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As John Crichton explains in his opening credits monologue, “I'm just looking for a way home. As such, “A Human Reaction” has a very simple goal. remembering as we go forward with Zhaan and Crichton's relationship. This must be Earth, because Jack would never betray his son like that—and. Officer Aeryn Sun was a former Peacekeeper pilot, fugitive, and wife of John Crichton. She had a series of non-emotional relationships of the sort encouraged by one of their ships on purpose, Crais deemed Aeryn irreversibly contaminated, At the start of the season, Aeryn manages to save Crichton and D'Argo after. John Crichton Aeryn Sun Farscape best science fiction love story . They let a coin toss decide the fate of their relationship, John goes on.

Aeryn is Sebacean, an alien race hinted in the show to be a genetically modified human offshoot. At the beginning of the show, she is a member of the Peacekeepers, a military that hires itself out for protection and not only discourages, but actively forbids emotional attachment.

It is revealed later in the show that suspected emotional bonding is punishable by imprisonment and even death. Aeryn is physically superior to John, having increased senses and a lifetime of intense military training. The trope of the strong, unemotional man and weaker, but emotionally more mature woman is turned inside-out with John and Aeryn — she can dominate him physically, and he is the one trying to help her get in touch with her emotional side.

As the show progresses, John and Aeryn grow closer and begin to even each other out somewhat. These changes are not sudden, but gradual over multiple seasons with various setbacks, allowing the viewer to appreciate that such things are not immediate or easy.

Like River from Firefly, John is pursued relentlessly for the information inside of his brain. Grayza had herself implanted with a gland that excretes Heppel Oil, a substance she uses as a date-rape drug.

If that GIF existed. If I knew how to GIF, it would …. In so many formats, the tale of a hard, military man learning to care for others, getting in touch with his emotions, and embracing his inner nurturer is very common.

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Sikozu points out that shrinking a man-sized creature to finger-size would cause all sorts of spectacular anatomical failures, and defies the laws of physics to boot. Rigel berates her for relying on education over experience, claiming that he's seen weirder things and now just accepts that he knows nothing and that surprises are everywhere.

Naturally, Sikozu never brings up the issue again. Rygel's reaction to Sikozu's insistence that what's happening is impossible is basically "doesn't matter if it's impossible, it happened, deal with it.

Crichton goes here whenever he needs to hold conference with Harvey. The scenery varies wildly, from a Tarantino -esque gangster movie, to a Nosferatu crypt; whatever best fits John's situation. While stuck on the planet Acquara, Crichton catches a "shakloom" re: You might be a redneck if Inverted with Rygel, who ends carrying Aeryn's baby for a while.

This is the part where we elaborate how it happened, but it honestly defies explanation. T'raltixx is a benign-seeming engineer who boards Moya under the pretext of making her untraceable to scanners "Crackers Don't Matter". He sets about adjusting the bioluminence throughout the ship, which has the effect of increasing the crew's paranoia. The exact nature of the Whae'lan virus in the comics. Have You Told Anyone Else? His second-in-command Teeg destroys the message and assures him that no-one else knows about it.

Crais repays her loyalty by snapping her neck. Often shared by John and Aeryn, not just when either of them was in distress but when they're showing affection in general. Crichton also shares one with "Pip" aka Chiana in "Family Ties". Chiana doesn't know how to express her gratitude without offering her body to him. Crichton lets her down easy, and manages to reject her advances without rejecting her as a person.

Also Pilot, whose species has an incredible healing factor. First Crais, then Scorpius, kind of. Heh Heh, You Said "X": In "Though the Looking Glass", the light coming from the 'Yellow' Moya causes the crew to become elated and giddy. While explaining to Chiana the sequence for engaging full reverse, Crichton's instruction to activate "the green knob" is enough to make her burst into hysterics.

Obviously amused You really have no idea what a dranit is, do you? Right after discussing action movies with Gilena in "PK Tech Girl", Crichton segues into a long, sweaty gaze, which he points out is also a common feature of Earth movies. On the commentary for "Into the Lion's Den," the producers joke that they used up all the leather in Australia on PK costumes.

Sometimes, he'd hear a crowd respond. Help Yourself in the Future: Occurs in the "The Locket", when an elderly version of Aeryn warns the crew not to get stranded in "the Mist". A disbelieving John follows her back down to the planet, only to get trapped there himself.

He survives for decades as a gardener, simultaneously estimating the exact window that Moya will be accessible again 50 years to Crichton; a single day for Moya's crew. This time, it is an elderly Crichton who boards Moya to advise them on how them escape the Mist. Crais and Talyn, Zhaan who got extra mileage by sacrificing herself when she was already slowing dying from resurrecting Aerynone of the copies of John, D'Argo in The Peacekeeper Wars and Sikozu and Noranti also already dying from other factors in the comics.

