Celebrity meet and greet tips tricks

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celebrity meet and greet tips tricks

Here are 12 tips for how to recruit and host a celebrity guest, for the success of your Are they on tour in your city around the date of the event?. For this reason, the key to suppressing this stress is to trick the mind into treating VIPs and celebrities are used to having people around them that act nervous, Here are eight creative tips for getting to meet almost any VIP. Just a few tips to remember before the experience of a lifetime. Meeting a celebrity is something everyone dreams of. That moment you buy or win your first .

While they may be busy, there are a variety of ways you can grab their attention and encourage them to attend your event. A little hard work and a few clever ideas can set you up for success in attracting a celebrity guest. Here are some great tips to help you track down your next special guest and to ensure they leave your event singing your praises!

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Use Your Connections Asking around within your niche or your community can often lead you towards finding the guests or speakers that you are seeking. Celebs may receive countless approaches to speak every day and are much more inclined to attend an event because someone they know has reached out to them. Find these well connected people within your network and have the courage to ask them to assist you. The worst they can say is no and it is always worth a shot!

Keep in mind that while an A list celebrity might not be open attending your event, there are many other celebs and well known individuals that may be recognized within your niche. Reach out to any and all celebs that might be of interest to your group to increase your odds of getting someone special to attend.

Approach with a Genuine Interest Do your research on the person before you make the ask. Are they on tour in your city around the date of the event? Where are they from? What projects are they currently working on? What school did they attend? Do they have a family or spouse that would be interested in attending the event? This is a very easy way to stand out when you show that you genuinely have an interest in not only the celebrity, but the actual person. Know What is Important to Them Find a celebrity that is truly connected to the mission or purpose of your event.

At the core celebrities are real people like you and I, and they have passions, interests and things that they want their name to be associated with. For example, if you are planning a charity eventyou should seek out celebs who have a true commitment to the cause you are representing. They will be much more inclined to attend and spend their time with your attendees.

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You should give them some creative freedom on what they might speak about during your event. You will most certainly have a focus and timeline for the time they spend at your event, but if you allow them to make it their own and adapt based on what they care about it will go a long way.

Give Them a Reason to Attend Every celeb will have different reasons for attending an event and having an interesting or unique draw can provide additional incentive to attend.

Perhaps you sell them on your audience because they are a great market for the celebrities new product, album, movie, etc.

celebrity meet and greet tips tricks

For example, you could offer them the chance to sell books at the event with a book signing. Are you working with a prestigious PR firm on the event? You might highlight this along with the media coverage they will bring surrounding your event and it would provide great publicity if they attend. Finding additional selling points like these can appeal to celebrities and increase your chance of success.

Spend the Money Most of the time a celebrity will have a fee for attending an event. If you really want a specific celeb to attend and you have managed to get them interested in your event, look at your budget and make them a reasonable offer. This goes a long way in showing that your value their time and the draw that they will bring to your event. When you are negotiating be sure to consider any other demands that a celeb may have, such as specific meals, drinks, snacks, a green room to be available to them, etc.

All of these will be in addition to their fee and will needs to be taken into account. If you follow the additional steps in this post they may cut you a break on the price or provide a discount for future appearances. In addition, you should not just give them something and then immediately ask for something. What you can offer can be as simple as a recommendation for good restaurants in your city, workout tips, or vacation tips. Offer the tips like you care and not like you would want to gain something from them in return.

Most people will judge you based on your looks without even caring to find out about what type of person you are. Dress to impress and you will get noticed.

Just make sure that you look neat and that you combine colors and styles expertly. You will not need to have to wait outside hoping and praying that chance may smile on you so that you can see the celebrity.

12 Tricks to Attract Celebrity Guests to Your Event

Try your best to get the best seat that you can afford, preferable one that is closest to the front and the stage to increase your chances of seeing him or her. Some celebrities can be quite friendly and chatty so by seating close to them, you can get the chance to interact and chat with them. This could lead to a blossoming relationship in the future. Look out for restaurants, night clubs or hotels that the VIP frequent. If you live in Omaha, you can frequent the steak house for a chance to meet him.

You should try your best to get into those places to increase the chances of a one on one talk with the celebrity. You also try to attend VIP parties too. There are some people who sell invitations to such events.

You should look out for and buy such tickets from them so that you can come to those parties and meet them. Alternatively, you can get a job in a place that a celebrity frequents. That is, you can be a waiter at their favorite restaurant, a barman at their bar of choice or even a personal trainer at the gym. The jobs may not be particularly exciting but they will provide opportunities for you to meet with the celebrity.

They key here is to be professional. Become friends with their family and friends Nothing gives you a good access to a popular person like being familiar with his or her friends, family members or even their personal assistant. They will help to pave the road for you and may even introduce you to them thereby increasing your chances of networking with them.

Look to your contacts and see if there is anyone you know who can introduce you to them. An introduction from a friend is always better than an email right out of the blues.

12 Tips & Tricks on How to Meet a Famous Person or Celebrity and Network With Them

With LinkedIn, you can ask your connections to introduce you to their connections who could be a popular person. Follow them on social media Many celebrities and popular people make use of social media like twitter, Facebook and Instagram throughout the day.

Following their feed will give you an idea of places they usually frequent, be it a bar, hotel, club or a restaurant. Visiting these places will get you a chance to meet them.

You can also drop a comment on their social media page to get their attention. Yes, they may not read it due to many other messages that are begging their attention.

celebrity meet and greet tips tricks

Yet, some also read it. The abusive replies that some celebrities give their fans when they feel insulted by their comment are proof that they do go through comments a times. Buy their time As unusual as this may sound, it is possible to buy the time of a celebrity.

A service like Clarity. For example, you can speak to the co-founder of Udemy, Gagan Biyani for just 1. Who knows, if you impress them, they may want to meet you face to face to get to know you better. Send them a heartfelt email or letter If you have the verified email address of a popular person or a celebrity, you should send them an email. There is nothing wrong in sending a short complimentary letter to them asking for a meeting or a response.

Make sure that the email you send in is heartfelt and interesting. She however did not get a reply so she persisted and continued to send letters constantly. At last she was granted a 5 minute meeting with Steve jobs which ended up lasting for about 45 minutes.

Be interesting Celebrities and popular people meet a lot of individuals on a monthly basis. Some have a lot of fans who even go to the extent of stalking them.