Enrile and gigi reyes relationship problems

Enrile, his wife Cristina, and his affair with Gigi Reyes

enrile and gigi reyes relationship problems

Suspended senator Juan Ponce Enrile and his ex-chief of staff Gigi Reyes had Senator Lito Lapid wants the Senate to conduct a probe into the problems of PNR and rumored paramour who was recently indicted for plunder in connection. Enrile is and will soon be not only a prisoner of Gigi Reyes' love but a of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile in relation to the PDAF scam today. Enrile-Gigi relationship surfaces in Senate probe Tuason also told Cayetano she knew that Reyes lives in La Vista, but that she had never.

That is what I wanted to get married to, a man with brains," Cristina told Monsod. Cristina recalled how she had to go to Divisoria to make do with the P monthly budget JPE was giving her because he was supposedly saving for a house in the posh Urdaneta Village in Makati City.

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She tolerated these affairs and blamed the girls who threw themselves at him. It was never the case that JPE sought them out, she said. Facebook photo obtained by Rappler But there was one affair that stretched her limits and made her pack her bags and talk to lawyers to seek a divorce. He has had many girls before Gigi but they don't last too long. With Gigi, it lasted long.

Somebody told me that it's not only this time but more years that you don't know. That's what got me I was always having that anxiety. Masamang loob mo palagi," she added.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship problems

It's possibly the first confirmation of the affair, an open secret in political circles for as long as the 90s, but was repeatedly denied by JPE. Monsod asked if she met Gigi Reyes. She continued to say: This story prompted Enrile to make a public statement.

Inhe said: There is no relationship, other than an official and professional one.

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Cristina wanted divorce Cristina left for the US to get a divorce. She sent JPE the papers to sign. But she would return after JPE told her: She just kept quiet, she said. He said Enrile tightly hugged his son for a few minutes before boarding the ambulance that would take him to the PNP General Hospital. Arrest order In a decision dated July 3 but issued only on Friday afternoon, the Third Division ordered the arrests of Enrile, Reyes, alleged pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles, her nephew Ronald John Lim and her driver-bodyguard John Raymund de Asis on plunder charges brought against them by the Ombudsman on June 6.

Bawal ang Pasaway: "It's already a necessity." -Mrs. Enrile on the JPE-Gigi Reyes relationship

This is the third time for the former justice secretary, Senate President and martial law enforcer of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos to be arrested. See What Went Before. Before leaving for Camp Crame, Enrile rolled down the window of a white Chevrolet Suburban to greet reporters outside his home at Morado Street.

He did not issue a statement. His son and daughter followed him in another car, De la Cruz said on radio dzMM. We thought it was going to come next week. His marriage of 55 years has borne two adult children linked to past controversies, while her marriage, known to have ended, has produced 3 kids, none of whom have been publicly controversial. He values her loyalty, for sure, as well as her professional competence.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship problems

There is no relationship, other than an official and professional one. Reyes was also among the respondents named in the complaint filed by the justice department before the Office of the Ombudsman on September It signalled that Reyes was going to be left hung to dry.

Among her contemporaries in the early s was student activist Lean Alejandro who was vice chair of the UP student council. Alejandro would later be ambushed and killed.

Enrile on Gigi Reyes: I trust her, I want her back

The 80s was marked by student unrest fueled by the assassination of opposition leader Benigno Aquino Jr in and the earlier sham presidential elections of Student leaders influenced by polarized ideologies of national democracy NatDem and social democracy SocDem organized rallies that condemned the Marcos dictatorship and the pseudo lifting of Martial Law. As a student leader, Reyes was not a firebrand.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship problems

Aligned with the student group Samasa, they engaged in nasty polemical exchanges with their rival Tugon, which was associated with the SocDems.