Dogsong characters and relationship

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dogsong characters and relationship

Dogsong Dogsong is a young adult novel by Gary Paulsen and is a Characters Russel Susskit-- A year-old Eskimo who uses his dogs to travel in his . As Gary Paulsen's relationship with the dogs grows, he begins taking the team. Book Review. This book has been reviewed by Focus on the Family's marriage and parenting magazine. Positive Elements. Spiritual Content. Sexual Content. Characters. Russel Susskit Russel is a 14 year old boy, who lives with his father in a government village in Alaska. He is disturbed by the changes to his village.

After seeing Bronagh again and bidding her a final farewell, Conor was able to move on from his grief. After that, he starts expressing a happier attitude. Fionnula Flanagan English and Irish Conor's overbearing mother. Offers Saoirse nettle tea and gooseberry buns, claiming them to be "good for the voice", Saoirse is repulsed just looking at them and Cu spits out a bun after Saoirse feeds it to him.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: As meddling and overbearing she can be, she only has the best interest for the children. Constantly tells her adult son, Conor, that he should let his kids stay with her. Her full name is never revealed. Granny truly thinks she's helping by taking them away from their father and the lighthouse to live in the city which is rife with pollution and urban decay.

But Now I Must Go: In the end, Bronagh had to return to the magical world. Before she left, she bid a farewell to her family.

Does Not Like Shoes: Every appearance has her not wearing any shoes. Had an open and loving one with Conor. Bronagh selkie fell in love with and married Conor human. Conor became an alcoholic to cope and Ben became a jerkass to Saoirse, blaming her for Bronagh's "death". Bronagh is this to both Conor and Ben, though in the latter's case it's a loss of parental love rather than romantic love. She sacrificed herself so that Saoirse could be safely born. Her name means "sorrow" in Gaelic, and while not a sorrowful person by nature, her disappearance caused a lot of sorrow to her family.

Her disappearance is what kicks off the plot.

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Unfortunately, she becomes this permanently by the end of the film, though she does get to say goodbye to her family before joining the other fairies on their journey home. Bronagh was a kind and caring soul to her family. She has hair that reaches to the end of her back. Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Has pale skin and black hair, and is a beauty by any stretch of the imagination.

She's a selkie, being able to turn into a seal at will. Unlike Saoirse, she can still speak since she's never seen without her seal coat. Spell My Name with an "S": In the credits, her name is spelt "Bronach". She's basically what an older Saoirse will look like. Lug, Mossy, and Spud Lug voiced by: Three Daoine Sidhe who encounter Ben and Saoirse when they try to make their way home.

Big, Thin, Short Trio: Mossy is big, Lug is thin and Spud is short. I Have Many Names: They aren't too thrilled about Ben calling them "fairies" and they mention other names their kind are known as the Good Neighbors, the Other Crowd, and of course the Daoine Sidhe which seems to be their proper name. Word of God is they're meant to be a nod to them and modern friendly faeries in general, which is shown through their short heights and green skin.

Notice how much taller and more majestic they become when Saoirse sings her song that sends them home.

Dogsong Characters

Although they do help guide Ben and Saiorse on their journey, they're mainly just meant for comic relief, and to take a break from the main storyline with a little singing.

Spud keeps wanting to sing, and Lug is always reluctant to let him. Jon Kenny English A very old and forgetful fairy whose long hair contains stories relating to the Daoine Sidhe. He directs Ben towards Macha's house so Ben can save Saoirse. And You Were There: He resembles Dan the ferryman and shares the same voice actor.

He doesn't have a very good memory; he keeps trying to remember the words to various Irish songs, he forgets who Ben is once Ben leaves him, and it seems that he'd forgotten his own name until Ben reminded him.

His hair is so long that it spreads out all over the cavern he lives in. Each of these hairs is a story relating to the Daoine Sidhe, though very few of them still grow since so few of his kind are left. He also gives other fictional hair a run for its money including Rapunzel's! Fionnula Flanagan English and Irish The mother of Mac Lir and a witch who can steal the emotions of others — turning them to stone. In-Universeas she points out to Ben when they meet.

Well, now, those stories always paint me as the bad one.

dogsong characters and relationship

But I'm not so terrible, you know. I'm just trying to help everyone. When Ben released her feelings back to her, Macha begs his forgiveness and tells him that she couldn't bear to see her son in such pain. She has owls as minions and she looks rather like an owl herself. Resembles Granny, and shares the same voice actress. This is the first sign that her actions are born of misguided good intentions.

Paulsen transports us to Alaska in Dogsong, a story of a culture changed by outsiders into something unrecognizable to those who knew its glory days. By the time fourtee InGary Paulsen brought his passion for dogsledding to his career as a novelist, and his popularity rose to levels he'd never known in almost two decades of writing.

dogsong characters and relationship

By the time fourteen-year-old Russel Suskitt comes along, the Eskimo way has lain forgotten for generations, held to only by Oogruk, an elderly man who remembers the white missionaries who reformed Eskimo spirituality and culture.

Other young Eskimos are content to lead modern lives, but Russel has the itch for something more than urban comforts imported to his remote village. He consults Oogruk, asking the old man to show him what life was like before.

Oogruk agrees to share what he knows, but warns that he hasn't long before he passes away. Russel must assimilate the dying Eskimo way of life before the last man who lived it is gone. It is the journey. That is what life is. Make it the right way and you will fill it correctly with days. Pay attention to the journey. Russel ties the dogs to Oogruk's sled and drives them away from civilization into the howling snowstorms of Alaska's wilderness.

Wolves, bears, and other predators prowl here without fear of people, and caribou and deer lope across unbroken landscapes of glittery snow, ripe for hunting. It takes Russel time to learn his dogs' subtle signals and earn their trust, to know them so that his mind and theirs are as one, an efficient apparatus for survival.

Crow – By: Barbara Write

Russel has returned to the primitive lifestyle his spirit yearned for before he even knew it's what he needed, yet he senses there's more for him to discover. Russel will make that discovery in one final test of man versus the arctic wilderness, as he confronts the region's most awesome predator and starts down a path toward a future in which he and his dogs won't be alone. Russel's life has truly begun. We learn a lot from what people tell us, but not as much as from watching their lives: You just have to observe it and know the truth about them in your soul.

This is why Russel's father urges him to spend time with Oogruk; Russel isn't happy in the village, and the song of the old man's life can help. Sometimes words lie—but the song is always true. If you listen to Oogruk's words, sometimes they don't make sense.

But if you listen to his song, there is much to learn from Oogruk. Humans like to quantify every commodity they can, but that doesn't work with heartsongs and wisdom.

Because they try to make people out of dogs and in this way they make the dogs dumb.