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Sachin Shroff and Juhi Parmar headed for divorce Reports of their marriage hitting a rough patch had cropped up earlier in , but the. Disha Parmar (born 11 November )[1] is an Indian actress and model. She is known . She launched Tara Charitable Trust on 15 August This trust. NOOO disha is NOT juhi's sister Embarrassed. she is in 12th and left her study midway pls search on pages here,where u will get a article of.

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She evolves into a mature woman with a heart of gold. Currently, she has been exiled from Magadh for a crime she never committed. She is not seen plotting against Chandra, but is utilising her time by teaching the kids in Kalinga. While few of them are too good to be true, some provide us with the much-needed comic relief. She is the surrogate mother of Parth and Shorvori's child.

But what makes her click is her Gujarati accent and her crazy antics that will leave you in splits. She has trust issues in life but more than her, it's her circumstances that are to be blamed. Parth Sidharth Shukla and Shorvori Rashami Desai might be the romantic couple here, but Teni is the one who lights up the screen and is a breath of fresh air.

Teni's character is a breath of fresh air in the show. The other woman here has no such feeling for him but she is an authoritative boss who's always troubling Sajan. Although Sajan's wife Kashmira gets suspicious of Sajan at times but the light-hearted comedy never portrays Sanjana as the vamp; in fact on various occasion she has helped Kashmira. But none of his wives are portrayed in a negative light. The portrayal of 'other woman' on TV is changing and it's a welcome change. The duo had admitted that they were facing compatibility issues, which their families were trying to sort out.

We asked Avinash if the issues between him and Shalmalee had been resolved. I don't have a clue about what's happening in my marriage. Our families have been trying for a patch-up, but there has been no progress so far. I want to focus only on my work for now," replied the actor, who is also grappling with another emotional low — the recent death of his grandmother. He added, "I don't know if Shalmalee and I will get back together or we will separate forever.

I am hoping that whatever happens, will happen in our best interests.

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They have a four-year-old daughter Samaira. Reports of their marriage hitting a rough patch had cropped up earlier inbut the couple dispelled those stories at that point. However, this new development of them heading for a split seems quite certain now. According to sources, there is little chance that the estranged couple will patch up. While talking to the TimesOfindia. We are currently seperated amd having been living apart since last three months.

Our lifestyle and ways of living are really different. We've always had problems because of this and were about to separate earlier but then eventually got back together thinking we'll cope up but now we're utterly sure that we can't spend the rest of our lives this way.

After failing to resolve their differences that cropped up soon after their wedding inthey filed for a divorce earlier this month. The first hearing took place on March 30 at the Bandra family court.

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They filed for divorce by mutual consent. Both Rashami and Nandish remained unavailable for comment. Is actress Tina Datta to be blamed for this? The buzz is that his closeness to actress Tina Datta caused the problem. Things started going downhill ever since. The latest being the unflattering rumour of me having an affair with Tina, who is nothing more than a friend.

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With the rift widening with Divya, we decided to call off the wedding just four days before the slated date. The negativity around has led us to call off the lavish wedding. We both need time to recover from the shock. Raman is married and I have always supported their relationship.

Most importantly, I am in Argentina since almost a month. Quoting Shweta, the report stated that there was incompatibility between the actress and her husband.

There were minor issues which escalated and that made it difficult for the two to stay under the same roof, the report further stated.