Bob harper and jennifer rumple relationship

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bob harper and jennifer rumple relationship

“The Biggest Loser”: Alameda's Jennifer Rumple reflects on her journey person that Jennifer did bond with on the show is Bob Harper, her trainer. . terrorists with a particular focus on the relationship they developed with a. Bob Harper has been with the show since it began in . what it feels like to be comfortable and happy with herself, to have a boy like her, to be in a relationship, to go shopping and not in the plus-size department. .. Jennifer Rumple, Para se conectar a Jennifer Rumple, entre no Facebook hoje mesmo. Participar. ou So all my friends who feel stuck in weight loss, fitness, finances, relationships life in general. .. Y'all know how much I love me some Bob Harper.

Bob makes Antone his "pet project," a former NFL offensive tackle. Antone clearly struggles with what he has become in comparison to his previous athleticism, and breaks down, crying on the floor, just 10 minutes into the workout. Later on, in the middle of the night, Becky receives a phone call at 3: Upon hearing the news, she does something "completely out of character;" she goes to the gym by herself and works out on her own to prevent her mind from racing.

The next morning, she left the ranch for a few days to be with her family, and Anna and the others have a discussion regarding their health and mortality; it clearly strikes a chord with the other contestants and the state of their own health statuses. A few days later, Becky returns from her father's funeral, and the last chance workouts begin. Becky's determination to prevent herself from going down the same path as her father was so strong that it caused Anna to get emotional.

'The Biggest Loser' eliminates contestant Jessica Limpert

She tells Becky that she is very proud of her. Antone has also made significant progress from the first workout, but Dolvett decides at one point to kick Patrick out of the gym because of his self-doubt.

They then have a discussion, and Patrick decides to get back into the gym to continue the workout. At the weigh-in, Alison asks Anna and Dolvett how they feel about it. Anna compares this experience to "playing at Arthur Ashe stadium in front of 20, people. The weigh-in then proceeds, and the contestants are weighed-in from oldest to youngest. The oldest contestant, Johnny, loses 17 pounds. Becky and Mike also lose double figures and ; however, Bonnie only loses 4 pounds, which is clearly upsetting to everyone, and Debbie loses only 6 pounds.

The red team also has all its members in double figures: Vinny loses 21 pounds, Patrick loses 20 pounds, and Ramon loses 17 pounds. Thus, the blue team loses the weigh-in, and between them they decide that, despite Bonnie's lower number, she would be better off staying to find the best way for her to lose weight.

Debbie explains that she has a support system at home, and would be able to cope if she left. The team supports this, and sends Debbie home. In the contestant catch-up segment, Debbie has lost 24 pounds, and is much more active, frequently exercising with her daughter, including taking part in her son's dance classes.

Week 2[ edit ] First aired on September 27, Week 2 begins with Alison introducing them to their first temptation, and the stakes involved. Each team will only have two hours a day to use the gym, and will have the same time slot throughout the week; the three slots are early morning amearly afternoon 12 noon-2pmand late night pm. The temptation involves eating mini-doughnuts 35 calories each in three minutes, with the winning team choosing the slots for themselves and the other teams.

Only two members actually took part: Mike ate 11 doughnuts caloriesand John ate 37 1, calories. The black team won the challenge and chose the am slot for themselves, and then gave the blue team the 12 noon-2pm slot and the red team the pm slot. This decision apparently caused some conflict, as the red team seemed to think John showed a lack of respect towards them.

On day 1 of the new schedule, Bob enters the dorm with a megaphone and a wake-up song at 4: The black team struggles with the early morning wake-up call, but Bob is clearly more enthusiastic about having the morning slot, and pushes the black team to their limits, focusing on John for his participation in the temptation.

Antone falls off the spin machine from pushing himself so hard, and struggles with his lack of fitness in comparison to his previous days as an athlete. There is also conflict between John and Sunny; John has insulted Sunny to Antone, and tried to make deals with other team members to keep himself in the ranch. There is some resolution; Bob makes the point that cracks in the team dynamic will open themselves up to being defeated by the other teams.

bob harper and jennifer rumple relationship

At the 12 noon-2pm time slot, Anna tailors Bonnie's workout to help with her knee injury, but Johnny is struggling and gives up very quickly in all of his exercises.

This irritates Bonnie in particular, as he has no injuries, and is not making the most of his opportunities to exercise. Later, at 8pm, Dolvett sits down with the red team before their workout, and looks in detail at their calorie intakes and diets: During the workout, Jessica talks to Dolvett about struggling with her past, and how her previous partner encouraged her to gain weight to combat his jealously.

Huizenga is on the ranch to deliver health test results to the contestants, with the trainers there to support them at his request. In Bonnie's case, after having her stomach stapled, she lost over pounds, but the majority of that weight was muscle rather than fat, and as a result, she is in worse shape than before her surgery.

