Arbiter and master chief meet greet

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arbiter and master chief meet greet

They meet Lord Terrence Hood, the current leader of the UNSC. .. Guilty Spark greets himself also telling the Arbiter that his is the Monitor of Installation of . "The Arbiter gave a speech, shortly after we met him in Halo's .. three Elites, were there to greet the Chief just before he reentered the cavern. They might greet each other and be in awe to meet again in the flesh In Halo 3 on the last mission, Arbiter had a choice,He was offered to.

John hadn't know much about him; he was nearly silent all the time, preferring to hone his skills than talk. Kurt actually outranked John; he had been socially adept, the best of the Spartans when it came to being "normal" humans. John had presumed him dead when he was thrown into space after his jet pack malfunctioned, but the ONI database still listed him as MIA.

John wondered about that, but Cortana said his clearance wasn't high enough for the true story. Jorge had been free with his opinions, almost always voicing a distaste for every political campaign he heard of.

But he had also been sentimental. He had died placing a bomb on a Covenant ship, activating it manually because of a malfunction. Linda was also still missing.

She was the best with the sniper rifle, and worked well on her own. All of the Spartans did, but she was special. She would sit in a tree for hours without moving if it meant getting the perfect shot.

Malcolm had been killed when Red Team jumped from a Pelican during the battle on Reach. He was a reserved fellow, but he always made sure that everyone on his team was covered while going through enemy territory. Maria had been wounded too critically to continue as a Spartan and subsequently retired.

John had searched her out, only to find that her augmentations had made a family life impossible. She had died in childbirth. Soloman had been on the mission to rescue Dr. He had found a Covenant anti-matter bomb, and managed to warn his teammates just before it destroyed him and the ship he was on. Soloman had always had some sort of light to shed on the situation, the most optimistic of the Spartans. Arthur had also been on the mission to rescue Dr. Halsey, but his Booster Pack had malfunctioned and sent him spinning off into space.

Slowly freezing or suffocating to death was the worst way to go for a Spartan. John remembered him as being quiet, but when he spoke, he always had a good opinion to share. Kelly… John sighed quietly. Kelly had been one of his best friends. She was the fastest Spartan, but more importantly, her wit always seemed to run apace with her feet. She was still missing, and John hoped that, one day, she would be found, maybe stuck in a cryo tube floating in the debris above a planet. Jerome had last been seen on Spirit of Fire with Douglas.

She had been the explosives expert of the Spartans, and John thought she would be happy to know she had become a bomb herself. Victor had been hard to read, the calmest of the Spartans, but he had also had a darker side. He was the most emotionally unstable and had even attacked one of his brothers.

He had been killed just after the alliance with the Elites, nearly sliced in half by a Hunter. Fred outranked John as well, and was still missing. He had always been one of the most caring of the Spartans, always trying to keep them safe. Adrianna was the only Spartan to ever question orders from superior officers. But she had been missing for years with the rest of Grey Team. Joseph had been removed from the program after fleeing with Daisy to find his parents.

He had been caught quickly, though, and dishonorably discharged from the Navy. John had looked him up only to find out that he had died in a car accident. Alice was missing with Douglas aboard the Spirit of Fire. John wondered why so many of his Spartans had been in one place; towards the end of the war, he was told they were spread thin. Carris had been volatile; she couldn't control her own strength sometimes, especially after the augmentations.

She regretted killing anything, even Covenant, and had died protecting a squad of Marines from Hunters. Cal had died during an assassination attempt of a Prophet.

Cal had always been able to make friends. John sighed to himself. His teammates floated in his head, some missing, mostly dead.

So many brave men and women… But they had given their lives to protect humanity, and that was what Spartans had been trained for. The crowd rose to their feet as Hood finished his speech; John stood at attention and saluted with them. The cameras flying over their heads sought out faces in the crowd; one watched the honor guard. The twenty-one gun salute echoed through the stadium as they fired.

Over two dozen caskets — filled with nothing but air, John knew, the dead Spartans having been cremated long before — rested on the shoulders of more honor guards.

