China and america relationship with russia

China and Russia: new BFFs thanks to an insecure US | This Week In Asia | South China Morning Post

china and america relationship with russia

THROUGHOUT the upheavals of the past couple of decades in Russian- American relations, there has been one American politician and. President Trump's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin drew applause from China Tuesday, as a diplomat predicted benefits for. The Trump administration's outrageous behavior has changed the US-China- Russia relationship, and so, the world. Since early August, the.

Since early August, the Trump administration has constantly introduced measures to provoke China and contain Russia.

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People must think about the possible consequences. First, on relations with China.

US-China-Russia Relations

The trade war waged by the US has not been successful. Let me just cite two examples. The root cause of the US trade deficits lies not in trade per se but rather in the macro economy. The Trump administration should be aware of three basic facts: Therefore, China has the confidence and capacity to deal with various risks and challenges. Within the global economic regime, the two economies have developed countless ties through trade, investment, and exchanges of personnel and human capital.

china and america relationship with russia

I deeply believe that the overall framework of China-US relations will not easily change. First, the two countries need each other for their long-term interests. It is not a situation where one country needs the other more.

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Second, towards China, the US has always combined engagement with containment and used the two alternately. Though seemingly in full fury now, the US will return to engagement again when memories of painful past experiences come back.

china and america relationship with russia

Attempts to scare the Chinese have never worked. Third, Chinese policy towards the US is super stable. This is understandable given Russia and China, even together, are weaker than the US and its allies, but their Security Council veto puts them on a par with the US and gives them control over UN decisions.

In this sense, the US — kept in check by international law — is a revolutionary force in international relations, while Russia and China are conservatives.

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Moscow and Beijing advocate multipolarity — a world based not on the dominance of a central power, but on the interaction of several major centres.

In such a world, they could play an important and independent role.

china and america relationship with russia

The two countries share common views on most regional conflicts: Iraq, Libya, Syria, and the Iranian and Korean nuclear problems. In Pakistan, Chinese money grapples with a Karachi-Lahore divide Russia and China have developed an extensive infrastructure for cooperation, from annual summits between senior leaders to numerous intergovernmental commissions and lower-level contacts.

Neither Russia nor China maintains a similar degree of cooperation with any other country. Many foreign observers spread myths about Russian-Chinese relations in an attempt to bring the two into conflict or else deny the reality of their rapprochement. The two countries also have internal detractors.

china and america relationship with russia

Most naysayers in Russia belong to the political opposition — whether pro-Westerners who view China as a hostile communist dictatorship or arch-conservatives who consider all foreign powers inimical.

In China, they are either pro-Western advocates of liberalism or nationalists who consider Russia a weak state that should now be punished for the way its tsarist regime once humiliated China. These forces are still marginal in both countries, however, and play no significant role. The most common of these myths suggest China is expanding demographically into Eastern Russia, the two countries are at odds in Central Asia, and Beijing is trying to intimidate Moscow with its disproportionate economic might.

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None of these is true. US policy for the region has the potential to breed the same sort of chaos as it did in Libya and Iraq. Of course, Russia finds the growing economic imbalance with China unpleasant and knows that it must work quickly to spur its own economic growth. But even if that gap continues to widen, it does not automatically increase the threat from China. It all depends on the nature of bilateral relations between Russia and China, and for now, those relations are deepening.

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