She is also extremely likely to need another artificial knee, and Dr.

Biggest Loser: Battle of the Ages!!!! - Oh No They Didn't!

H allows her to speak to her daughter and grandson to help motivate her. Ramon is revealed to be the sickest person in relation to his age with an internal age of 50, which, ironically enough, was his football number, and 23 years older than his actual age of 27despite declaring that he had nothing wrong with him, with high blood pressure, elevated bad cholesterol, very low good cholesterol, and diabetes, all of which he was unaware of, because he refused to go to his doctor, out of fear of the facts.

For the challenge, the teams must navigate a ball through a maze floating on water using only their body weight.

The fastest time wins a 2-pound advantage, second place gets a 1-pound advantage, and third place gets no advantage. The black team beats the red team by just three seconds, 7: At the last chance workout, the trainers are all concerned by the time restrictions, and their ability to do as much in the two hours that they have.

Jennifer has her workout tailored to combat her knee injury, which is severe enough to need an MRI. Johnny is putting in more effort in this workout, which is clearly noticed by Anna. At the weigh-in, the trainers remark about how the second week has historically always been the hardest week in the competition. The red team goes first; Ramon loses 9 pounds, Courtney loses 7 pounds, and Vinny loses 5 pounds to put him at exactly pounds. The black team goes next, with John losing 15 pounds to get him underAntone losing 10 pounds, and Jennifer losing 6 pounds, despite her injury.

Finally, the blue team weighs in; Mike is their biggest loser with a loss of 7 pounds; Becky loses 5 pounds, and Bonnie loses 3 pounds.

bob harper and jennifer rumple relationship

As Johnny gets on the scale to weigh in, Anna tells her team that she cannot watch because she is very nervous about him this week, and her fears are warranted; Johnny gains 2 pounds, and everyone is shocked at the outcome. As a result, the blue team loses the weigh-in again, and decide to send Johnny home due to his lack of motivation throughout the week.

In the contestant catch-up segment, Johnny has lost 59 pounds, and is enjoying the chance to play with his grandchildren. The player from any team who has the highest percentage of weight loss would go to the super bowl. And the winner is Mike who had beaten Joe with an outstanding 5. Red Team loses weigh in. The Red Team eliminates Patrick over Courtney after telling his team to vote for him. Let me show you I can do this.

bob harper and jennifer rumple relationship

I think the hardest thing when I got back was I was nervous. I had just gotten released to do the treadmill, actually the day before I was eliminated. Am I going to have another crack? So I have been training for this marathon. But now I just do — I do a lot of jogging, a lot of pool work, and I am in love with boxing. I absolutely love boxing. Even my skin looks better! And it made me incredibly sad because I thought at the time — because I am an optimistic, positive, happy person that tries to see the good in everything — but I just saw my face… The difference between now and then, it just made me really sad.

It made me cry. It made me very sad. And I honestly cannot identify with that person anymore, truly. I would never even recognize you from that. She looks so incredible that I'm not kidding you, Dolvett himself commented on it.

We were up on stage doing interviews afterward, and he goes, "That's her mom? I'm gonna get her number now!

Jennifer Rumple Eliminated from Biggest Loser: "I was becoming a threat" - PCM Lifestyle

There were probably more Dolvett groupies packed in that studio than contestants' friends and relatives. And contestant Joe Mitchell was one of them. Bless his heart, but he walked right up and interrupted my interview with Dolvett so he could gush about what a great, genuine guy he is and how he's "The new face of 'Biggest Loser.

But geez, Joe, I had like two minutes to talk to The Face, and you took one of them! They can call me whenever they want to call me, and we'll talk. I want to meet their families. I'm not the guy to do it for the fame, I'm doing it because I love what I do. It's not about the lights. It's about the health. If I didn't do it for him [Joe,] I don't want to be here.

I didn't even get my hug! No, that would have been unprofessional. Not that screaming my head off for the contestants for two hours was professional, but that's what you have to do on these shows to create "ambience" read: I would have, except the Limperts are die-hard Steelers fans from Pittsburgh, and Jess' brother Bill, who played football at Lock Haven, is a big dude I didn't think I should piss off.

bob harper and jennifer rumple relationship

Speaking of pissed off, they told us in the letter they sent to all ticketholders that we weren't allowed to bring cell phones into the studio. Leave them in your cars, they said. I think I was the only cotton pickin' person in the entire freakin' place to follow that rule. So I don't have pictures of myself with anybody or anything.

bob harper and jennifer rumple relationship

The only way I can truly prove to you I was there is to now snap a photo of my ticket. And throw some quotes at you that I gathered in the post-show interviews. Oh, and some people have told me I might have made it on TV, which makes me wish I'd made a sign to hold up and shield my face. That, or learned how to put on makeup at some point in my life. Anyway, here's John Rhode, reacting to his big win and talking about his "Biggest Loser" legacy.