Yeah, Farscape likes this one. A variation occurs with Zhaan after Tahleen, the resident Deceptive Discipletelepathically tears from her mind her ability to perform violence without going insane as Delvians are wont to do.

She manages to Snap Back after sharing Unity with Crichton, who shows her that the kindness she was capable of was inherent and couldn't just be ripped out. As a result, Zhaan's mental abilities become even more powerful, and she and Crichton go on to dissolve Tahleen's corrupt temple.

And she almost literally took a level in badass in the process to boot. You never fail to amaze me, John. You weren't supposed to be able to initiate a conversation with this neural clone. Arguably, out of universe, Zhaan's actress herself also qualifies.

The blue makeup had been causing her health problems described horrifically by the other wiki as "bleeding kidneys" from within three months of filming the first season. She stayed on as a regular for more than two seasons. Hero of Another Story: His actor played him this way, the producers noticed, and they kept him on. He started in relative obscurity as just another one of Crais' soldiers, and soon began to rise under Scorpius.

He became a major recurring character. Also, Jotheb, the animatronic ruler of the Consortium of Trao. The crew of the Leviathan named Cilla in the comics. A crew of Peacekeeper deserters with full complement of soldiers and Prowlers! Scorpius undergoes one in the comics when the Kkore send him to conquer the Scarrans at the head of a small fleet. The fleet is fake - unarmed and crewless, manned by holograms.

He assumed the test was about his leadership, while it was in actuality of his ability to win a war without firing a shot. He also made allusions about Crais, their commanding officer, and to a bit of sabotage he had performed on the living ship.

Moya was to be pregnant, but not with the usual kind of baby. Aeryn found herself making a very difficult choice. Afraid of such a change, and wanting to return to Prowler duty, Aeryn turned Velorek in to Crais, who labeled the man a traitor and sent him back to his own homeworld.

It was a choice that never really sat well with Aeryn, despite the gains to her, personally. Two cycles later, Aeryn was part of the Peacekeeper mission to recapture a Leviathan prison transport.

They dumped hapless John Crichton into her cell, thinking he too was a Sebacean. After John woke, Aeryn pinned him to the ground without mercy, asking for his name, rank, and regiment.

His answers, understandably, confused and irritated her as she believed him to be Sebacean such as herself. It was revealed that he was not, and the pair were taken to be fed while still in handcuffs. There the prisoners pressed Aeryn for information about the Peacekeeper presence in the area, but she said nothing, her expression was clearly one of disdain.

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As they left, Aeryn expressed her plan to sabotage Moya. That word got a very confused look from the Peacekeeper, and John boggled at that while he explained what it meant. Aeryn then replied that she did know what that feeling was and she hated it. A death, that Aeryn realized from her time spent with John, was an accident. The sentence meant being stripped of her rank and death for Aeryn, which she would have followed through with had John not uttered one simple phrase while they escaped a second time.

Afterwards, Aeryn blamed John for everything that had happened to her, adding that Crais would not relent in his search for Crichton. Some time later, an alarm sounded on Moya. So, they muffled the sound in the swamp of a nearby planet, buying a little time to find something to help Moya deal with the pain of having the device removed.

John split from the group, and eventually Aeryn had to circle back to the ship to deal with the device without the aid of anything to help the Leviathan. Both were vital parts of a mission to flee the Peacekeepers, and as such, were important to Aeryn for that reason. In this case, they were able to complete their mission of removing the device.

Awhile later, it became apparent that Aeryn was still sticking to her Peacekeeper roots as she and John talked in the maintenance bay. She remained aloof, with an air of superiority about her that even John got irritated at. This proved to be very dangerous for Aeryn. Like all Sebaceans, Aeryn was susceptible to heat far sooner than a human would be.

She struggled to hold out as the ship lost more and more functions to what they now knew to be the parasites. It also allowed a special commando unit of Peacekeepers onboard the ship, though they started succumbing to the heat as well. Aeryn, feeling the onset of the Living Death, asked John to promise that he would kill her before she slipped away entirely. John, however, gambled her life to get the Peacekeepers commandos off the ship while Zhaan looked after her. The plan worked, the parasites left, and the temperature on board finally returned to normal.

Aeryn, once feeling well enough, went up on the viewing deck of Moya; John found her there some time later. While they talked, she made a comment to the human that she used to think that lesser life forms should be crushed under-foot but now she knew better, further alluding that she was not referring to the parasite that had been on board but instead to John.

