Elizabeth and booker relationship

elizabeth and booker relationship

Before you found out that Booker was Elizabeth's father, did anybody hoped Their whole relationship reminded me of Flynn and Rapunzel's. Buried in debt, Dewitt is hired to find Elizabeth, who has been held in a tower It is that relationship between captor and captive, the flight from. Elizabeth Colmstock is actually Anna, Booker's daughter. However, we don't find that out (conclusively) until the last few minutes of the game.

They do so by controlling Songbird, but when Songbird turns on them, Elizabeth transports them to the underwater city of Rapturewhere Songbird is destroyed by the outside water pressure.

elizabeth and booker relationship

Elizabeth guides Booker to the bathysphere lighthouse, revealing she can now see all possibilities based on choice as evidenced by an infinite number of lighthouses they can see.

Elizabeth explains the nature of choice to Booker, revealing that Booker and Comstock are the same person: Elizabeth reveals she is also Booker's daughter, Anna DeWitt, whom Booker had sold to the Lutece twins to pay off gambling debts. They in turn were working for Comstock, who needed a blood heir for Columbia, having been rendered sterile by the twins' reality-warping experiments.

Booker later had a change of heart and chased down the Luteces as they stepped through a Tear, severing the tip of Elizabeth's finger which gave her the awareness of multiple realities. Elizabeth asserts that there has been an endless cycle of Bookers and Comstocks, and the only way to end this is to destroy the creation of Comstock; she takes Booker to the site of the baptism and drown Booker with the aid of dozens of other Elizabeths from other timelines. The Elizabeths begin to wink out of existence, with the game fading to black on the one throughout the game.

Burial at Sea[ edit ] Main article: Burial at Sea "There were some Columbia ideas we kicked around, but I think we also got to the point where we felt like that was the story that we had just told. We had told it to the extent we wanted to tell it. Elizabeth walking in dressed like Veronica Lake. And I just fixated on that. They trace her whereabouts to a derelict department store, during which Booker suffers flashbacks to his baptism, but unable to explain them.

When they finally find Sally, they find she has been changed into a Little Sister, and Booker suffers more flashbacks, recalling his daughter Anna, before becoming aware of his true nature: In his remorse, this Comstock had the Lutece twins transport him to a reality where neither Booker or Comstock existed.

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Elizabeth makes sure that Comstock is killed by a Big Daddy before she passes out. When she comes to, she finds Atlas has Sally and demands she help them escape the store to return to Rapture in exchange for her. As she sets out to do this, she is guided by visions of Booker, and later learns that she herself had died earlier in Rapture; she made a deal with the Lutece twins to combine all her quantum selves and memories of future time into one mortal body to return to this place at this time to rescue Sally, effectively leaving all alternate versions of herself in their own respective universes.

She struggles with this, and further learns that Dr. Suchong of Rapture had worked with Jeremiah Fink from Columbia to collaborate on technology.

elizabeth and booker relationship

Suchong forces her to briefly return to Columbia via a tear to obtain a Lutece particle that will raise the sunken Rapture building, where she further learns that the Luteces had convinced Daisy Fitzroy to threaten Fink's child to make Elizabeth kill her as to mature her. She returns and amid an attack by Andrew Ryan's men, completes the task.

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Atlas launches his war against Ryan and tortures Elizabeth to try to make her tell him the location of Ryan's "Ace in the Hole". There is a glorious beauty in relationships that offer companionship without any romance. They are also just as valid. Let me direct you to Elementary.

Elementary charts the evolving relationship between a Sherlock Holmes and a female Joan Watson. The creators have said, repeatedly, that the relationship will stay platonic, and as a result the series is an incredible breath of fresh air. It could be romantic, but it's incredibly platonic and very sweet. There are no kisses, some rare hugs, and a lot of calling eachother out on Sherlock's problematic behaviors and Joan's level of deduction Both of which are improving.

Games need more of that. We need to talk to characters without wanting romantic outcomes. NieR has every one of his companions in love with him. Jack and Doctor Tenenbaum are not friends, just allies. Rudy falls in love with Princess Cecilia. The Kingdom Hearts trios are This turns relationships that could be complex one dimensional.

Romantic attachment leads only to an attempt at marriage or sex down the line.

elizabeth and booker relationship

When we view a relationship in only romantic or familial terms, we strip it of any extra nuances, or deny that a love can exist between friends. These extra nuances are what make someone more fleshed out. They are doing this out of love with no expectation of anything back. And, this is happening on both sides. Neither the boy nor the girl expect any sort of romantic repayment or familial devotion.

They are doing it because they have something in common and like each other in such a way all they want is this companionship.