Bulma and vegeta meet

Things You Didn't Know About Vegeta and Bulma's Relationship

bulma and vegeta meet

We obviously know why Vegeta likes her considering Saiyans love strong willed women, but I don't see why Bulma likes Vegeta. Vegeta's crimes were mostly in the past and against people Bulma never met, which probably. Vegeta and Bulma meet for the first time when Vegeta follows Krillin to her hideout in order to get the Dragon Ball Krillin had. At first, they pay no attention to . When we first meet Vegeta, he has only two goals: become immortal and kill Frieza. Bulma and Vegeta certainly don't get along when they first.

Bulma is shown to be even more of a genius than her father. Bulma can build anything from time machines to interstellar space craft. Bulma is also pretty damn fearless. With no powers save her mind and inventions, she heads straight toward danger and even tells off the Z Warriors when they try to get her to leave a fight.

Despite being a wealthy heiress, there is no hint of Bulma being a spoiled rich girl. Certainly he has some of the best character development of any character on the show. Vegeta is actually the prince of all Saiyans as he is fond of reminding peoplebut he lived through the destruction of his planet at the hands of Frieza and endured incredible abuse from Frieza as well.

When we first meet Vegeta, he has only two goals: Bulma actively encourages another character to kill Vegeta at one point and Vegeta barely notices Bulma unless he is threatening her as leverage against the other Z warriors. But eventually, almost weirdly, Bulma invites Vegeta to live with her when he is left without a home or purpose. Vegeta briefly helps the Z warriors figure out how to resurrect Goku, and Bulma seems to see that as him repenting for all his misdeeds and invites him to live with her.

It seems to me like a poorly written scene to build the beginnings of a relationship between the two characters, but poorly written or not, I kind of like it. Usually in storylines like these where a bad guy wins the heart of a good female character, it often comes from some heroic act where the guy saves the girl from distress in some way.

25 Vegeta And Bulma Pictures That Are Too Awesome For Words

I have already mentioned that I would hardly call DBZ feminist but I think there are certain moments that explore some feminist themes. Vegeta is given new clothes by Bulma and immediately protests having to wear a pink shirt declaring them to be girls clothes.

Bulma simply responds by telling him to lighten up and that what he is wearing is in style now. Basically, Bulma asks him to get over his stereotypical ideas about how men and women present their gender. Furthermore, Bulma refuses to let the often bratty and headstrong Vegeta boss her around, and continuously demands his respect in how he treats her and addresses her.

Because of Bulma insisting on respect and equal treatment, the Z warriors are shocked to find that Vegeta actually does seem to respect and even listen to Bulma. Any romance between Bulma and Vegeta seems to happen off screen. Are we reading too much into this one? Putting aside the logical inconsistencies, the author created an adorable and funny tribute to Dragon Ball's beloved couple.

While it might not make sense to include both versions of Trunks, it makes for a cool image. Battle of Gods is anything to go by, Vegeta's dancing skills might be better left to one's imagination. The Saiyan knows how to deliver a mean kick, but the tango is something beyond his grasp.

AlexLissette expands a bit on the situation, explaining that Bulma asked Vegeta if he wants to dance but started to laugh when he got uncomfortable. Can a Saiyan dance? Fashioned in their best dress wear, the couple seems to have the entire hall to themselves.

Seriously, why is Vegeta getting so nervous?

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There is literally nobody watching them! Or, is Bulma's mere presence enough to turn Vegeta into a bubbling mess? Taking her fantastic dress into account, we cannot blame the Prince of Saiyans for getting hot around the collar. To her credit, she is pretty good at it! The poem is rather hard to read but the words are heartbreaking and touching.

Laura Argyle's drawing paints a touching picture that tells a complete story. In terms of continuity, this probably takes place during the Majin Buu Saga. Dragon Ball Z did show Bulma's pained reaction to learning that Vegeta was no longer alive; therefore, we can totally picture something like this happening from behind the scenes.

In the series, the majority of the cast has visited the afterlife, but, that did not lessen the impact of Vegeta's sacrifice.


Going out as a hero. The couple is within touching distance of each other but Vegeta might as well be on Mars. Why is the couple so happy?

bulma and vegeta meet

Well, this takes place right after the fight against Kid Buu. Clearly, they have a lot to celebrate. To be fair, within the privacy of their own home, the couple could genuinely behave in this way.

At the very least, Vegeta might be willing to ignore his pride to spend a lovely evening with his significant other. Vegeta and Bulma are enjoying a nice trip through the Atlantic Ocean when the couple decides to watch the sunset.

Maybe we are just reading into things, but the Prince's expression does not seem all that wholesome. Never trust a Saiyan's smile.

bulma and vegeta meet

As Bulma appears to be having fun, we will give Vegeta the benefit of the doubt. It adds a degree of epicness to an otherwise straight-forward creation. Bulma's dress is rather stunning, and a substantial departure from the rest of the entries. Frieza really ruined everything. Actually, without the deranged dictator, Vegeta and Bulma would never have been a thing.

Goku would have probably destroyed Earth and married some Saiyan girl, while Vegeta would have continued on his path to the throne. Along with the rest of the planet, Bulma's future would have been pretty bleak. Putting aside logic, nenee 's tribute to the anime's legendary couple is simply dripping with style. Bulma's armor is particularly amazing, and the scientist definitely has more than enough confidence to rule an entire planet.

Vegeta comes across as powerful, although his face seems to be slightly off.

bulma and vegeta meet

To be fair, the real Prince went through quite a bit of pain during his childhood; therefore, a more relaxed upbringing might have resulted in a different version of Vegeta. The picture is sweet and memorable, with a crisp aesthetic that belongs on the big screen. Can you imagine witnessing this scene at the cinema? Picture this, Vegeta and Bulma are having a day-off while Goku trains for his next confrontation.

DBZ Moment - Vegeta Meets Bulma's Parents

Frustrated over his failure to close-the-gap with Kakarot, Bulma forces Vegeta to take a break and the family ventures out into a nearby field. After enjoying a delightful meal, Bulla and Trunks fall asleep, leaving the couple to spend a bit of time alone.

bulma and vegeta meet

For the first time, Bulma asks Vegeta about his home planet. She wants to know about his life before Frieza or Goku. At first, the Prince's story is filled with pride; but, that only lasts for a minute.

Vegeta & Bulma

Eventually, Vegeta realizes that he would not trade what he has now for his old life. As fans, we were privy to a few select scenes which merely suggested that something might be in the cards for the unlikely duo. Bulma cleaning Vegeta's wounds. Admittedly, Future Trunks ruined the surprise. The anime and manga showed enough to establish that the couple's romance was genuine. Bulma sure knows how to build up a good sweat.

Dragon Ball Z is an action series; so, nobody is expecting entire episodes dedicated to further developing a romance. On the other hand, these characters mean a great deal to a lot of people from around the world.

bulma and vegeta meet

At the very least, we would have liked to be invited to their wedding! The fans deserve as much. The couple's adorableness just skyrocketed through the roof.