They would carry said caskets into hearses waiting outside the stadium, and then the hearses would deliver the coffins to the individual Spartan's memorial around the planet. Each would be buried beneath its supposed occupant's statue. John allowed the crowd to stream out of the stadium around him, on their way to observe the hearse parade, but the former Spartan merely stood where he was, watching something only he could see.

A few soldiers — veteran and active — noticed him and shot him weird looks, but John missed them. When the stadium was empty save for a few stragglers, John shook himself out of his reverie and walked quickly down to the knot of brass at the stadium.

Admiral Hood glanced up and smiled slightly upon seeing him. John shook it carefully. One, however, tracked the pair walking away, hidden by its fellows. We fixed the fence a few days ago after a bad wind storm. I don't have much to do, though. The crowd outside had dispersed and Admiral Hood sat on a bench, looking out over the desert beyond the stadium. He motioned for John to join him. I find myself sleeping a lot. We may need your help sooner than we thought.

Some negotiators we can't leave out — like the big corporation heads — lost family and friends and can't let go. They demand completely unrealistic payments of materials, rights to planets with ore and terrestrial potential. It's painful, but normal. Kind of like childbirth. They're re-forming the Covenant, but without the Prophets. I think most of that species is dead, and the others are hiding.

So far, Xylin has confirmed that the Brutes, Jackals, and Grunts have joined up, though there are rumors that each species has a group who is unwilling to return to that way of life. Most of them were under Sangheili control.

Thel won't say much about it, but it's apparently where most of the ships are built. They're probably amassing a fleet right now. The head Brute — I can't pronounce his name, so he said to call him "the War Chieftain" but we named him "Fang" — has called for peace talks on a neutral planet. With the Elite's help, we could easily overpower their small fleet.

But we have to maintain the upper hand, or they'll sense weakness and attack. But not without major damage to myself and my armor.

They are stronger than the Elites in an entirely different way. When they go berserk, they're deadly, and it takes a lot to put one down. It would be nice to have a purpose again. I'm getting along fine, sir. However, it was never properly finished, and can only open one to it's edges, or just slightly beyond the Outer Rim. I have Lord Hood, as well as the Supreme Commander. Sure enough, after a moment, two faces appeared. One was of the trusted elderly man that was in charge of the human defense: The other, an Elite, wore the armor of a Field-Marshal, only with more intricately detailed plates, and more bright lights running along the seams than Fol had.

Also, the plates were black in color. He then turned to him. Commander Keyes and Supreme Commander Naitol'ee here came up with a good plan. But without you, I wasn't sure we could pull it off.

Surely, Blue Team could have done this without him. Halsey, and she requested Blue Team's presence. Nothing they hadn't done before. Sure, Halsey, and by extension Kelly as well, needed help. They would be fine. And his infantry has deployed Anti-Air Batteries around the perimeter. But, if we neutralize one or two of the batteries, punch a hole in Truth's defenses It's a big risk.

But I'm confident y-" at that moment, all power cut out, and the room was swept into total darkness. Even the emergency lights didn't kick in. Let him and-" They were, however, interrupted, as all displays went back online. But only the displays: No lights, and no consoles. And the being displayed on the displays was the one they were out to kill right now.

That you might escape the coming fire? Your worlds will burn until their surfaces are but Glass. And not even your precious Demon will live to creep, blackened from its hole to mar the reflection of our passage.

If he was mentioned in particular, and the reference to the dirt They were about to come under attack. For your destruction is the will of the Gods! I am their Instrument! Keyes immediately got the hint, and turned to the Ops center officers. The officers and technicians got the hint, and they immediately scrambled to arrange the evacuation. Keyes walked away from the main displays. We need to get all of them out. Wilson, Banks and Reynolds grabbed some weapons, and took up cover positions near the exits to the room.

She turned back to John and the Elites. Unfortunately, that's also our main hole we let the wounded drip out off. I need it clear ASAP. Across the way, he came across an open cavern, where he saw Stacker and Dubbo help other Marines and Grunts set up defenses to stall the Brutes, like setting up mines and barricades. He walked up to a weapon rack, and grabbed more ammo for the Shotgun he'd picked up, as well as a Carbine.

