Chibiusa and usagi relationship quiz

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chibiusa and usagi relationship quiz

Take this quiz and see. This test see our: Top 40 Quizzes. HanaKimi: What Sailor Moon: What was Chibi-usa's (Little Lady) relationship to Usagi? Daughter. Hello everyone! This is my First blog so I hope you enjoy it! ~◕‿-。:heart: ~Let's talk about Chibi usa and Usagi relationship through out the. Take our quiz and see how you rank with Sailor Moon trivia! Although they had their ups and downs in their relationship, Sailor Moon and this characters in the show as well making Chibi-Usa a pretty important character.

However, Sailor Moon had a specific way she defeated Queen Beryl when it came down to it, but how did she do it? Way to go Sailor Moon! Question 15 When Chibi-Usa was was infused with dark magic from the black moon, what was her name?

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She becomes a real force to reckon with in all reality and the Sailor Scouts really have to ban together in order to take her on as the future depends on it. No bueno if you ask me. Question 16 Who did Sailor Moon lend the Luna pen to in season one?

What does the Luna Pen do you ask? It turns the user into whomever they want to be in that moment. For instance, Sailor Moon used it to become a reporter in a tightly guarded situation one time. Question 17 Rei's grandfather possesses which Rainbow Crystal?

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That means the baddies got ahold of him, got his crystal, turned him into a baddie as well, and the Scouts had to take him on then turn him back into the lovable old man they all know and love. Whew, what an undertaking to endure all the time. Of course, they were successful, but could you imagine doing this on the regular?

chibiusa and usagi relationship quiz

Question 18 What does Sailor Jupiter use to attack her enemies? The other girls look up to her for her strength and persistence when it comes to her fighting. When she introduces herself, she also makes sure that message comes across as such as well.

Question 19 Which three Sailor Scouts' skirt bows do not match their chest bows? Maybe the animators just wanted to keep us all on our toes or something. Seems kind of weird, but hey it is what it is I guess. Question 20 What's are the names of the three Starlights?

They are performers who are men in their normal day life, but women when they transform into their superhuman forms. They are also very powerful, so they have proven to be a great ally to have throughout their friendship with the Scouts. Question 21 Which group of villains were created by Professor Tomoe? However, there was one group of baddies that was likely home grown.

These Earth-dwelling group was as mean as mean could be too. Question 22 What Crystal does Queen Nehelenia want?

relationship: usagi and chibiusa

She loved her looks and youth so much that she actually trapped herself within a mirror to keep herself young and beautiful forever, which might sound crazy to some but was everyday life to her.

In order to market to children, these companies were known for making changes from the original Japanese Anime. Sailor Moon is constantly being berated with messages from her friends and family that she is a cry-baby. Emotional development is something that should be celebrated. It is just one example of a wide range of emotions that are perfectly normal.

chibiusa and usagi relationship quiz

If she wants to cry, let her. Being jealous of the love lives of teenage girls is a little strange for a middle school teacher and even weirder when she insists to come along. There are many subjects that we can excel in while being poor at others, but Serena excels in saving the world, helping people, and keeping the universe in tact.

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Chosen ones simply have little time for academics. While Serena may not be getting A's on her papers, she is still a strong, compassionate, and loving example of how women can save the world. No matter their size, most teenage and pre-teen girls think they are fat at some point in their life.