Anika and hakeem relationship test

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anika and hakeem relationship test

Pilot is the first episode of the first season of FOX's TV series, Empire. as Lucious briefly defends Cookie in terms of her bad relationship with Hakeem. Lucious. Unfortunately for Empire's head honcho, his fiancée Anika returned to their mansion . TVLINE | Andre's relationship with Rhonda is fascinating, too. .. to the child and than find out you are not the father, take the DNA test. Hakeem Lyon is a fictional character from the original FOX musical drama Empire played by Hakeem begins to improve his relationship with Cookie, but she tries to end his relationship with Camilla Hakeem then sleeps with Lucious' ex- fiance Anika Calhoun (Grace Gealey), and he and Andre team with her and his.

As you might guess, you should avoid reading if you haven't seen the episode yet. OMG moments That punch At the top of the first hour, Hakeem got sweet revenge on his dad the best way he knew how -- through song.

That, naturally, had Lucious fuming. So much so that dear ole dad punched his son straight to the ground. FOX Cookie was tossed Lucious found out that Cookie was sleeping with the head of his security detail, so he retaliated by firing her from the company.

anika and hakeem relationship test

But, oddly, not the other half of that equation. She, apparently, had never been officially made a member of the board.

Cookie swore to get revenge. Yes, not sing, sang. FOX Jamal almost killed Baretti Apparently when you drink from the creative well of Lucious Lyon it's easy to come down with a case of the mad crazies. Because he's been handed everything, he doesn't feel like he has to work hard. Gray has said that his skills as a rapper gives his character " bravado. Hakeem can learn from his mistakes, but he has to make them first.

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When asked who he modeled Hakeem after, Gray said "I packed rappers who are out today and tried to be honest. He's so spoiled, he's so rich. Yeth is a sweetheart. Much like his father, Hakeem is "moved by talent" and "he really is a mogul in a way that neither of his brothers are. With their new success, Gray said "It's about if they're going to stick together through the new adventures in their life.

Cookie's return only reminds Hakeem of how "very hurt" he is. She teaches him the things that Cookie couldn't. While he initially thinks their relationship is all fun and games, Hakeem starts to develop real feelings for her. However, when he realizes she might not feel the same way, it pushes his buttons. Tiana will be back. While there is still some underlying flirtation, "it's almost a sibling relationship" according to show runner Ilene Chaiken.

Online reported that Hakeem would pursue talented singer Laura, "professionally and personally" throughout season 2. However, Laura is not interested in romance.

However Hakeem and Anika end up having sex which is later shown that she is pregnant [8] Hakeem's relationship with Laura is on the line and he proposes to her but their wedding is ruined and she leaves him. Hakeem's daughter Bella is born and he struggles to be good father even though Luscious has to be the legal father for publicity.

Hakeem reconciles with Tiana and very soon she is pregnant with his child. They marry and their son Prince is born. Reception[ edit ] The character of Hakeem initially received mixed reactions from viewers and critics.

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Cummings gave a scathing review of the character. He doesn't have any redeemable qualities to speak of He may be fictional, but my disgust for him is very real. Gennis described Hakeem as the "constant amidst the chaos" of the season. He is "something real to hang onto. Retrieved March 19, Winners, Losers, and Cookie's Best Line". By coercing Cookie to make Jamal her protege while Lucious manages Hakeem, he'd succeed in putting them against each other.

Much to this planned idea, Andre arrives at Cookie's new apartment to discuss persuading Cookie to be Jamal's manager. Cookie abruptly arrives to a meeting at Empire Entertainment to force Lucious to relinquish Jamal to her. After Lucious decides to let Jamal go, responding that he didn't want him anyway, Cookie responds, "I know," hinting of his homophobia against Jamal.

The previous flashback continues with Lucious throwing a young Jamal in the trashcan. Cookie stops him, defending Jamal and calling him crazy for what he did. Cookie arrives during his performance in hopes of convincing Jamal to be managed by her. Hoping for Jamal to have a bigger audience and popularity, Jamal declines. After a late night, Hakeem has a hard time in the studio.

Hakeem struggles performing a song that Lucious wrote for him, due to him being hungover, he vents to Jamal that he feels that he lost his confidence. Bunkie arrives at Lucious's house, demanding that he is given 3 million dollars, although Lucious refuses to because he doesn't think Bunkie is responsible enough.

anika and hakeem relationship test

Bunkie pulls out a gun afterwards. When Hakeem performs Right There in the studio, Lucious praises his performance, but doesn't praise Jamal for his help. Much to Jamal's dismay, he decides to allow Cookie to manage him, and he agrees to come out as gay. Cookie is ecstatic for this, believing this will infuriate Lucious, who has just recieved information on his diagnosis with ALS, a rare disease impossible for a cure. He will most likely have 3 years to live. Another flashback occurs that leads to the result of Cookie being arrested.

She wants Lucious to promise her that he continues to make music.