Dubbo, having spotted the Chief, walked up to him. Point us the right way, and we'll cover you. We're covering the wounded as they're evacuating. Eventually, they came back to the long hallway. Brutes had apparently already breached the base perimeter somewhere, as they were in a firefight with a group of Elites and Grunts, with two of the Elites manning Shade turrets.

John fired at a Brute Captain wielding a Brute shot, which was the only one presenting a real threat to the Shade turrets. It, however, wasn't interested in the turret any longer.

It was interested in killing him. John ducked back behind the cover of a truck turned over earlier in the fight, and felt it shake. But then, he heard a loud rumble, and he looked out his cover again.

Hunters had rounded the corner of the hallway beyond the Brutes, and, with the Elites and Shade Turrets, had them in a crossfire. John got out of cover, and fired at the Brute Captain with his Carbine, dislodging the Helmet. The shade gunners, recognizing the threat, finished it off, cutting it down with a barrage. The Brutes, five of them now remaining, were cut down by the Hunters, Marines and other Elites.

Afterwards, the Elites and Grunts nodded in gratitude, and they held the line. John and the others continued on, onto the Hangar. It was clear, for now.

arbiter and master chief meet greet

About four Pelicans were up on racks, waiting to take on passengers. Two Spirits and two Phantoms, all green, were hovering on the Hangar floor right now, taking on wounded humans, Grunts and Elites, along with the necessary medics, as they looked. He Looked around for the nearest officer, which turned out to be, to his surprise, Lieutenant Mattock.

Upon seeing him and the Arbiter approach, she smiled. Next time, don't spoil the moment. N'tho raised his own Battle Rifle, and joined in firing. The Arbiter jumped up, hanging on to a steel tube. He climbed on top of it, and balanced on it towards the formation of Brutes, firing on them from above while hidden behind said tube himself. John decided to go for his usual approach: He fired with his Carbine from the top of the stairs, and downed a pair of Skirmishers that emerged.

Three more jumped out and ran for cover, but they were ambushed by a Hunter Pair who came out of a side entrance, and they crushed the Skirmishers with their shields. John was glad the Hunters were now on his side. He turned his attention to the main Hangar Floor, as a Brute Chieftain emerged, wielding a big hammer.

It had spotted the small entrance the wounded and doctors had come through, and was making its way towards it. John fired at it with his Carbine, trying to draw its attention. The Brute, however, wasn't going to be deterred, and was almost at the door.

The Arbiter, however, disagreed. He jumped down from the tube, and landed on top of the Brute, Energy Swords stabbing into the Shoulders. The Brute, surprised by the extra weight it received, toppled.

John made his over in one good jump, and pulled out his Shotgun, firing at the Brute's head. It was blasted apart. Soon, a pile had started to rise directly underneath the Phantom landing zones. John had an idea, and he grabbed the grenade belt of a Brute Shot.

He stuck it with an active Plasma Grenade, and threw it inside the Grav-lift of one of the Phantoms just as it left. The explosives went off, and the Phantom, heavily damaged by the internal explosion, started to whine in a high tone, before exploding. Just as it passed a Phantom filled with Brutes. The other Phantom listed, hitting the Hangar wall. It skidded off, and crashed to the floor, stopping right in front off the Master Chief.

N'tho and Usze fired at some glowing points on the underside of the Phantom, and threw Incendiaries at the hatch just as a Brute tried to pry it open. The Brute howled, as it caught fire, and crashed into its brethren. After only ten seconds, every seam of the interior glowed, as an inferno consumed all the Brutes, who had been caught by surprise while they all still lay on the floor.

John turned back to the main battle.

arbiter and master chief meet greet

It was almost over. That Phantom had seemed like the last one for now, and Mattock was leading Dubbo and the Hunters in sweeping for stragglers.