Some time after that, Rygel instigated a trade with the Tavleks, a mercenary group, who were intending to board the ship for the transaction.

Aeryn refused to meet them without her weapons, which were banned from the trade. In the end, they managed to retrieve Rygel, the control, crystal and themselves off of the planet and back to Moya.

As a soldier she never had much patience for anything requiring tedious, scientific work, but when Rygel ingested foreign food on the planet below that turned his bodily fluids explosive, he was placed in cryostasis and it was Aeryn who was forced to do the work despite her trying to make John or Pilot do it.

Out of necessity, the task fell to her to figure out what had caused this reaction in Rygel. There were several points where she got frustrated and wanted to give up, but when Pilot confided in her that complex sciences baffled him as well, it bolstered her own confidence. Even then, Aeryn was still surprised, but very openly pleased, to be the one to discover a cure for Rygel. Later, Moya came across a derelict Peacekeeper vessel. John wanted to leave but Aeryn wanted to know what ship it was.

Rygel, however, recognized the ship as the Zelbinion, a famed Peacekeeper vessel that had gone missing over a hundred cycles roughly, years ago.

Gilina, a PK tech worker, tried to get away from them. Aeryn ruthlessly interrogated Gilina, insisting the tech was lying to them, as that was the Peacekeeper way. When John protested again, Aeryn told him that this was her world and he needed to stay out of it. While exploring the ship they came across a fallen Peacekeeper whom Aeryn recognized as part of her former regiment.

When she questioned Gilina about it the tech informed her that her team had been demoted and could only restore their proper rank upon her death. While the crew was still there deciding what to do, Scavengers returned to the ship, and those aboard the Zelbinion were forced to work together to restore the defensive grid to shield them from the scavenger ship's blasts. She said it was none of her business, though she did admit to finding John interesting if only for a moment but then promptly hulked out, carrying a very large and very heavy container away from the pair, leaving them to each other.

After the threat had passed and they were back on Moya, John suggested they let Gilina go and Aeryn for once, agreed with him. She reasoned that Gilina would lie to avoid being deemed irreversibly contaminated, and later in a private conversation with Gilina Aeryn lamented that she should have been that smart. John sought Aeryn out later to talk, as Aeryn was clearly troubled by the course of recent events.

John insisted that loss was the hardest emotion to deal with, but Aeryn quickly countered that it was a sign of weakness and that John needed to stop implying he understood her. When John then mused about his own family and friends back home, Aeryn admitted that she stood corrected. Aeryn staunchly refused to participate and was quietly unsettled by the idea that the rest of the crew would find their homes and leave.

She even went so far as to confide to John that she was afraid knowing he would some day leave, too, and that she had never been alone before. The Peacekeeper way of life meant she was always surrounded by fellow Peacekeepers, being alone was a terrifying thought. She started to understand the DRDs, her thoughts began running in multiple tracks as more and more of her transformed. When John discovered this, Aeryn told him she went because she was scared of being alone.

They returned to the planet for answers, but Aeryn was captured by NamTar. John eventually rescued her and helped reverse the damage done, though it did leave her shaken.

It also left her with an innate understanding of the systems Pilot used to interface with Moya. Some time later Aeryn was trying to remove a bit of Peacekeeper technology from Moya and the rest of the crew was sweeping the ship deck by deck to uncover any other surprises that may have been left behind.

It was discovered he had a wife, a son, but more surprisingly that his wife was a Sebacean. Aeryn reminded him that the Peacekeepers did not condone such unions, but that she thought his wife was very beautiful. John was trying to recreate a wormhole, Aeryn was flying with him in his module, and while they manage to produce one it was very unstable.

Aeryn took the device and uncovered a message from Crais to her, offering an honorable retirement should she turn in Moya and the prisoners. It claimed, falsely thanks to being rewired, that Crais had to withdraw and therefore the bounty was no longer in effect. Aeryn seemed rather pleased her idea worked out, but when John asked her if she was seriously considering the offer Crais extended to her, Aeryn said she did for a moment, because it felt good to be wanted and the idea that she could return to her old life was still enticing, but ultimately an honorable retirement meant she would have been executed for being contaminated.

After a time, Aeryn was trying to teach John how to fly a transport pod, in order to train him on Leviathan technology so he would not be nearly as useless.


Suddenly their pod was caught in something called The Flux, which was being used by space pirates to capture ships and raid them for valuables and the like. The transport pod was essentially dead, not moving, no functioning communications, nothing. They managed to escape The Flux but were sucked back into it again, only damaging the pod even more. The compartment flooded with oxygen, making blow torch repairs impossible unless they flushed out all the air first. She vowed not to let him down, administered the kill shot and got to work.