Do link and zelda have a relationship

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do link and zelda have a relationship

For The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch, I've been waiting so long for them to actually have a relationship and. Mostly because I have a theory that Link DOES end up with Malon in the . as Link X Zelda because of the already formed friendly relationship. Since the name isn't "Romantic Relationship of Link and Zelda", I think the article should I think it should get edited, or combined with Link or Princess Zelda.

Compared to Ocarina of Time, Hyrule is basically post-apocalyptic at times. Breath of the Wild is also heavily implied to take place in the Downfall timeline, pushing the overall situation from bad to worse. The greater implication here, however, is that there are more Zeldas than there are Links. It's a woman's world. He ultimately falls in combat trying to stop Demise, failing to stop him. As he passed on, Hylia vows that she will shed her divinity so she can be reincarnated alongside this proto Link for all eternity.

This is meant to be a basis for the relationship between Link and Zelda in the actual Skyward Sword. Reincarnation is far less complicated than it seems. What this means is that, basically, Zelda gets a surefire reincarnation whereas Link only reincarnates when absolutely necessary.

In a way, it does make sense.

do link and zelda have a relationship

Their Skyward Sword ancestors facing off against him at the origin point of the series causes their souls to be bound to one another. Should the Triforce ever find itself out of balance, it will find a way to bring the three appropriate souls together. After all, Link and Zelda get to meet across time whether they know it or not. In release order, Link and Zelda work together: In a interviewseries producer Eiji Aonuma likened Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf to the three pieces of the Triforce.

With his country-boy origins and large collection of swords, he's basically the high-fantasy equivalent of a redneck who lives in the woods and — unless you count swimming under various Octorok-infested waterfalls while fully clothed — has never once been canonically depicted as taking a shower. And yet, there's no denying that there's a spark between them that goes well beyond friendship or a knight's fealty to his lady. It persists despite the fact that they have even less in common than a blue-collar plumber and a princess who is also somehow a mushroom.

The silent treatment A good relationship is built on communication. For Link and Zelda, though, that's not really the case, as their relationship is more about one character never, ever speaking to the other, while the other fills the silence by carrying on the entire conversation with herself.

Just look at Breath of the Wild, the game that puts more of a focus on the development of Zelda and Link's romance than any other entry in the franchise. In the actual canon of that game, Link isn't just quiet, he literally does not speak to Zelda at all for months, even though they're traveling around a massive kingdom together.

do link and zelda have a relationship

The only reason they even start talking at all — a development that the players themselves never actually get to see — comes when Zelda makes the effort to open up after Link saves her from being assassinated by the members of an evil ninja clan. There's nothing wrong with being there for your partner during the hard times, and it's possible that Link's particular love language is less "words of affirmation" or, you know, words at all and more "stabbing monsters until they die in order to prove his devotion.

Telepathic snooping Aside from the fact that their shipping name is just "Linda," the weirdest quirk of Link and Zelda's romance is that we very rarely actually see them together.

Zelda is almost always the object of an extended series of quests that involve gathering up three of this, seven of that, and enough explosives to level the entire kingdom.

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As a result, they spend a lot of time apart, which really makes it difficult to develop a relationship. There is, however, a workaround that we've seen more than a few times throughout the series.

In games like Breath of the Wild and Link to the Past, Link and Zelda share a telepathic connection through the Triforce, which allows them to communicate no matter how far apart they are. The only problem is that from what we can tell, that communication only ever goes one way. Maybe that's just a result of Link's legendarily taciturn attitude, but it does create an even stranger sort of power imbalance in the relationship than it already had.

If Zelda can just pop up in Link's thoughts whenever she wants — and that always tends to happen at appropriately dramatic moments right after he accomplishes a goal — then that means that she's aware of his actions even though he's not aware of hers. That kind of telepathic snooping is definitely not cool without a conversation regarding boundaries, and conversations aren't exactly the strong point for these two.

do link and zelda have a relationship

Post-traumatic romance While there's always something different in every Zelda gamethey tend to follow the same pattern: Most importantly, though, is the idea that with the exception of a few games like The Adventure of Link, one of the franchise's few direct sequels, Link and Zelda almost always start in very different places.

It's only the crisis that drives the game that brings them together, and even in games like Skyward Sword, where they're childhood friends, it's what provides the groundwork for taking it to the next level and cementing their connection. Unfortunately, as anyone who's seen Speed 2: Cruise Control knows, building a romance around a traumatic situation pretty much dooms it to failure.

The adrenaline high that comes with shooting a Silver Arrow into the very heart of evil might provide the spark of intensity, but once that wears off, you're left with a relationship created in a situation that doesn't really exist anymore.

Usually, that leads to a breakup, but when your fates are bound together by the will of the goddess Hylia, that's, uh, not really an option.

do link and zelda have a relationship

Good luck navigating that one. Link's many and surprisingly fishy loves It pretty much goes without saying that Link and Zelda are the focus of these games.

Link's Love Interests?

He is, after all, the protagonist, and she's the one with her name in the title, so it makes sense that the games would put the spotlight onto their relationship more than anyone else's. One that a lot of people love. Ocarina of Time Yes we are starting with Ocarina of Time.

Does Zelda love Link? Does Link love Zelda? Let's start with the actual game Game Zelda In the game, Zelda treats Link as a friend but mostly as the Hero he is, not really someone she's in love with.

Link usually doesn't show too many love emotions towards Zelda, but only care for her and the rest of Hyrule's well-being. Link doesn't really show too many emotions toward anyone. Older Zelda does seem to warm up to him a bit, though. Ruto Princess Ruto isn't really my favorite I don't mind her but I don't necessarily like her too much either. She IS in "love" with Link, but once again Here's why I don't ship them, though The princess is rude Luckily, he is smart enough to use this to his advantage But, she barely knows him Malon Most of the time, I ship Zelda and Link I'm a sucker for Link x Malon I love this ship Except in the Manga, I will get to the TP manga In the game, they are shown to be great friends as kids and adults.

Link owns Epona who originally belonged to Malon Link saves the farm, and listens to her singing. I feel like Lon Lon ranch is a great place for them to bond and fall in love because of how peaceful and nice it is compared to some of the other places in Hyrule.

That comic goes into detail on just how the whole Zelda timeline started, and many Zelda fans use that comic as reference when explaining how Link, Zelda, and Ganon's reincarnation came to be. The comics ARE the same stories, but told in a different way, with often more details on why the characters are the way they are. So, I'm talking about the comics Zelda and Link become friends in the beginning, she opens up to him and gives him a task Now this might be the same thing as Princess Ruto's second grade crush on Link She obviously trusts him and knows that he is the one to help her people.

do link and zelda have a relationship

She risks everything telling this boy what he must do. This gives the relationship between them more depth As adults, Zelda of course, helps Link as Sheik, but when she transforms back into Zelda, she cries because of how happy she is to see him again.

They have a moment alone that they share by being close to each other, and you can kinda feel the love as you read. After Zelda is kidnapped, they fight Ganon, Link delivers the final blow, and Zelda seals him away