Being single and in a relationship

being single and in a relationship

To conclude, being single or in a relationship is a matter of choice. However, we are not lone cells, thus we were not meant to be alone. Why You Should Act Single In A Relationship I'm always confused by, it's the idea that falling in love = being totally consumed by each other. People who are single at heart might feel relieved even if the relationship wasn't bad at all. They just missed their single life. Something about being in a.

being single and in a relationship

April 6, Embed from Getty Images — For people who are single, they would argue that being single is the best thing since sliced bread. While people in a relationship think that there is nothing better than being with the one you love.

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But, who is right? Is it better to be single or in a relationship? Here are some comparisons to help you decide.

being single and in a relationship

The Single Life There are lots of perks to being single. You can be completely selfish! This can be a bonus particularly when it comes to staying in all weekend to binge on Netflix. On the other hand, a weekend getaway with the one you love can be just as exciting; leaving you to catch up on your Netflix series during the week. Another bonus for single people is dating. Alternatively, if you are not meeting any great dating prospects, then you might wind up with more lonely filled nights than fun ones.

Being In A Relationship Relationships are cool because you get to share your life with someone. That does not mean when you want to spend time alone you cannot. On the contrary, you get to spend time with your loved one and spend time alone doing the things that you love.

For instance, in a healthy relationship, you go out and meet up with friends or enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.

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However, you can also set a date to do some cool things you enjoy doing with your partner. Being in a relationship, so long as it is a healthy one, does not take away from your private time. On the other hand, sometimes even the cheap roadside Romeos feel the necessity of having someone near and dear to them. Advantages of Being Single Read This: Coolest Jobs in the World that are also Well-Paid!

A Lot of Time for Yourself You can live life your way without interference of any person. You can explore our new endeavors and your potential. You know yourself better and you can do work for improvement. Fly to accomplish your dreams etc. Freedom Being single you can do whatever and whenever you want.

6 Reasons Why Being Single is Better Than a Relationship

You need not compromise on anything. Can Spend More Time with Friends Being single facilitates oomph to continue relations with your friends and spend a good time with them.

being single and in a relationship

No One Would be Envious or Jealous Many times you have to deal with the situations like insecurity, suspicion, distrust, jealousy etc. So, there would be no such tensions.