A thousand splendid suns mariam and nana relationship marketing

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a thousand splendid suns mariam and nana relationship marketing

A Thousand Splendid Suns Lesson Plans, Student Activities and Graphic Organizers Mariam is a harami, a bastard, the product of her mother Nana's affair with wealthy businessman Jalil. Mariam and Laila's relationship is strained at first because Mariam is jealous of Rasheed's affections for Laila. Video Marketing. In the novel "A Thousand Splendid Suns", Mariam and Nana's relationship isn't what a normal mother-daughter relationship is supposed to be. I read "A Thousand Splendid Suns" on the Metro North train back and forth from Laila and there develops a mother-daughter closeness in what is at first a hostile relationship. Nana, Mariam's mother, is a font of grief for the poor child. . Why Netflix Christmas movies stick out in a very merry TV market.

A prominent communist named Mir Akbar Khyber is found murdered in Kabul, and protestors blame the murder on President Daoud Khan, who is seen as anticommunist.

Mariam asks Rasheed what a communist is. He mocks her for her ignorance, but it is clear that he has no more idea than she does about it. His shifting moods, his scorn, his ridicule, and even punches, kicks, and slaps have all cowed her after four years of marriage. President Daoud Khan, his family, and all his supporters are killed, many of them in a horrible manner.

a thousand splendid suns mariam and nana relationship marketing

Abdul Qader announces over the radio that the country will now be called the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. Aristocracy, nepotism, and inequality has ended and the people now have the power. The new government will respect the principles of Islam and democracy. Rasheed predicts that the communist victory is bad news for the rich, but may not be so bad for people like Mariam and himself. Mariam wonders what will happen to Jalil and his sons.

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Down the street, Fariba delivers a baby daughter, Laila. The girl has light hair and jade green eyes. Rasheed, enraged that Mariam has undercooked his rice, forces her to chew a mouthful of pebbles. As he clamps her jaw shut, he tells her that she has given him nothing in the marriage but bad food. When he lets her go, she spits out pebbles, blood, and the fragments of two broken molars. Just as Rasheed begins to turn against Mariam, the Soviets turn against their former ally, Afghanistan. The leadership of Afghanistan under Daoud Khan, which began with the promise of democracy, has now ended in violence.

Communist rebels, armed by the Soviets, have taken over the government, and Soviet bombs will soon follow to crush resistance. Now that Rasheed knows Mariam cannot deliver him a son, he has no use for her.

This results in him becoming abusive towards Laila. Mariam and Laila eventually become confidants and best friends. They plan to run away from Rasheed and leave Kabul but are caught at the bus station.

Rasheed beats them and deprives them of water for several days, almost killing Aziza. A few years later, Laila gives birth to Zalmai, Rasheed's son.

A Thousand Splendid Suns: Part 1, Chapters 13-15

The Taliban has risen to power and imposed harsh rules on the Afghan population, prohibiting women from appearing in public without a male relative. There is a drought, and living conditions in Kabul become poor.

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Rasheed's workshop burns down, and he is forced to take jobs for which he is ill-suited. He sends Aziza to an orphanage. Laila endures a number of beatings from the Taliban when caught alone on the streets in attempts to visit her daughter. Then one day Tariq appears outside the house, and he and Laila are reunited. Laila realizes that Rasheed had hired Abdul Sharif to inform her about Tariq's fake death, so that he could marry her.

When Rasheed returns home from work, Zalmai tells his father about the visitor. Rasheed starts to savagely beat Laila. He nearly strangles her, but Mariam intervenes and kills Rasheed with a shovel.

Afterwards, Mariam confesses to killing Rasheed in order to draw attention away from Laila and Tariq. They spend their days working at a guest house in Murreea summer retreat. After the fall of the Taliban, Laila and Tariq return to Afghanistan. They stop in the village where Mariam was raised, and discover a package that Mariam's father left behind for her: Laila reads the letter and discovers that Jalil had regretted sending Mariam away. Laila and Tariq return to Kabul and use the money to fix up the orphanage, where Laila starts working as a teacher.

Laila is pregnant with her third child, and if it is a girl, Laila has already named her Mariam. Characters[ edit ] Mariam is an ethnic Tajik born in Herat, She is the child of Jalil and Nana born out of wedlock. She suffers shame throughout her childhood because of the circumstances of her birth.

She is a woman who is detached from the day-to-day norms of human existence. Really, she just wants connection with another human being. Born into Hakim and Fariba, she is a beautiful and intelligent girl coming from a family in which the father is university-educated and a teacher.

Hosseini states that compared to Mariam, Laila "had a much more fulfilling relationship with her father, her boyfriends and her childhood friend, Tariq.

She expected to finish school and is looking for personal fulfillment. These are two very different representations of women. This originally draws resentment from Mariam, who "[feels] her territory infringed upon". He marries Mariam through an arrangement with Jalil, and later marries Laila as well. After suffering years of domestic abuse at his hands, Mariam bludgeons Rasheed to death with a shovel during a violent struggle.

Hosseini stated that he hoped to create a multi-layered character in Rasheed, saying, "Rasheed's the embodiment of the patriarchal, tribal character. In writing him, I didn't want to write him as an irredeemable villain. He is a reprehensible person, but there are moments of humanity, such as his love for his son.

a thousand splendid suns mariam and nana relationship marketing

He lost a leg to a land mine at the age of five. Mariam's birth is the result of an affair between Nana and Jalil.

a thousand splendid suns mariam and nana relationship marketing

Jalil's favoritism towards his wives and legitimate children leaves Nana bitter towards Jalil. She hangs herself when Mariam is fifteen after Mariam journeys to Jalil's house on her birthday. Nana perceives this to be betrayal and regards as an act of desertion. Mullah Faizullah, a Sufiis Mariam's elderly Koran teacher and friend.

a thousand splendid suns mariam and nana relationship marketing

He dies of natural causes in Jalil is Mariam's father, a wealthy man who had three wives before he fathered Mariam. He marries Mariam to Rasheed after Nana's death, [17] but later regrets sending her away. He dies in Hakim is Laila's father. He is a well-educated and a progressive schoolteacher. In Part One, during her brief meeting with Mariam, she is depicted as cheerful, but her happy nature is disrupted when her two sons, Ahmad and Noor, leave home to go to war and are later killed.

a thousand splendid suns mariam and nana relationship marketing

She spends nearly all of her time in bed mourning her sons until the Mujahideen are victorious, and is later killed in a rocket explosion along with Hakim.

When the news of Tariq's alleged death arrives, in order to hide the child's illegitimacy and provide for herself, Laila decides to marry Rasheed. Aziza's birth marks the beginning of Laila's fall from favor with Rasheed [17] and the friendship between Mariam and Laila.

He serves as a redeeming facet of Rasheed, [15] idolizing him despite the abuse to his mother and Mariam.