Burst angel jo and meg relationship quizzes

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burst angel jo and meg relationship quizzes

Fred is a villain that appears in Burst Angel Infinity he first used the Guerrilla Cybot to Meg in order to lore Jo to a trap and later he is killed by Meg and at the end. Burst Angel (Bakuretsu Tenshi) is an anime series directed by Koichi Ohata, from a The main series is composed of a team of bounty hunters, who are Sei, Jo, Meg, the many ways in which the pair's more-than-friends relationship is tested . Find Burst Angel Box Set with OVA by Funimation at animesost.info Movies & TV, Jo the main herione while cold to some still has a tight nit bond with Meg.

Sayaka is neglecting normal life in general and Hitomi is struggling with a dead-end relationship. Witches aren't exactly top priority anymore. And of course, she has to find out first hand that taking down a megalomaniac ain't as easy as they say A Mai Hime fic with a James Bond twist; shaken, not stirred.

Burst Angel

This story is in the process of being rewritten. In general, life isn't easy, and unfortunately, these people are going to find out the hard way. Naruto Style by Vixen. Chaos reviews Hiashi Hyuuga only cared about two things.

When the Akatsuki offer him both in exchange for the Ultimate Weapon, he sacrifices his eldest daughter to the cause. But what happens when you mix human blood with something else?

Swordplay by RadiantBeam reviews Himeko felt very confused. The fact that Chikane had a sword and was trying to kill her didn't help. Kannazuki no Miko - Rated: Hinata wants him so badly, Naruto wants but is not sure what it is he needs. They will find each other, and then the epic will begin. Rated M for language and adult content. Waiting with Hope by SourGrapes reviews When Hinata accidentally discovers the day that Naruto is due to return from his long journey with Jiraiya, she decides to wait for him at the gates of Konoha.

Just how much will this one act change things between herself and the one she loves? A Name by Wolfic reviews Because you don't have to be drunk on alcohol to do things you may regret. Ami x Minori ambiguous relationship fic. Konoka tries to save her guardian in more ways than one. The Patient by Klasado reviews There are two kinds of prisoners: Then there are prisoners who have committed crimes thrust upon them, and go to jail.

Or in this case, the loony bin. Setsuna is the latter. Back Home by Logan not here reviews Rita comes home to have a box dropped on her head. Fluffier than your grandmother's kitty-cat slippers. Naruto lives in another town but full of males.

Neither of them know about the other gender. What happens when Hinata accidentally ends up in Naruto's town? After all, duty always won over love - even if that duty meant marrying into a family to protect the world's wards from destruction, and watching the one you love give herself to another. Your Call by couchpotato09 reviews Natsuki Kuga the infamous playboy makes a bet with her friends to sleep with no other than Shizuru Fujino-The only woman in the world who hates her with a burning passion.

Burst Angel (Anime) - TV Tropes

Captain Natsuki thought of the perfect plan to get rid of her boredom while gaining money at the same time. Too bad one little detail turns the perfect plan into a life-or-death predicament. Whirlpool Ninjas by Badazz Writer reviews Naruto gets banished from Konoha and gets picked up from a strange woman. Hianta leaves the village in search of Naruto and befriends an assassin.

Then five years later a uprising village, Uzu is asked to help Konoha in war find out what happens. The Ties That Bind by Terrornigma reviews Following their adventures in the magic world, life returns to normal for the members of the Ala-Alba What shenanigans await for a young half-demon and a young healer-in-training? An Unwanted Life by EagleSpiritsWisdom reviews As he held the knife to his hostage he glared at the females around… a world where males are slaves… how could he escape?

Demon Eyes Incorporated by Bullet in the Brainpan- Squish reviews Hinata Hyuuga has been disowned and blacklisted from almost everywhere. But now she gets a job at her cousin Neji's company. Will she be able to survive, or will she go down in flames? Being re-written Naruto - Rated: Blood Knight - Jo. She's extremely bored with everything that doesn't have to do with shooting at things. Jo, as far as every other gunman in the story goes.

