Chihiro and haku relationship test

Chihiro and Haku from Spirited Away: Friends or More? -

chihiro and haku relationship test

Anyway, we pick up the scene where Chihiro and Haku are floating together " Ummm I think Yubaba is going to test you when you get back. . with the prospect of years of frustration in a high maintenance relationship. However, if Sen can complete Yubaba's final test, both she and her . Chihiro's and Haku's relationship could be interpreted as their being. At first sight, Chihiro thought Haku was strange--even though he was just trying stop when Boh asked her to (she went through with giving Chihiro a final test).

Yes, it's something special. It's where we for the first time, experience that amazing feeling of being in love. This amazing feeling my friend, is what Chihiro and Haku experiences. However, it's so new to them, that they don't know exactly what it is.

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It's their first love, which is very innocent and very beautiful. But this is not all. Because love is very hard to explain, let's go into their story together, and try to really empathize with them and how they feel in the given situation.

Also I'll talk about roles, as they're important in relationships. When they first meet in the spirit world Haku found and saved Chihiro by giving her food from the spirit world so she wouldn't disappear. Here he takes the role as the protector, which is the natural role for the man in a love relationship, and has probably ben since the Stone Age not that women can't protect!

If it weren't for him, Chihiro wouldn't have survived, and therefore she is of course filled with gratitude. During the first day in the bathhouse, Haku can't be nice to Chihiro because he is yubaba's servant.

This makes Chihiro feel sad, and before going to bed, she asks Lin if there is more than one Haku. This is proof that she in love. Luckily the next day, Haku tells her early in the morning while she is still in bed, to meet him on the bridge.

When he is gone she jumps up from bed, they meet, and he leads the way to her parents. After not being able to find her parents among all the different pigs, Haku gives her some enchanted bread which makes Chihiro cry, so she can feel better after.

Here he takes the caring role, which is an even more important role for the man in a relationship. She feeds him the dumpling that she got from the river god, This guy Which courses him to vomit up the golden seal he stole from zenbaba and a black slug, which Chihiro accidentally steps on. This slug was used by yubaba to control Haku. She then decides to travel to zenbaba to return her golden seal and apologies for Haku.

In other words, she will do anything to save Haku!

chihiro and haku relationship test

Because she is in love. And with the power of love she succeeds!

chihiro and haku relationship test

She remembers Haku's name, and because of her, Haku is now a free spirit. Now the balance is restored. Haku saved Chihiro, and she saved him. Now listen, this is a very important part of love relationships. Without balance the weight can tip, and the relationship is gone.

chihiro and haku relationship test

It's like, without balance, one will suck energy from the other. So it becomes like a fight, symbolical. If instead, the couple gives and receives "energy" in harmony. Both parts will be happy, and the relationship will continue.

Alright, that was a little advice from your friend Wolfram. Take it or leave it. So, you the get the point now?

Can you see why this is beautiful?

Spirited Away: Chihiro, Haku, or Yubaba?

If not, then that's fine, i just hope you enjoyed this kinda different blog. If yes, a follow is always appreciated! If you read all the way through, good job, and thanks for reading! Wolfram is out, peace! Of the main cast, the most well-known name is the late Suzanne Pleschette, and she would only be familiar to Baby Boomers for the most part.

Even then, she and almost all of the others had previous experience as voice actors for Disney.

Spirited Away: Chihiro, Haku, or Yubaba?

And yes, Disney, you get a cookie for casting Daveigh Chase who was fantastic as Lilo instead of one of the Fannings. One other thing I have to commend the English dub for is that hilarious song about No-Face that John Ratzenberger ad-libbed for his character.

Definite improvement over the original, which was already a very funny scene. Chihiro is the type of little girl heroine I wish I had when I was younger. Hayao Miyazaki has said that he specifically designed her to be average, relatable, likeable, and non-sexualized.

He has also said how much he resents that a hero can be unattractive, but a heroine must always be cute. Her story has been compared to Alice in Wonderland, which I can sorta see little girl is trapped in a dreamlike world where people are needlessly hostile to her and not much makes sense. One thing I really love about how Chihiro is depicted in this movie is all the little touches that make her feel real.

When she puts on her shoes, she taps her toes on the floor to make sure the shoe is on properly as she walks off. The characters make it clear with their expressions that the bathhouse guest is the worst thing they have ever smelled in their lives. Its very presence rots the furniture. This scene gives a strong visual consequence of pollution, and by adding a spiritual element to it, gives another reason for sympathy. Environmentalism is referenced again when Haku turns out to be the spirit of the Kohaku River.

Chihiro had fallen in the river when she was very small, and he had saved her. She tells him that the river was drained and built over, which is why Haku forgot his name and identity and entered his life of servitude to Yubaba. It is fitting that the beginning of the film is about Chihiro and her family moving to a new home, as the major theme of the film is transition and change. She starts out petulant and sullen as she hates having to leave her friends behind.

And right from the beginning, we see how negligent and foolish her parents are, as they let Chihiro roll around in the backseat without a seatbelt and her father drives around like a maniac! She has her moments of weakness, especially near the beginning when she repeatedly breaks down and cries, but this is a reasonable reaction for her. This is very deliberate, I suspect. And little girls in particular seem to be dismissed and underestimated the most.

Look at the crappy toys they get. The other characters go through a character arc of maturity and change as well, and likely as a result of meeting Chihiro. Haku starts off ambiguously — he confusingly shows great kindness and yet great coldness to Chihiro at the same time.

But when he regains his name, and regains his freedom, his cold eyes become warm and affectionate.

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He starts off as a kind of saviour or guardian to Chihiro, which she repays by being a kind of saviour to him. Rin, the spirit that Chihiro assists in the bathhouse, very quickly goes from contempt to kindness as she gets to know Chihiro. These three characters who serve as her helpers all have one thing in common — they make a complete arc from rejecting Chihiro to totally embracing her.