Daine and numair relationship counseling

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daine and numair relationship counseling

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Kids: Daine/Numair, Aly/Nawat, Beka/Farmer, and Buri/Raoul He gives her good advice and conversation, she sneaks food to him. . If their relationship had begun this way, it would have been beyond creepy, but it happened when Daine . set post ROTG. daine and numair return to carthak, fluff, plot and my first tamora pierce fic! It follows Good Advice in the timeline. One-shot: Daine and Numair , their relationship strengthening daily, face their next hurdle-having their friends .

daine and numair relationship counseling

P Song of the Lioness - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: Leaving It All Behind. This is part 2 of the Gallan Return trilogy. Read part 1 before reading this.

DN Song of the Lioness - Rated: Applies to anyone and everyone. Good ol' DN fluff. Along the same lines as my other songfic. Rated PG13 for safety.

Emperor Mage Handles Anger and Compassion - The Fandomentals

It's Midsummer's Eve and everyone in Tortall is enjoying the romance and passion in the air. Everyone, it seems, except Daine. If only a certain mage wasn't being so darn noble Daine and Numair, their relationship strengthening daily, face their next hurdle-having their friends find out about them.

daine and numair relationship counseling

Thank you to everyone who reads and reviews my work. Thanks to all my amazing reviewers. Daine and Numair, in love and trying to find their way together, reach a turning point in their relationship - will they go forward, or stumble? Rating may be a bit high.

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When duty sends them the village Daine fled six years ago, she must fight against drowing in her past and hold on to her future. Daine must choose between her happiness and the destrusction of Tortall. T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: When Numair comes to save her he finds a shocking sight and is asked and even more shocking favor Also, Sarge is my favorite!

Guys, he has a line or two in Book 4!

daine and numair relationship counseling

Wolf-Speaker We begin with Daine and Numair travelling to a remote valley fief Dunlath, on their way to aide some wolves that Daine is friends with. Shenanigans may be a light term — there are bad things going down.

Deforestation and mining and Stormwings and nasty winged horses with claws and fangs. This has some unforeseen consequences. She also gains some new friends along the way: The dragonet that Daine inherited from the last book is also here. Her name is Skysong, but Daine calls her Kitten, or Kit. Daine cannot talk mind to mind with her, she is too young, but she can kind of interpret the noises she makes.

Daine is learning to rethink some of her old prejudices, especially concerning Stormwings. She hates them due to their natures they are scavengers, and eat the dead bodies left in battle and their general attitudes and such. Emperor Mage Daine, Numair, Alanna, and a contingency from the Tortallan government are sent to Carthak for peace talks.

On the way there, the Badger comes and tells Daine that this is a bad idea and to go home, and that the gods are not particularly pleased with Carthak and her emperor at the moment. En route to the capitol via a river barge, Daine leaps into crocodile-infested waters to save a small marmoset monkey that a young boy had lost hold of in a tantrum. Daine names him Zekoi after the river she saved him from.

Emperor Mage Handles Anger and Compassion

Once in the palace, Daine is awed by the display of wealth and finery. The Emperor Mage has mad money, and insists on showing off. Oh, and Numair and the Emperor Ozorne used to be besties when they were boys, but had a falling out that involved Numair being thrown in the dungeons and eventually escaping to Tortall. Daine is all about the former, but is not thrilled with the latter. Also, Daine is She brushes the comments off as silly, but they do affect her a little.

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He seems to be more rational than his uncle, and disapproves of many of his actions and policies. He seems nice enough.

daine and numair relationship counseling

One of my favorite parts involves Daine and the prince going to visit his friends in the archery training yards. We meet said someone, and Daine gets very irritated with her.

There are shenanigans going on in Carthak, and things are getting weird, and Daine is in the middle of it. I mean, she is freaking out, but her irritation is greater.

The Realms of the Gods (The Immortals, Book 4) eBook: Tamora Pierce: animesost.info: Kindle Store

OMG you guys, shit just went down! Things just got really bad really fast. We find out what her mysterious gift was for, and Daine uses it in her own way. And the thing you thought would happen happens, because of course it does. The Realm of the Gods This is the final book in the quartet, and there are parts that are absolutely adorable.

Ozorne is still around, and he has different powers and allies now. Her mother is now also a goddess, and while Daine loves her mother, she knows her faults. Sarra is a bit… flighty?

daine and numair relationship counseling

We meet some new creatures called Darkings.