They held it with its side to the hangar opening. Mattock mockingly made a few kicks. Usze approached, and gave a good kick to the head again. The power of the kick was great enough that the head shot away from the body, the neck too weak to hold the body and head together.

She'd have just shot it and put it in the trash. Soon, the wounded resumed coming out, and they filled the Pelicans to capacity, including hanging medical supplies from the underside. After a minute, the wounded stopped coming, and the Pelicans closed their hatches, and the ships took off, heading for a Halcyon Cruiser in low orbit.

Get back to the Ops center, Double time! The Drones and Brutes are pressing hard. Mattock and Dubbo followed, as well as the Elites. John jogged to catch up. He caught up, as they entered the hallway to that motorpool again. For now, it seemed the Brutes hadn't made a second attempt at breaching this hallway, dissuaded from engaging the now-hostile Hunters. They were almost at the Cavern connected to the Ops center, when they saw what Johnson had meant.

The only door that connected the Ops center to the cavern was sealed, blocked by what seemed to be a broken sewage tunnel pipe. But there were Drones there, trying to move it, both by pushing and by attempting to lift it away. There were dozens of Drones in that room. Blast, there were hundreds! Crawling the floor and ceiling, climbing and hanging from the walls, flying across the room. Literally, they filled nearly every space inside available. They were all aiming Plasma Pistols at the door to the Ops center.

If they breached, the swarm didn't even need to aim: All they had to do was swarm the room and shoot anywhere. No one would survive. Stacker, along with Banks, two and three Elites, were there to greet the Chief just before he reentered the cavern. We are the only survivors. The Drones, as one, all turned to the group in surprise, not firing for a moment as their astonishment overcame their hive-like drive to kill.

John used that moment to his advantage, and unleashed the flames on the bugs.

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Fortunately for them, the Bugs were so numerous he didn't have to aim with the large, unwieldy thing: The bugs opened fire, but it was of no consequence. They either missed, or hit their own due to the fact the cavern was so full. Soon, however, the Drones started to get smart, and half of them retreated to give the others more room to fire. The five Elites all dropped deployable Energy Shields, to give the others a moment of reprieve.

John shook his head, and let the Flamethrower lean on the Shield, as he aimed it at the concentration of bugs near the door. They were mostly out of range, and the napalm only hit rock. But one flew too close, and the wings caught fire. It buzzed around the cavern in panic, hitting its brethren as it flew. And not just near the door, but also near other areas. Soon, John only counted about twenty five, give or take a pair, instead of the hundreds that filled the room earlier.

Of course, half were still in wait, hoping the others would draw away attention and ammunition. Then, having an idea, he looked up, towards the pipe the section from earlier had broken away from. The stuff in there didn't so much look like sewage as like It wasn't a sewage pipe, but likely an old oil pipe from the twenty-fourth century Jungle Wars that eliminated the various bandit groups in the African Jungles.

The part he and all Spartan-II's had gotten from Allison smiled. The pipe holes were out of range of the Flame Thrower, unfortunately. Still, there were other means of igniting it.

He turned towards one of the Elites he had met in that jungle. Usze, he remembered he was called. Usze tossed him one without turning his head, firing away at the Drones with his DMR.

arbiter and master chief meet greet

John nodded in thanks, and reeled his arm back for the throw. Then, he raised himself out of his cover, and took a dozen Plasma Pistol shots before he managed to throw it at the left Pipe entrance. He ducked down just as the last shot downed his shields. Still, since his cover consisted of a see-through shields, he could see the satisfactory result. The Pipes were aflame, and the bugs inside were cooked or burned by the heat.

Some tried to get out, only to be shot by Dubbo and the others as they emerged, the buggers already outside distracted by the spectacle. The Arbiter, understanding the Chief's plan, threw his own incendiary at the other pipe hole, and the other half of the swarm in hiding was burning as well within five seconds.

