Carrie and big relationship analysis

carrie and big relationship analysis

Here's why I think Carrie and Big should never have gotten together. A frequent theme on the show was that relationship problems don't go. I'll be the first to admit that I'm the biggest Sex and the City fan ever. I've watched every single episode and I'll re-watch them if there's a. Carrie met Big and fell in love with him. But unfortunately She was in a happy relationship with Aidan and yet, she chose to cheat. So why did.

For a man who hid her from his mother in the first series and had kept their lives pretty separate and distinct throughout the six years of the show, this is quite a leap! You all know that Mr Unavailables can barely even commit to what they will eat the following day, nevermind agreeing to declare their feelings for you in front of all and sundry!

carrie and big relationship analysis

As usual, Mr Unavailable is the centre of the universe. A wedding lasts for a few hours, a day, whatever.

Candace Bushnell: 'In real life, Carrie and Big wouldn’t have ended up together'

The biggest tests of Mr Unavailables is: Quite frankly, if more women dealt with their beliefs about themselves, love, and relationships, Mr Unavailables would stop being attractive to them because they would detract more from their more positively evolved life than they would add to it. Aidan Shaw played by John Corbett For Aidan, Carrie is the one who got away, but the truth of the matter is that he was much too good for her.

The most emotionally available of all her romantic conquests featured in the series and arguably the only one without a few dusty skeletons in the back of his closetAidan loves Carrie more deeply than she deserves. He is the archetypal Nice Guy, and while that was a refreshing change from the previous men in her life, Carrie grew sick of it.

After all, the girl has poor judgment when it comes to two things: Ultimately, the only problem with Aidan is that he should have run as soon as the Carrie Bradshaw Hot Mess Express started heading his way.

carrie and big relationship analysis

Bill Kelley played by John Slattery Carrie meets this aspiring politician at a NYFD fundraiser in Staten Island, where the two of them are judges for a sexy fireman contest — the stuff of real love. But, in Carrie-land, nothing is ever easy, and there is one issue that quickly rears its ugly head, putting an end to their short-lived romance.

Like most politicians, Bill loves control. Berger, as Carrie calls him, is the only man she dates during the series who seems to be on her level intellectually. He understands her humor a prerequisite for any relationship to work, naturallyand the two fire witty remarks at one another all day long. His intriguing personality coupled with his suave body language was simply magical on screen.

I mean, who wouldn't? When he entered a room, everyone turned around to look at him. Whatever we know of him though is because of Carrie.

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She narrated the show like a diary entry and throughout the show, we knew John James Preston as Mr. She started referring to him as Mr.

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Big because of his larger-than-life personality and because she could never understand him completely. Frankly, neither did most of the audience. But unfortunately, it wasn't love at first sight for him!

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He made it utterly clear that he wasn't ready for a relationship, yet but his choice to not be in a relationship somehow translated to him being selfish.

Big had a lot of emotional baggage.