Anika and hakeem sleeping together relationship

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anika and hakeem sleeping together relationship

The Hakeem-Tiana Relationship, popularly known as Takeem, is the In Season 4, Tiana and Hakeem are raising his daughter Bella together while Anika was in . for the weekend as long as he promises not to get the babies off their sleep. Jamal and Lucious are on their way to forming a music-centered relationship, but. .. Lucious catches Anika and Hakeem sleeping together. Lucious later told. I'll go ahead and say it, Hakeem Lyon is an Empire character that and his faux relationship with fellow entertainer, Tiana were all a bit much to handle. In an effort to get back at his father, he sleeps with his father's ex-fiancée, Anika. felt that Jamal and Andre should run Empire Entertainment together.

I never would have imagined these two together, because their characters hardly have anything to do with each other. In simpler language, both of these characters have been repeating themselves for awhile.

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Perhaps the two actors bonded over their wheel-spinning, because they sure look like a happy couple: Actually, especially if that anger is conflicted anger. Jamal hates Cookie but needs her to help him produce his next album. Anika used to be engaged to Lucious but now hates him. Anika slept with Hakeem but realizes Hakeem probably would rather play video games and ride his PhunkeeDuck than have an adult conversation.

Camilla was too old to be dating Hakeem, according to Cookie, and Lucious thought she was a gold digger, so he banished her from the entire continent of North America forever or until the writers run out of stories in Season 5. Now we have Valentina, the spunky pop-star-in-training whom Hakeem chose to front his girl group, Mirage a Trois — a name the group shares with the album from jazz group Yellowjacketswhich probably was not a purposeful reference.

Or it just made him laugh while he was high. The poor boy just wants approval for something besides his defined abs, rapping ability, and prowess on a Jet Ski. So far the tally iswith Andre the lone undecided. The central conflict of this series revolves around two parents who refuse to let their children grow up. That might be why Hakeem only seems to hook up with singers, women the same age as his mother, and colleagues who have been intimate with his dad.

anika and hakeem sleeping together relationship

Of course, Hakeem could try to date women not in the music business. Poor example MissyJ Tiana ain't fawking him no more. SecretVoice Cookie's new man also has a tattoo on his back Just Keya She sure is not. She been over him. Just Keya I can't wait till they find out. SecretVoice Men don't usually admit to being raped.

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Get sexy wit it? Yoni Cookie need to bring them bangs down about 2 more inches. He is gonna have to tell them too. And it's gonna be a total mess when he and the rest of them find out that Cookie new boo was in on it the whole time.

This is like a black novella. Milani I noticed she brought them down about a half inch from last time, but she still has a few more to go. Too Many Colors Okay maybe not Tiana. One of the girl group heffas maybe.

anika and hakeem sleeping together relationship

The one who got throwed out the group. Anika taking up space tho. Just Keya Now one of them, I can see.

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Wait not the one who was on the left, when they were on stage. And she always looks lost. The fact that he asked his captors to drop him off at Anika's house so he could immediately have sex with her was another obvious clue that he was raped.

His manhood was tooken from him and he wanted to feel like a man again. SecretVoice LMAO all the mutherfukkers that come on any given site feeling the need to say "they don't watch Empire" and yet here you are commenting on it Do yu want a cookie or something?

anika and hakeem sleeping together relationship

Millions of people watch the show every week and WE love it Just Keya And I wish the dumb ass dad would leave him be. He wanna Luh God, then let him. The fugg do you care so much bout it for. You can Luh God too. Ugh MissyJ Jamal and Cookie will be back working together next week.