Breakout kings lloyd and julianne relationship problems

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breakout kings lloyd and julianne relationship problems

This is basically a what could have possibly happened if Julianne never went into the bathroom and talked Lloyd and Erica down at the end of the season finale. Literally, Lloyd only called him Raymond twice in the show and my brain just Also, just a blathering side note, I didn't realize Breakout Kings was a spinoff of . catch Charlie's killer or when his daughter was in some kind of trouble. . of the room, sitting down at Julianne's desk and thinking about her legs. country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Lloyd/ Julianne is a het pairing of Lloyd Lowery and Julianne Simms from Breakout Kings. He's becomes friendly with her, offering her advice about her social anxiety members of the Breakout Kings that Lloyd has a crush on Julianne.

Our senses of humor definitely play a role in how they decide to shape our characters, which is great. What I got from Julianne was a sense of strength.

I feel like Julianne was encased in this self-made protective barrier. As the writers have peeled her layers away, with each episode, the audience gets to know more about her. Marshals training can come into play, maybe even out of the bull pen. We do need Julianne holding down the fort, of course, but Season 1 finds Julianne standing up for herself in ways that almost seem contradictory to how she normally comes off to the rest of the crew. Are you as tech savvy as Julianne, or was that something you had to learn about?

Is this a term I should know? What have been the biggest challenges in doing this show? The biggest challenge, for me, has been the tech savvy part. Being a data analyst, my role has a lot of information.

Have a good time. Do you have any favorite episodes or moments from this season? There are some nice moments between Lloyd Jimmi Simpson and Julianne this season. The interplay between those characters has been a lot of fun.

How has this ensemble of actors been to work with? Did you guys do anything to get to know each other, before you started filming?

breakout kings lloyd and julianne relationship problems

I moved to L. We would go out and have dinner and unwind after work. That lends itself to having more fun on set. You can also use those interpersonal relationships to make scenes pop on camera. I have a lot of fun figuring out how Julianne steps up to the plate, especially with this underlying anxiety disorder that she has.

Maybe some guns could be involved. Has Season 2 been confirmed yet? Have you been getting a lot of feedback from fans about the show? Anybody who watches Breakout Kings because a big fan of the show. Over the course of this season, does Julianne become friendly with any of the cons, in particular? They work in such a professional capacity and sometimes those lines get blurred.

Especially in television, it is very fast-paced. Is comedy something that just always appealed to you? I remember, as a child, loving it when my mom laughed, but I was definitely not a class clown. I view comedy as a puzzle, in terms of the choices you make to make people laugh. Comedy is more nebulous.

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What was the appeal of doing the internet project, Imaginary Bitches? Is the attraction of doing a web series the freedom that you get with it? Ray scoffed under his breath while Jules continued. He's still trying to win his love, and he's trying to do it by eliminating the competition. Talking to Damien made him inordinately jumpy. Ray shut his eyes and shook his head.

breakout kings lloyd and julianne relationship problems

His unspoken threat hung in the air: We'll be there as soon as we can. Oh, and Detective Estes called. He wanted to tell you that Tommy Fitzgerald was taken off life support this afternoon. He gave Lloyd's shirt a harsh tug, and the genius followed on his heels like a reprimanded puppy. The glance he sent backward to Shea and Erica was nothing short of pleading, until he caught the silent interaction between them. His gaze turned suspicious, but he had to time to act on it before he was pulled away.

They were hiding something, he knew it. And if it meant harm to their team, there wasn't a chance he would keep it a secret. But, then again, he was keeping his own secret that he would much rather bury than announce in the open to the entire world.

So he pushed the thought of snitching out of his mind. Lloyd, in a misguided act of disassociation, popped open the side door and took the seat farthest from Ray. Shea and Erica had lagged behind by at least a minute, giving Ray enough time to twist in his seat and pin Lloyd with a stony glare. I'm about up finished with your 'plan' to find Damien. Now, if you need a break from all this with a specialist or something, I'm willing to set that up for you.

But whatever you're doing here with Damien isn't working. You're gonna answer it. Either the tense moment was ignored or just unperceived, and not a word was spoken about it in the car as they made their way to Mad Max's half-brother.

breakout kings lloyd and julianne relationship problems

A pit began to curdle in Lloyd's stomach, and he knew it wasn't car sickness. If it did a sickening flip the next time Ray's phone rang - only Jules, thank God - Lloyd didn't let it show. But when Ray met his gaze, the command was clear. Because Damien was going to call again. And Ray would make sure Lloyd was going to face up to it.

The rest of the case went as smoothly as expected. They talked to the half-brother, the half-brother was murdered, and Erica took down Mad Max in a running car chase. Textbook, as far as Breakout Kings cases went. Focusing on distractions such as Mad Max, Lloyd found, was a nice vacation for his mind since that day with Nina Paulson.