The Bugs still out there, realizing they were now under threat and outgunned, tried to flee. But they made the mistake of huddling up, and John fired at them with his Flamethrower. Only five were too far away to not be hit by the flames. The Elites finished them off, their marksmanship showing by the fact they all made headshots. They all got out of cover, and Banks gave a kick at a dead bug in his way. It flew to a small puddle of water, and splashed in. The others all went across the room to secure it and load up on ammo.

John moved to the pipe section blocking the door, and pushed it away. Opening the door now. John and the Arbiter took it as their own opportunity to go back inside. They made their way up the stairs, and got into the Ops Center. Where Johnson, Wilson and a pair of technical officers were handling a large device, with Commander Keyes visible on the main view screen.

It might go off. Upon seeing the Spartan and the Arbiter, Keyes drew their attention. A little going-away gift for the Brutes. See you on the last pelican out. Johnson opened a door, as he let Wilson and the Techies handle the bomb. Those apes ain't much for mercy, Chief. We both know what they do to prisoners. Just have an evac craft ready. We'll be ready for the barbecue. The Arbiter, along with the two Elites from the Jungle again, followed through.

After they were through, the door closed, and he heard heavy locks engage. John led the way, as he had spotted an arrow pointing ahead, with the word Barracks written underneath it. They followed the arrow for two minutes, apparently without much resistance.

They did hear, over the intercom, that the Brutes had retaken the Hangar, along with the armory and the main hallway, apparently the one close to the motorpool.

Later, though, just as they arrived at the main entrance, they saw the entrance had collapsed, and that the vent hatch had collapsed into the tunnel as well. Or we jump down the shaft, maybe fight a few bugs, and exit near the auxiliary fire escape near the landing pad.

I vote for going through the vents. The other Elites followed, and John covered his new allies, firing at the Brutes to slow them a bit. He jumped in himself, after the War Chieftain fired the Fuel-Rod gun at him, and he had no other option to avoid being hit. He landed in a blue-lighted Ventilation tunnel. The Elites, wary, had their weapons aimed at the various vents that opened into this one. Just as he was about to make a step in their direction, when the pain started to increase again.

Hang in there, he thought, as Cortana's image appeared again, once again collapsed on the floor, trying to get up, only to collapse in pain. Then, before it cleared, he got a look at her face. It was filled with pain, fear and desperation. Before he could react, his vision cleared again, and the pain subsided. He looked up again, and saw that the Elites had barely moved a meter.

Looks like they were too wary to move as quickly as they usually did. Then, just as he did, a Drone ambushed the Arbiter from the side with a glowing Plasma Grenade in its claw. Before it could stick the surprised Arbiter, John kicked at the Drone, sending it and the grenade further ahead of them in she shaft. The Drone didn't crash, as it righted itself in mid-air.

But it still had the grenade in its claw.

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And it only noticed a microsecond before the thing went off. Not enough time to throw it, enough time to be incinerated and scarred. It crashed, its entire right half missing, and the left one black with the burn. The Arbiter looked at the Chief in surprise. I would not be standing were it not for your reflexes. While I can't forgive you yet, you're on my side. And if you're on my side, you look out for each other.

Consider it my duty. He still loathed the species, especially after what had happened on Harvest and during Operation: But, as he'd just said, they had switched sides.

And they had helped him well so far. But that didn't mean he trusted them. He didn't even trust them not to turn on him at any moment. Sure, their supposed 'Honor' might prevent them from doing it so immediately. But he had no idea what they would do once Truth, and the Flood on the second Halo and High-Charity, were stopped.

They might devote themselves to making up for their past crimes, as he overheard some Marines say The only one he knew he was sure of what he would do was Fol Katarn, the Field-Marshal from the first Halo.

And he would go back to his own aberration of a colony called Sang'Katarn. But, right now, he needed the Elites and the others, especially Elites as skilled as the Arbiter and the other two.

arbiter and master chief meet greet

They came to the side shaft that lead to the fire exit. Or he thought it was one. Not bothering with a response, he jumped down, and, as expected, came at a cavern, with an Elevator leading to the Landing pad he'd entered the base through in front and above him on a separate platform connected to the Barracks, and the door inside to his left. He made room so the others could land as well, and after a moment, the four of them stood in front of the door.

