Bobby maze and michelle relationship status

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bobby maze and michelle relationship status

K. Michelle And Bobby Maze: Singer Back With Ex After 'Fake away and ended this relationship because it was fake and very unhealthy.”. K. Michelle dated Bobby Maze in the past, but they broke up on January 15, . Classic Quotes by K. Michelle and Bobby Maze about their relationship. K. Michelle's New Boo Bobby Maze is A Deadbeat?? Anyway my gripe isn't with their so call new found love and relationship Let me explain, I'm assuming with his new girlfriend K Michelle celebrity status he feels the.

On her beef with K. Michelle She said K. Michelle speaks confidently on the full story. Michelle was coming into the situation and taking his side without knowing the full story. She was mad because she seemed to have no empathy and she felt someone who is a mother should understand her and try to get him to be a responsible father.

He portrays to her that will be there and never shows up.

K. Michelle And Bobby Maze: Singer Back With Ex After 'Fake & Unhealthy Relationship'? [VIDEO]

She said this has been an ongoing thing but now that he is dating a public figure, things became public. She said he was and still is an absentee dad.

bobby maze and michelle relationship status

The rest of the interview is quite interesting and you can listen to it below. I could be wrong but she did not come across like a woman who wants the man, she came across more like a woman who wants her child to have her father in her life which is understandable.

I feel where K.

bobby maze and michelle relationship status

She should have played it neutral and encourage him to be there for his child because a man who is capable of abandoning her child could easily do that to her too. Somewhere in the interview Angela mentioned she did not want her child around K. Michelle, well she has a better understanding why but sometimes you just have to make peace with all parties to move forward, that is if the man is willing to fully step up to the plate and be a good dad.

Fighting will not resolve anything.

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You can listen to the full interview here. C Clark Photography Share this: Kelly on numerous occasions, right from the start of her music career. She has often called him her mentor but often it has been alleged that he did become more than a mentor on a couple of occasions.

In Augusthe hinted that they had a sexual encounter after a show during the Single Ladies Tour. But he was told by his crew in the morning that he had a good time.

bobby maze and michelle relationship status

Idris Elba — Kimberly started going out with English actor Idris Elba towards the end of They had met at the Soul Train Awards and hit it off instantly. However, their eight-month-long relationship ended in a controversy as he decided to leave her for the women he was having children with.

When she realized that there was a newborn child involved in the situation, she decided to step aside.

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Bobby Maze — Michelle started dating basketball star Bobby Maze in During the course of their relationship, she even got pregnant. But in Februaryshe decided to dump him. She had realized that he had lied to her about his four baby mamas. She also decided to undergo an abortion. Later, it was revealed that all the jewelry he had gifted her was fake as well.