Julianne Simms

Okay, so Damien had interrupted the case several times and there were occasions when Lloyd's mind wandered away for periods of time, but it wasn't anything too unusual or detrimental to the team. The only time the darkened pit in Lloyd's stomach reared its ugly head was when they were back in the warehouse with Mad Max in all the chains they could find.

Apparently, anxiety wasn't the only thing choking Lloyd's thoughts because now Jules was taking off her pantyhose in the middle of the room and putting them on Max's head and Lloyd's mind went completely blank.

His eyes were glued to the fabric on Max's face and yet his mind was still on the other side of the room, sitting down at Julianne's desk and thinking about her legs. By the time he had come back down to earth, Shea had a scathing insult ready and Lloyd felt vaguely like there was some part of himself missing.

Taunting the maniac who was wearing Julianne's drawers made him feel a little bit better. Shea didn't start small, either, for which Lloyd was grateful. A smirk teasing at the edge of his mouth, Lloyd intoned, "Wow. That got a rise out of him. Both pairs of eyes never left Max, anticipating another reaction from the tormented man. Both Shea and Lloyd moved forward when the blind escape artist almost tipped himself over.

Shea then reached over to give Lloyd a fist bump, which the ex-psychiatrist refused clumsily, amending that he doesn't do that sort of thing. He was saved by the bell when the office phone went off, dragging everyone's attention to Julianne when she picked it up. Office phone usually meant convoy for a captured fugitive, but with every passing second of silence it seemed clearer and clearer that the person on the other end of the line wasn't anyone with government. In a subdued voice unable to mask the anxiety pulling it taut, Lloyd spoke, "Put it on speaker, Julianne.

Condescending, pompous, conceited bastard. Lloyd vaulted from his chair, purpose heading his steps as he practically ripped his jacket off of his shoulders and made his way to Julianne's desk. Damien's voice rolled through the silent room in the same way a snake would slither through the desert.

Was it something I said? He rolled up his sleeves as though getting ready for a fight. It wasn't an unreasonable assertion; dealing with Damien often gave the impression of beating a dead horse into its next life. It's, uh, it's me. It wasn't uncommon for regular relationships to end with the very words, 'it's not you, it's me'. Lloyd, for all of his mistakes, knew exactly how to use his words to his advantage to play on Damien's need for Lloyd to recognize their 'relationship'.

Needed something shiny and new, something to hold my interest. Think I found it. Might have heard of him. Max Morris, the, uh, escape aficionado. In person, it would have sounded casual. Over the speakers, the underlying scorn was just prevalent enough for notice. Lloyd shifted in his crouched position by Julianne's desk, a vein in his jaw pumping out an uneven tattoo.

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Any trace of superiority in his expression dissipated, leaving the only underlying emotions: However, it was a sign of their respect for Lloyd that everyone else averted their gaze from Lloyd, allowing him his privacy. Damien's taunting smile pulled his words tight, entangling Lloyd in their meanings. Man, was she hot.

breakout kings lloyd and julianne relationship problems

Cute smile, taut little body. And her feet - the way they wiggled in her last throes - " At last, Lloyd stopped the tirade, his intensity drawing the gazes of everybody back to the focus at hand. If Lloyd's eyes cut to Jules for a millisecond in anxiety, it didn't show in his voice. He paused, his angered tone indicating that he wasn't going to take anymore bullshit from Lloyd.

The hand shook slightly, but no one gave voice to the concern. You know that, and you want to right that," Damien pointed out.

breakout kings lloyd and julianne relationship problems

As fiercely as Lloyd protected himself and his actions from prying eyes, Damien had the uncanny ability to read him like a book. The assumptions weren't difficult to make, the dots not hard to connect, but Damien always knew exactly what would get a rise out of Lloyd. There was a terse moment of silence before Lloyd blurted, "How did you know I took my coat off? Erica bolted to the window, trained eyes scanning the scenery before she pointed at a certain building.

By the time they arrived at the top of the roof of the adjacent building, all of them knew Damien was long gone. Lloyd's slip tipped the bastard off and he most likely took off in any direction. That didn't stop Lloyd from running around the edges of the roof like a chicken with its head cut off, but it did give credit to Shea and Erica, who were looking down at the streets as if to spot Damien making a break for it in the crowd below.

Ray, however, already had Jules on the phone, "Jules, put an alert out. The son of a bitch is here. Laminated plastic, an ID with a photo. Immediately, he was back on his phone and Erica was taking the ID from his hands to inform Lloyd and Shea of the development. He wouldn't be able to lead effectively with his daughter's life on the line. Lloyd flinched with every word. What do you mean, she's late? Because I want to talk to her! And it's my fault. Hopefully I haven't set this whole thing up for disaster, like most of my writings tend to spiral into.