Claymore clare and raki relationship quizzes

What was that kiss between Raki and Claire? Was it romantic or what? - Claymore Answers - Fanpop

claymore clare and raki relationship quizzes

A Claymore - a female warrior named for the sword she carries - travels from medieval . I like the direction this is taking with Clare and Raki's relationship. Claymore Anime t-shirts unisex Only $17 ship to worldwide, available size S to 2XL. #Claymore #Clare #Raki #Rubel #Teresa #Anime #Shirt #Otaku #Cosplay. A Claymore - a female warrior named for the sword she carries - travels from .. Clare's travels and friendship with Raki drive this first volume and parts of it are.

Funny enough, that's in a way the same objetive of Teresa in episodesbut i never saw anyone calling her underdeveloped.

claymore clare and raki relationship quizzes

Another huge issue I have is with people hating on the relationship Clare and Raki have. I mean, Raki literally has no one else in this fucking country except for Clare. Remember the part where his brother killed his whole family or something, and then Clare had to kill his brother, and then the whole fucking town pretty much banished him, which meant he had nowhere to go back to? Yeah, I do too. Essentially alone, which is somewhat normal and expected for a Claymore, Raki is the only positive human interaction in her life.

Safe to say, they rely on each other, and if it bugs you, piss off. The kiss is just a way of calming him down.

What was that kiss between Raki and Claire? Was it romantic or what?

A kiss is a promise. Raki was not a damsel in distress: He was willing to die with Clare in the cathedral, in an attempt to protect her from her letting Galk decapitate her. He certainly was not a damsel in distress against Ophelia, he just didn't have the power to succeed, which was to be expected obviously.

He stood up to Cid and Galk in Rabona in defense of Clare, that certainly takes bravery. I would never stand up to a cop or policeman, which is the equivalent of Cid and Galk.

He managed to follow Clare, until he collapsed in "The Fields". He survived on his own after they separated due to Ophelia. He survived Isley and Priscilla, and Isley's training. He wasn't afraid of Clare, even though she could Awaken at any time and eat him up. He bravely tried to punch the NY in his second time.

claymore clare and raki relationship quizzes

Just to make me "preach" even more? Here's some points from eps that shows that he's not as underdevoloped as some people might think.

He pretty much knows nothing of the world outside his village and much less of Claymores. And we learn of his current occupation, a cook. He has lost everything, and the only thing left is this Claymore, the only person in the world that gives a damn about him, hence why he calls her sister, and fallows her like a little brother would fallow an older sister.

When the soldier started talking smack about Clare, he punched him in the face, despite knowing that the guy was stronger them. When Clare asked to be killed for going over her limit, Raki threw himself onto her and was willing to die along with Clare. At the end of the episode, Raki decides that he wants to become stronger inorder to protect Clare.

Clare is the only thing he has left, the only thing worth living for.

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Teresa had a similar purpose, which was to live for Clare. Now Raki has taken her place and is the one who is living for Clare. Nothing is on his mind, but Clare. If my review is dismissive of the mechanical parts, it's because there isn't much else to this first volume of Claymore. It really is just the tropes of wandering warriors and their sidekicks with no special twist or life. Personally, I'm weary of badass characters and their bland approaches to conflict, and even wearier of the fetish for their traumatic backstories.

Telling me the sociopath had a traumatic childhood is usually a sign you've put little thought into psychology.

Claymore, Vol. 2: Darkness in Paradise

And at least for this volume, that's all this is giving you: Even the settings Norihiro Yagi draws are generic EuroFantasy backdrops, dirt roads and barn ceilings. Even the fight scenes aren't particularly fun to follow - they're basic, You-Die or I-Die battles broken into panels of exaggerated poses.

There's minimal personality to them, which is the natural result of having a stoic badass heroine go up against stock yoma. Nobody behaves in surprising or dynamic ways. Nobody cares about more than the thing in front of them. Claymore broke for me when the sidekick chased Claire down only to run into another tall, lithe, buxom warrior in top-heavy armor and a miniskirt.