Edith frank and anne relationship

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edith frank and anne relationship

Every one of us knows that Anne and her mom did not get along well. I have come to think why? Although Anne writes extensively about her. During the Second World War, Anne Frank's family went into hiding in the Secret Edith Frank Margot Frank Hermann van Pels Otto Frank Anne Frank Auguste. Edith Frank was Anne Frank's mother and one of the eight people in hiding 'Of course, I was worried about my wife and Anne not having a good relationship.

edith frank and anne relationship

From there, they were deported to Auschwitz concentration camp on 3 Septemberon the last train to be dispatched from Westerbork to Auschwitz. Edith and her daughters were separated from Otto upon arrival, and they never saw him again. On 30 October another selection separated Edith from Anne and Margot. Edith was selected for the gas chambers, and her daughters were transported to Bergen-Belsen. Edith escaped with a friend to another section of the camp, where she remained through the winter.

While here she hid every scrap of food she got and saved it for her daughters. Because she refused to eat any of the food she was saving for her daughters, she died from starvation on 6 Januarythree weeks before the Red Army liberated the camp and 10 days before her 45th birthday. Her daughters outlived her by one month. Nevertheless, Anne's portrait of an unsympathetic and sarcastic mother was duplicated in the dramatizations of the book. Anne's portrayal of her mother was countered by the memories of those who had known her as a modest, distant woman who tried to treat her adolescent children as her equals.

edith frank and anne relationship

Inthe discovery of previously unknown pages excised by Otto showed that Anne had discerned that, although Edith very much loved Otto, Otto — though very devoted to Edith — was not in love with her; and that this understanding was leading Anne to develop a new sense of empathy for her mother's situation. It is certain that they gave each other a great deal of support.

edith frank and anne relationship

All the things a teenager might think of her mother were no longer of any significance. In fact she was on very good terms with her mother at the camp Westerbork later. They hit it off and two months later, on 8 Maythe couple celebrated their civil wedding in Aachen.

Four days later, on Otto's 36th birthday, they had their Jewish wedding in the Aachen synagogue.

edith frank and anne relationship

The couple moved to a new housing estate in Frankfurt am Main, where Margot, their elder daughter, was born on 16 February Anne was born three years later. For Edith, they were happy times: Otto and Edith Frank with their wedding guests, 12 May She spoke nostalgically about their lives in Frankfurt.

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The economic crisis and increasing antisemitism But dark clouds were gathering over Germany: The antisemitism was encouraged by Adolf Hitler, who blamed the Jews for the problems in Germany. His following and influence were growing rapidly. Inthe year that Hitler came to power, Edith and Otto made a difficult decision: The couple found a house on the Merwedeplein in Amsterdam.

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Edith concentrated on running the household, while her husband focused on his new business: Edith, however, had a hard time settling in the Netherlands. The violence of the Kristallnacht Things were not going well from a business perspective either.

edith frank and anne relationship

In a letter to an acquaintance in Buenos Aires, Edith wrote that Otto was investigating the possibility of setting up a business in England. Still, the decision to start selling meat herbs and spices in addition to the pectin, improved the business results. The Nazis destroyed thousands of synagogues and Jewish shops, arrested 30, Jewish men and imprisoned them in concentration camps.

Her brother Julius escaped arrest because he had fought in the German army and been injured in the First World War. However, Edith's other brother, Walter, was arrested and briefly imprisoned in a concentration camp. In the end, both brothers successfully emigrated to the United States via the Netherlands.

Edith Frank

Desperate attempts to emigrate to the United States with the help of Julius and Walter failed. She had been seriously ill for quite some time. In newspaper advertisements, Otto and Edith Frank gave thanks for the expressions of sympathy they had received.

Edith was to stay there for more than two years, with a rebellious Anne and a thoughtful Margot. In the hiding place, Edith and her daughter Anne often clashed. In her diary, Anne did not spare Edith. At the same time, Anne realised that their quarrels were exacerbated by their difficult circumstances. She managed to keep things bearable: However, she truly was an excellent mother, who put her children above all else.

She often complained that Anne would oppose everything she did, but she was comforted to know that Anne trusted in me.