quantum fissure instead.

Despite being Barry's most personal enemy he's ultimately defeated by those he considered unimportant — his ancestor Eddie the first time and the Legends during the second time.

Thawne's biblical vendetta against the Flash boils down to him not being able to become a beloved hero like him. Drunk on the Dark Side: When he's out of the suit he's calm and collected, but as soon as he put it he becomes a completely different person. Due to the Dead: He's able to recall the name of everyone who died because of the Particle Accelerator explosion. Although they call him out on it, the rest of Team Flash are pretty quick to forgive him for using Girder as bait against Blackout and for letting the Particle Accelerator go online despite knowing it might fail.

Subverted when they realize he's the Reverse-Flash and they stop being so forgiving. Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He does genuinely care about Cisco and presumably the rest of Team Flash but he's still willing to kill them if it supports his goals. Played straight as there are people in the future he cares about which is why he's so desperate to get back. Even Evil Has Standards: He appears to be genuinely interested in making sure that the Flash stops whatever "crisis" happens in He freaks out when Barry's powers go away in "Power Outage" and his records of the future change to show that the crisis is still going on and there's no mention of The Flash anywhere.

eobard thawne and eddie relationship test

Clearly, whatever this is something so bad that even he doesn't want it to happen. Given the reveal that Thawne wants to use Barry's speed to return home, it may mean he was worried about being stuck in the past forever. Whatever his plans may be, he considers saving Central City from an impending nuclear explosion more important When he reveals to Plastique that they can't cure her condition and she's doomed to always be a walking bomb, he at least seems regretful and sympathetic for her.

Even though he uses her later against Eiling, you get the feeling that if he could cure her, he'd do it. He's disgusted with the things General Eiling has done — especially his treatment of Grodd. However, given his own manipulation and poor treatment of the gorilla, this may be a case of Moral Myopia.

In Season Two of Legends of Tomorrow, Thawne tells Ray that there were many monsters in history that were far worse than he was.