David lambert and maia mitchell relationship marketing

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david lambert and maia mitchell relationship marketing

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I was happy that Callie finally realized how she was being used by Justina by the end of the season. However, her bravery in speaking the truth about Justina led to one of the major cliffhangers of the season. This could put several of the relationships in the Adams-Foster family in danger. Sharon came with a boyfriend played by Rob Morrow. On the other hand, I thought the interactions between Stef and Lena Sherri Saum over the cancer scare and the double mastectomy were glossed over.

When it was all over Stef cut her hair, which I guess was supposed to be some sort of shorthand statement on how they were dealing with this huge issue in their lives.

david lambert and maia mitchell relationship marketing

Many of the storylines in season 3 of The Fosters dealt with the various attempts at finding love or a relationship among the teens. One of them was on the verge of destruction in the final seconds of the season. Jude Hayden Byerly lost his boyfriend to a relocation, and a good friend to a beating by the same awful foster parent that Stef and Callie rescued him from in season 1.

Jude began to think maybe God wanted him to like girls — another cliffhanger. Brandon continued his bad decisions over women. But he also wrote a rock opera based on Romeo and Juliet that allowed Cierra Ramirez and several other cast members to enact an entirely awesome musical episode. I do love musical episodes!

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This is not good for Gabe. Another cliffhanger in the season is whether Jesus is going to land his father in prison just by trying to get to know him. Not only do the teenagers on the show deal with issues like having sex for the first time, sexual assault, the questioning of their sexuality, and love triangles, but refreshingly, Stef and Lena also deal with their own adult sex life. While same-sex couples are often desexualized see Modern FamilyStef and Lena are given storylines that revolve around sex.

In one such episode. Not only does the series treat sex as a multifaceted an integral aspect of adult relationships, it of course, also normalizes lesbian sex, which has historically either been ignored or relegated to the realm of the salacious male gaze. To this point, the series raises important questions about the often challenging task of applying our deeply held feminist ideals our messy, everyday lives.

I know, for instance, that the unholy alliance between advertisers, the beauty industry, and patriarchal constructions of gender and beauty have combined to make me think twice before leaving the house without putting on mascara. Two scenes in particular stand out to me as exemplars of the ways in which Lena and Stef strive to make sure their kids are not ashamed of their sexuality while simultaneously conveying the importance of being safe, ready, and responsible.

When he breaks down crying out of a mix what is likely fear, relief, and guilt at having lied to his parents about what happened, Lena makes sure he understands that he has nothing to be ashamed for acting on his attraction to Connor, while reminding him that school-sanctioned trips are not the place to fool around.

Some Thoughts on Season 3 of The Fosters

And when sex is shared between two people… Jude: Connor and I are not having sex. When any kind of physical intimacy is shared between two people who care about it each other.

david lambert and maia mitchell relationship marketing

Again, Lena walks the line between reassuring Jude that sex is wonderful and normal, while at the same time making it clear that she hopes that he waits until he is mature enough emotionally, physically, and mentally. Throughout the initial conversation, Mariana is defensive of her choice as her moms struggle not to shame her while simultaneously trying to understand her decision.

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I thought you guys were feminists Lena: We said the exact same thing to your brothers. There is tension not only between Mariana and her moms, but also between Stef and Lena as they negotiate how to handle the situation as parents and feminists.

In a follow-up conversation, the issue is resolved as Stef and Lena reassure Mariana that she should not be ashamed of having sex or of making a mistake. But sex is a big deal. You should always make sure you feel good about it.