Adventure time marceline and princess bubblegum relationship fanfiction

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adventure time marceline and princess bubblegum relationship fanfiction

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake - Rated: T - Spanish - Romance/Humor - Chapters: - Published: Aug 6, - Princess B. Bubblegum, Marceline A. Adventure Time with Finn and Jake - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst 31 - Published: Jan 21, - [Marceline A., Princess B. Bubblegum] - Complete. CartoonsAdventure Time with Finn and Jake Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Adventure/Romance - Princess B. Bubblegum, Marceline A.

adventure time marceline and princess bubblegum relationship fanfiction

Would you mind making that tree completely green? Bonnibel had to laugh, but she quickly stopped again. After some time Lady landed in the Fire Kingdom. And we both know that is unacceptable. Lady departed the area while PB waved her goodbye. Princess Bubblegum turned around and bumped into a little flamebit, which is a cat-like flame, named Flambo. So shall I cast a Flame Shield on you? Flambo lifted his hands up and various symbols appeared next to him, after his mumbling he laid his hand on PB's one.

Her whole body turned blue and allowed her to enter the volcanic Fire Kingdom. After making her way through the kingdom all the way to the Fire Palace she arrived in front of the Flame King.

Her elemental matrix could be controlled more easily when she finds her inner flame. She is much more self-controlled but still has her moments. And the only way to find an inner flame is to accept, discover or safe something important in your life. I think I already know something that she has to accept, but where should I send her?

Where can she find it? According to my research. A big flamebit, maybe ten times as big as Flambo walked from behind the corner. Where are my manners if I let her walk that whole path again? See you next time. Niran returned to the palace and Bonnibel waited for Lady to arrive. Quickly after that Lady landed in front of her. And the big cave, where Marceline's cave was located. La da da da da, I'm gonna bury you in the ground, La da da da da, I'm gonna bury you with my sound, I'm gonna drink the red from your little pink face, I'm gonna… "Ugh… I will never finish this song without her.

It was going to be great, but somehow I just can't think up any more lyrics for it. It was a mess in her house, but she didn't feel like cleaning everything up. She plumped down on the couch with a bag of paprika chips and turned on her television. It still contained an old movie from before the Great Mushroom War, Dracula, one of her favorite movies.

She always found it funny how the vampires were displayed back then, it was partly true, but some things were nonsense. After watching the movie she put her television off. She hovered to the kitchen and grabbed an apple out of the fridge.

She stuck her fangs into the apple and sucked the red out of it. Marceline, unlike other vampires, drinks the red color of objects instead of drinking blood.

You could say she was a vegetarian.

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She threw the blank apple, only with a brown stem into the trash. Marceline hovered through the house and suddenly smelled something strange.

adventure time marceline and princess bubblegum relationship fanfiction

She smelled her armpit and looked away in a disgusting way. She went upstairs and opened the water crane of her bath. She undressed herself, revealing her gray-like skin. She bathed in the hot water and thought about several things that could have happen right now in Ooo.

Princess Bubblegum/Relationships

But that thought was quickly replaced by the thought of Princess Bubblegum, or Bonnibel, as she liked to call her. You take a deep breath before softening your features but keeping your eyes sharp.

Before you reach them, Marceline is already introducing herself with an outstretched hand. That girl would scorch her very being.

adventure time marceline and princess bubblegum relationship fanfiction

Nonetheless, the mystery girl offers her hand and much to your utter disdain, Marceline cups it and you watch it like a slow-motion movie scene: Your nails dig into your clenched fists but all you can think about is the sizzling noise the contact creates against her lips. To make matters worse, the young girl does not draw her hand back, surprised to see that Marceline shows no pain towards the touch.

Your highness, you mock. Marceline might call you her princess but she's never addressed you like that before. In fact, you don't think she's ever addressed anyone like that before. She's amazed still, observing Marceline's hand in hers, but stern, giving you a vibe that she has zero sense of humor, but then again she could just be putting up her princess front. You want to play nice but you notice her hand is still in Marceline's nimble hold; you can't help but sound bitter. He hasn't mentioned you before.

adventure time marceline and princess bubblegum relationship fanfiction

The former finally clears his throat and decides to alleviate the tension. We were wondering if you guys could join our picnic. A picnic sounded great, but before you can accept the offer, Flame Princess speaks up. You open your mouth to furiously retort about: A, how rude it is to question another one's duties, B, that it's also rude to interject her own estimation on how you spend your free time and lastly, C, that you were spending quality time with your girlfriend, all in one breath but Marceline quickly lets go of the princess' hand to cup your own mouth closed.

Surprisingly, her flesh hasn't turned to ashes yet. She must've already regenerated what cells she lost but you can still smell the faint odor of burnt hair. You try not to dry-heave into her palm. We'll be there in a sec. Oh, and under the shade or something, still a vampire and all. The fact that you still haven't told anyone about your year long clandestine relationship makes it rather difficult to avoid topics that end up leading back to it, but you just don't want to deal with what anyone might have to say about it right now.

Marceline understands; it's for the better of your kingdom that your personal life doesn't involve itself in your duties after all.

Sugarless Gum | FanFiction

Yet, you still feel a slight pang in your chest when Marceline refers to you as being just a friend. She grabs your forearm and whispers tersely. Are you ready to tell them about us? Instead you shake your head, as your eyes don't meet hers.

He wasn't the one dating you while drooling all over the new girl. Your frustration eases slightly when she kisses your forehead, sheltering her movement underneath the brim of her large hat. She slides her hand down to meet yours and intertwines your fingers loosely.

adventure time marceline and princess bubblegum relationship fanfiction

She turns your face towards her to flash you a wink before giving your hand one last squeeze and letting go. Jake and Lady finished eating two hours ago and are frolicking in the meadow while Finn has fallen asleep uncomfortably still beside the other monarch; he stayed to make sure another catfight didn't break out. You sometimes catch her looking up from her food now and then to witness you feeding Marceline a red colored something from Finn's basket.

Her fingers are busy dancing over her bass, so this gesture is necessary and thankfully the young girl doesn't question it. She does, however, turn her attention to Marceline.

The strumming stops, and Marceline's mouth hangs open about to sink her teeth into the apple you are offering her. Maybe the two are more compatible than she thought. Bubblegum] - Complete Dolore reviews She's immortal, not invincible.

Not that this reality will ever stop her from protecting the woman she loves.

Bubbline - All I Want

Bubblegum] - Complete Ostinato reviews You're not sure why she disappears every year, but that odd flutter in your chest knows you need to help.

Bubblegum] - Complete Accompaniment reviews Everyone has demons. Sometimes the best way to beat them is an understanding girlfriend. Bubblegum] - Complete Rehearsal reviews The first time she put on her father's amulet it warped her body. The second time she puts on her father's amulet it will shatter her mind. Bubblegum] Finn, Jake - Complete Transpose reviews "If you're here it's because you want to work here.

You've probably heard lots of horrible things about this Citadel. Sometimes the smallest are the most vexing, as Marceline learns the hard way. Bubblegum] Peppermint Butler - Complete Nocturne reviews Everyone has some skeletons in their closet.