Bound and Gagged - Kyohei once, but more to the point, Meg. Butt-Monkey - Kyohei and Meg. He's a meek cook who the girls refuse to let go, she gets kidnapped on a daily basis and seemingly can't fight at all.

Camp Gay - The "Tour Guide" in episode Chained Heat - Jo does this to herself and Kyohei when she takes him hostage to try to trade him for a yet-again-kidnapped Meg. The Chick - Meg, both in the social interaction sense and the Distressed Damsel sense. Kyohei, in the Non-Action Guy sense.

Close-Call Haircut - Meg gets a hole shot through her hair in one episode.

burst angel jo and meg relationship quizzes

The Comically Serious - A good deal of humor in the series comes from Jo's deadpan reactions to the absurd stuff around her. Conspicuous CG - For the mecha and vehicles. Cool Big Sis - Sei's role largely boils down to being this, and both her and Meg act this way for Amy. When these glowy brain creatures start getting more public, RAPT officially step in to deal with them. Crossdresser - Kyohei has to in order to sneak food and equipment to Meg during a few episodes when the latter is infiltrating an all-girls' school.

Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass - Subverted during an episode where Meg has her "hunger" switched around with her will to fight. She spends the rest of the episode mopping up gangsters with impossibly cool kung-fu moves And then later claims to have no memory of what happened at all.

A Day in the Limelight Even though he's the first character we're introduced to, Kyohei only really has a single episode where he's the focus character. And even then, he's the Butt-Monkey. Amy's got one to herself, which doesn't involve as much violence as usual. She spends most of the time in the Internet.

Dark-Skinned Blonde - Jo is somewhat like this, though the illustrations gave her a more fair complexion. Delinquents - Takane and her Girl Posse are all former female biker gang delinquents turned police officers. At first it looks like Kyohei's the lead, but then it very quickly shifts away to the point where he barely appears at all in later episodes.

Similarly, the manga has a guy called Takeru. It becomes immediately obvious he does not belong in Jo's world though. Disposable Woman - Meg, except that she doesn't expire. Distressed Damsel - Meg all the damned time. To the point that she hangs a lampshade on this.

Yet, they are not so very different. Possible OOC No pairings yet T - English - Drama - Chapters: Kathleen and Olivia are doing well with their secret relationship, but things may go to Hell quickly from a perp making trouble. After being saved from death she finds herself in a group of one of the most wanted outfits in New Austin. Game characters WILL appear, looking for community characters to put in story!

Bi and straight lemons Red Dead Redemption - Rated: M - English - Chapters: Paine's gone rogue to take on Bevelle. When Yuna has to confront the girl on an assignment will she be able to put their broken relationship in the past or does Paine still hold part of Yuna's heart? Final Fantasy X-2 - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: M - English - Fantasy - Chapters: After arriving though, things turn ugly - or fascinating, depends LightxFang, hints at other pairings.

What is the relationship between Meg and Jo in the anime "Burst Angel"?

Hilarity ensues as the soldier deals with a whole new set of issues she's never faced before and doesn't know how to deal with while creating havoc for the rest of the group. Can one event affect the outcome of an entire story? Contains crack, fourth wall breakage, and oodles of shizz that just isn't right. Things progress from there.

FLight, lemon, smut, all things wonderful. M for a reason. A tad bit of humor. We offer no apologies for this unnecessary cavalcade of smut and humorous family situations. Benson - Complete First Christmas by SurfaceMemory reviews It was a time to be together, a time to celebrate the holiday, a first time Winter's embrace was strangely warmer than expected.

Cabot Uttering Strictly Prohibited by Scraggles reviews Lightning, Serah, and Snow have been living in their new home on Pulse for two months, and at this point in time, they discover that there are just some things that should be left unsaid. Kagome's hertige is soon to reveal itself as these two battle to stay sane in their school.

Boys are trying to get at Sango still not beleiving she isn't free. M for sex,atrape Inuyasha - Rated: If this is not your cup of tea, then you do not have to read it.

I apologize for the five year wait and hope you enjoy.

burst angel jo and meg relationship quizzes

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