The red and blue Elite took position at one side of the door, the Arbiter on the other near the controls. John stood in front, and grabbed something he'd grabbed earlier from the ground, in the Cavern: If you don't look away, you'll be blinded, visor or not.

John nodded, assuming it was the Covenant analogue of one. John held up his hand, along with three fingers. Then he dropped one, then two. The Elites, catching on, looked away. As John dropped the last finger, he pulled open the door, tossed in the Flashbang to blind the Brutes, and looked away himself.

Then, as he heard it go off, the sound fortunately muffled by his helmet, he stormed in. There were four Brutes, three Majors and a Captain Ultra, holding a pair of human technicians, along with an Elite Zealot, heavily restrained by cuffs and chains.

And John was slightly surprised by the coincidence. It was the same golden Zealot from High-Charity, the one that had helped him free the human prisoners.

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John returned the favor for it, by firing at the Captain, shooting off the helmet and firing into the right eye. It dropped dead before it could see again. The three Majors turned to the sound of gunfire, evidently still hearing something beyond the ringing. But they were killed, as the Arbiter stabbed one, while the other two were caught off-guard by Plasma Grenades stuck to them. The Humans and Elite, seeing the grenades, jumped out of range as the Grenades blew.

If we hurry, we might save them. The Technicians grabbed the Spikers, their looks showing they hadn't a clue how they should use it, yet their shaking stances saying they were too afraid to move while unarmed. The Arbiter shook his head. It turned out there were more prisoners, as the Brutes sent everyone they captured to the Barracks. And they had captured a lot of prisoners, either for entertainment or for food.

Thel was happy that they had arrived when they did. In total, they had about ten Elites of various ranks and divisions, including a pair of Rangers, thirteen Humans of similar diversity, two wounded Grunts and a single Hunter, its Bond Brother killed. And that excluded the original party of three Elites and a Spartan.

They all herded onto the lift to the Landing pad, the Spartan being the last one to board. As soon as the door closed, the female pilot called Hocus called in. Thel got out his Carbine, scavenged from a weapons crate in the Barracks, and fired at the Closest Brute. On the Landing pad, as he could see, there were about thirteen Brutes, and most jumped away and out of reach. The Spartan fired away at another, as he saw it trying to flank them. The Arbiter helped out by throwing a Brute Spike Grenade at the area where it would land, and was satisfied to see it being ripped apart by the spike shrapnel.

The others tried to stay on the walkways, knowing they would be outmaneuvered if they stepped onto the pad itself. But the Hunter, still enraged by losing its Bond-brother, ran onto the platform.

It crushed two Brutes by hitting them with his shield, and killed three more by firing at a crate close to three Brutes, the crate carrying explosives apparently. It has been noted that John has begun to question all of his former beliefs [12] following the events of " The Next 72 Hours ", a story arc of the comic series Halo: Guardians marks the in-game debut of Blue Team, who fight alongside the Master Chief throughout the campaign.

The Journeya multimedia series leading up to Halo 5: Guardians also features another playable protagonist, [15] Spartan Jameson Lockea "legendary manhunter" on a mission to find the Master Chief after Blue Team disappears and several colonies are unexpectedly attacked.

Nightfallwhich has narrative connections to Halo 5. Anniversary 's terminals and new bookend cinematics, which have links to the story of Guardians. Piano music plays in Doctor Catherine Halsey 's office on Reach as she looks at a smiling Cortana just before she transfers to an armored matrix. Blue Team set the reactor to overload and prepare to leave aboard an experimental ONI prowlerwith the Master Chief reassigning them to Meridian against their superior's orders, hoping to get there before whatever team the UNSC decides to send and investigate whether Cortana is really still alive.

Aboard Infinity, Halsey reveals that Cortana has somehow gained access to the Domaina galaxy-spanning repository of Forerunner knowledge. Worried that she is manipulating the Master Chief, Osiris is sent after Blue Team with orders to bring them back, hoping to neutralize them with armor restraints.